Table Top summit - 3.82 miles (Only non-rock-climb summit of Eagle Crags and sketchy even so. The rest require full-on climbing. Rock is good. Climbing is easy on steep crack-riddled slabs. Exposure is high.)
Squeeze crack between huge boulders allows access to blocky ridgeline - 3.78 miles (Beyond here route to easiest summit gets exposed. Class III/IV. Probably want ropes.)
Ridgeline - 3.75 miles (Go right/North up along bottom of cliff edge on eroding sandhill trail. Route very scrambly beyond here.)
Leave old cattle/horse trail here - 3.61 miles (Look uphill for more open, talus slope. Go straight uphill along line of least resistance. Some cairns may be visible. Steep. Loose. Off-trail to ridgeline saddle.)
Large Rock Overhang - 3.28 miles (Good views/picnic spo/shade or bivy. Many hikers turn around here. Trail gets sketchier beyond.)
Wilderness Boundary - 1.68 miles
1.3 miles
Eagle Crags Trailhead. (Hi-clearance, steep access. No water. Sign sometimes missing. Small pullout and party spot.)