This is a pleasant walk around the western part of downtown Boulder, which takes about 40 minutes (1.6 miles/2.7 kilometers). Start at 5th Street and Dewey Avenue. Walk south until 5th Street dead ends into Mountain View. Turn left and walk for about 50 feet, then head down the path through Campbell Robertson Park across the ditch to 5th and Spruce. Turn right (west) onto Spruce and walk to 4th Street. Turn left onto 4th St. and walk south to Lawry Lane (the alley just south of Pearl Street). Look for the mural of cows in a pasture. Turn left into the alley just past the mural and walk to 7th Street. Turn left (north) on 7th and walk to Pearl St. Turn right onto Pearl St. Look for the Justin's corporate office building on your right ("Do Not Lick The Window"), then cross Pearl St. and head north into the driveway/alley lane between 7th and 8th Streets, just west of Spruce Confections. Walk north, cross the unpaved Morrison Alley (Tom's Way), and continue north onto a narrow dirt trail. Follow the dirt trail to Highland Ave. You'll see a little stairway as the dirt alley turns to the left. Take the little stairway to Highland Ave. Turn left and walk along Highland to 5th Street, then turn right to get back to the starting point. This is a lovely walk on which you're not likely to run into many people. Enjoy!