59-Central-FS 5830 (road to Hideaway Lake) 0.8 miles north of the FS58/5830 junction
60-Central-Spur 120 (unmarked) off FS5830 (Hideaway Lake Road)
61-Central-Lightning Creek on FS5810 0.3 mile from FS58
25-Central-Frying Pan Lake
26-Central-between Jackpot Meadow and Dry Meadow
11-Clackamas Sites-Austin Hot Springs FS46 6.7 miles from Rainbow Cg.
10-Clackamas Sites-FS46 5.3 miles from Rainbow Cg.
53-Central-FS57 7.1 miles from OR 224
52-Central-On Shellrock Creek at the Junction of FS57/58
15-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 0.2 miles north of FS43
14-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 0.4 mile north of FS43
12-Northeast-Barlow Rd 1.0 mile north of FS43
11-Northeast-Barlow Road 1.1 miles north of FS43
10-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 1.5 miles north of FS43
9-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 1.6 miles north of FS43
8-Northeast-Barlow Rd 1.7 miles north of FS43
7-Northeast-Spur Road 220 north of FS43 (Cedar Burn Rd.)
6-Northeast-Unnamed Rd. near the confluence of Red Creek and the White R.
5-Northeast-Barlow Rd. three miles south of FS3531 3.9 miles north of FS43 (See warning above)
4-Northeast-Barlow Rd.
3-Northeast-Barlow Rd 1.4 miles south of FS 3531/Barlow Rd Junction (see warning above)
2-Northeast-Barlow Road near Devil's Half Acre Campground
1-Northeast-Barlow Rd.
21-22-Lolo Pass-Lake Branch Creek and FS1330
20-Lolo Pass-Lake Branch Creek off FS 13
19-Lolo Pass-FS1330 off Lost Lake Rd
18-Lolo Pass-Laurel Creek/ Road 1330 off Lost Creek Rd
17-Lolo Pass-FS18 and the West Fork of the Hood River
16-Lolo Pass-FS 18 8.0 miles from Lolo Pass
15-Lolo Pass-FS18 0.3 miles north of Spur 100
14-Lolo Pass-FS18 11.6 miles from US26
13-Lolo Pass-FS18 2.4 miles past McGee Creek Trail Rd.
12-Lolo Pass-McGee Creek Trail Rd.
11-Lolo Pass-FS18-1810 12.2 miles from US 26
10-Lolo Pass-FS1828 1.0 mile from FS1825/1828 junction
9-Lolo Pass-FS1828 0.9 mile from bridge across the Sandy
7-Lolo Pass-FS1825-109 3.3 miles east of FS18
6-Lolo Pass-Ramona Falls Trailhead
4-5-Lolo Pass-Spur Road 050 near Camp McNeil
3-Lolo Pass-FS 1825 across Sandy and 1.3 miles from FS18
2-Lolo Pass-FS1825 near Camp McNeil
1-Lolo Pass-FS1825 0.2 mile from FS18/1825 junction
2-Central-At bridge where FS2612 crosses Still Creek
9-Clackamas Sites-FS46 5.1 miles from Rainbow Cg.
8-Clackamas Sites-FS46 Five miles from Rainbow Cg.
7-Clackamas Sites-FS46 five miles south of Rainbow Cg.
6-Clackamas Sites-FS46 5.5 miles from Rainbow Cg.
5-Clackamas Sites-FS46 just north of Riverside Cg.
4-Clackamas Sites-FS46 2.5 miles from MP50
3-Clackamas Sites-FS46 1.5 mile from MP50
2-Clackamas Sites-FS46 one mile from MP50
1-Clackamas Sites-FS46 near Rainbow Cg.
78-Central-FS4630 0.1 mile east of FS4630/4631 junction
77-Central-High Rock on FS4610
76-Central-FS4610 0.5 mile from High Rock
75-Central-Squaw Meadows on FS4610
74-Central-Clackamas River 0.9 mile by trail below SR 224 near MP 49
73-Central-Alder Flat Campground parking area
72-Central-OR 224 at milepost 50 just downstream from bridge
71-Central-On Cripple Creek and spur 140 2.5 miles from FS4635
70-Central-FS4635 6.5 miles from FS4630
69-Central-FS4630 (Oak Grove or Pipeline Rd) 1.9 miles west of FS57
68-Central-FS4630 near west end of Harriet Lake
67-Central-Frazier Turnaround (decommissioned campground)
64-65-Central-Junction FS4610/Spur240/Spur 190 near High Rock
66-Central-Unnamed Road just beyond where FS4610 forks off to the northwest
63-Central-Spur 190 High Rock Spring Campground (decommissioned)
62-Central-Pyramid Lake Road about one-tenth of a mile from FS58
51-Central-At junction FS57/58 7.3 miles from OR 224
28-Central-On FS5860 1.1 miles south of FS58
29-Central-Spur 240 0.3 mile from FS5890 and 1.1 miles north of Timothy Lake
30-Central-Spur 240 0.6 mile from FS5890 and about 1.3 miles north of Timothy Lk.
