GB001 (Park at Barlow Pass, and start the hike by heading south on the old Monte Cristo Road.)
GB002 (Arrive at a pit toilet. Continue right on the Weden Creek Trail.)
Trail Sign
GB003 (Turn Right, and head up the Weden Creek Trail #724)
Creek Crossing
GB004 (The uniquely named waterfall, King Kong's Showerbath, drops from a cliff above, and the water rushes across the trail.)
Almost to the Basin
Gothic Peak (Gothic Peak)
Weden Lake
Weden Lake2
Approaching Foggy Lake (Del Campo in the background)
GB005 (Arrive at the shore of Foggy Lake. Continue along the east shore of the lake on an intermittent trail, broken by the rocky lake shore.)
Foggy Lake1
GB006 (The best campsite lies here. Turn right from here, and round a small tarn to find a boot path leading up the ridge towards Del Campo)
Lake from Above
GB007 (Arrive at south flank of Del Campo, a great spot to take in the views. If you have proper safety equipment and you're an experience scrambler, you can continue up the avalanche chute to the summit of Del Campo.)
Del Campo (Wall of Del Campo Peak)
View South