Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) -- a possible bypass of the 2015 Lake Fire Burn area. **Not checked for conditions or public access.** Head NOBO on the PCT from the Snow Creek area just as you would in a normal year (without the Lake Fire PCT closure), but instead of continuing north on the PCT when you come to the W Fork of Mission Creek, turn ESE and head down to the Mission Creek Preserve area (marked as T Cross K Ranch on the topo map). Continue generally ESE, crossing Hwy 62, and then make your way up Big Morongo Canyon. Road/trail conditions in Big Morongo unknown/unchecked as of this juncture as is public access. Follow Big Morongo Canyon to Morongo Valley. Take side roads in such a fashion as to head generally NE, avoiding Hwy 62 as much as possible but with some roadwalk on Hwy 62 possibly required until you get to Camino del Cielo Trail in the town of Yucca Valley. Use Camino del Cielo and other back roads to cut north to Pioneertown Road, a relatively low traffic paved road. Follow Pioneertown Road generally NW to first Pioneertown and then the small hamlet of Rimrock. In Rimrock, turn left and head first west than NW on Burns Canyon Road. Follow Burns Canyon Road until it meets Forest Road 2N01. Turn left and follow FR 2N01 generally SW until it meets the PCT near Missed Spring. **Not checked for conditions or public access.**