Connector (Tunnel Creek Road connects here to the pass where the Rim Trail crosses)
Tunnel Creek Access Road (Dirt access road within State Parks. Gated)
Direct access road
Rim Trail to Marlette Lake (Single track to backcountry camp south of Marlett Overlook, then dirt road down to Marlett Lake)
Flume Trail (4 miles of flat trail on an exposed face)
Marlette Road (Dirt road connector around Marlette towards Chimney Beach Downhill (Marlette Creek Trail))
Tahoe Meadows to Tunnel Creek (9 miles along ridge through forests with some views to east over Washoe Valley and southwest towards Lake Tahoe. Advisory for mountain bikers to only ride on even days. )
Blackwall ("Imaginary Voyage" Route Grade IV, 5.11c - Height 300 feet (Approx.) 20 minute approach on very primitive trail with scrambling over talus Access to summit is about 45 minutes on primitive climber's trail. )
Top of Tunnel Creek (Rim Trail crosses and continues south - 1 hour ten minutes from Mt. Rose trailhead 1 hour ten minutes from bottom of Tunnel Creek Trailhead)
Tunnel Creek Road Flume Trail Junction (Flume ends here onto Tunnel Creek road 1 hour from bottom )
Tunnel Creek Cafe (This is a possible access point with a cafe for bikers and hikers and good parking)
Tunnel Creek bottom (Direct access point to Tunnel Creek Road - A drop off for bikers. No parking)
Climbing out of Twin Lakes (Periscope Video - 20 minutes from Top of Tunnel Creek)
Marlette Lake Overlook (Periscope video - 40 minutes from Top of Tunnel Creek)
Marlette Lake Outlet (20-30 minutes from Tunnel Creek/Flume Junction to here. 1 hour 30 minutes from Bottom of Tunnel Creek Periscope )
Top of Chimney Beach Downhill (Chimney Beach Downhill is the local name - Marlette Creek Trail is State Parks Name Periscope - 1 hour 20 minutes from from Top of Tunnel Creek. 30 minutes from Marlette Lake Outlet)
Lower Chimney Beach (Periscope)
North end of Flume (Periscope)
Sand Harbor (Section of Flume Trail above Sand Harbor Periscope)
Flume Trail Granite (Periscope)
South Pass (Periscope - 1 hour from trailhead)
Washoe Valley Overlook (Periscope - 30 minutes from Trailhead)
Tyrolean (Periscope - 40 minutes from Trailhead)
Tahoe Meadows Trailhead (Beginning of Rim Trail from Mt. Rose (Highway 431))
Bottom of Chimney Beach Downhill (Good parking and pit toilet here 20 minutes from Top of Chimney Beach Downhill)