Green River Game Lands Trail System (The are nine distinct named trails in the Green River Game Lands. This 11-mile loop is scenic, but difficult so pack plenty of supplies.)
Junction with Pulliam Creek Trail (Turn right for the Pulliam Creek Trail, but bear left to stay on the Green River Cove Trail.)
Junction with Bishop Branch Trail (The Bear Branch Trail meets the Bishop Branch Trail.)
Junction with Rock Hop Trail (The Bishop Branch Trail meets the Rock Hop Trail.)
Junction with Bear Branch Trail (The Pulliam Creek Trail meets the Bear Branch Trail.)
Wilderness Cove (A campground and tubing demarcation point along the Green River.)
Junction with Pulliam Creek Trail (The Green River Cove Trail meets the Pulliam Creek Trail.)
Junction with Green River Cove Trail (The Bluff Trail meets the Green River Cove Trail.)
View of Pace Cliffs (View Pace Cliffs across a ravine from the Turkey Gut Trail.)
Junction with Bluff Trail (The Turkey Gut Trail meets the Bluff Trail.)
Junction with Turkey Gut Trail (The Long Ridge Trail meets the Turkey Gut Trail.)
Stair Step Falls (The waterfall is less than 100 yards down the Stair Step Falls Trail. You will have to slide down a ravine for a closeup look at the falls.)