31-Central-Spur 240 0.9 mile from FS5890 1.6 miles north of Timothy Lake
32-Central-FS5890 near spur 240 about 1.2 miles north of Timothy Lake
33-Central-Junction FS42/4280
34-Central FS42 0.1 mile south of FS4280 by Joe Graham Horse Camp
35-Central-FS4280 0.6 mile from FS42 near Timothy Lake
36-Central-FS4280 1.1 miles from FS42
37-Central-FS4280 1.8 miles from FS42
38-Central-FS4280 2.1 miles from FS42
39-Central-On unnamed road branching from FS4280 at
40-Cetral-FS4280 2.8 to 3.1 miles from FS42 and 2.6 miles south of FS58 ROad
41-Central-North arm of Timothy Lake on the PCT Trail
42-Central-FS5810 0.7 mile east of Timothy Lake as the crow flies
43-Central-East of Timothy Lake on FS5820 1.2 miles north of FS57
44-Central-FS5820 1.4 miles from FS57
45-Central-FS57 south end Timothy Lake 0.5 mile from FS57/42 junction
46-Central-FS57 on the Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas 2.9 miles west of the bridge on the south end Timothy Lake
47-Central-FS57 on Oak Grove Fork of the Clackamas 3 miles west of outlet bridge on the south end of Timothy Lake
48-Central-FS 57 3.7 miles west of Timothy Lake outlet bridge
49-Central-FS 57 3.9 miles west of the end of Timothy Lake outlet bridge
50-Central-FS57 5.5 miles west of Timothy Lake and 2.1 miles from Junction FS57/58
55-Central-FS 57 about 6.4 miles from OR 224 and 0.9 mile from FS57/58 junction
56-Central-At the turn-off to Harriet Lake 6.2 miles from OR224
57-Central-FS57 5.1 miles from OR224
58-Central-FS57 4.9 miles from OR 224
33-Northeast-Camp Windy
3-Central-FS 2618 (Salmon River Road)
1-Central-FS2612 at bridge crossing Still Creek
43-Northeast-On Clark Creek about 200 yds. beyond end FS3540-620
42-Northeast-FS3540/East Fork Hood River
41-Northeast-FS3500-630 on the East Fork of the Hood River
39-Northeast-FS3560-222 3.1 miles N of US 26/SR 35 junction
38-Northeast-FS4430 near Eightmile Crossing Campground
37-Northeast-FS4430 1.6 miles north of FS44 on the South Fork of Fivemile Creek
36-Northeast-Routson County Park
35-Northeast-OR 35 (Hood River Highway) about 16.4 miles from US 26
34-Northeast-OR 35 between Sherwood and Polallie Campgrounds
16-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 0.5 miles south of FS43
17-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 2.4 miles south of FS43
32-Northeast-Spur Road 520 off FS48
31-Northeast-FS4813 2.1 miles northeast of FS4860
30-Northeast-On FS 4813 (Wamic Mill Rd.) 1.7 miles from FS4860
29-Northeast-At intersection of Gate Creek and FS4811
28-Northeast-Near junction of FS4860/4813 (Badger Creek and Wamic Mill Roads respectively)
27-Northeast-Clear Creek on Keeps Mill Rd.
26-Northeast-FS2130 near Camas Prairie and south of Clear Creek Cg.
25-Northeast-FS2130 (or 2640?)
24-Northeast-FS2130 (Frog Creek Rd.) 3.2 miles south of FS43
23-Northeast-FS 4310 just southeast of FS43
22-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 0.4 miles south of Forest Creek
21-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 3.2 miles south of FS43
20-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 2.9 miles south of FS43
19-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 2.6 miles south of FS43
18-Northeast-Barlow Rd. 2.5 miles south of FS 43 and 0.2 mile from bridge across the White River
24-Central-0.6 mile north of FS58 on FS5880
4-Central-FS2618 (Salmon River Rd.)
5-Central-On the South Fork beyond the end of Salmon River Rd.
6-Central-On the Salmon River beyond the end of the Salmon River Rd.
7-Central-On Old Salmon River Trail #742 a hundred yards east of the road where FS2618 crosses the Salmon River.)
8-Central-Perry Vickers Rd near Summit Meadow
9-Central-FS2656 Trillium Lake Rd.) 0.8 miles from US 26
10-Central-Trillium Lake Rd. (FS 2656) one mile from US 26
11-Central-FS 2656-309
12-Central-Trillium Lake Rd. (FS2656)
13-Central-Kinzel Lake
14-Central-FS 2610 (Frog Creek Rd.)
15-Central-FS 2630 (Clear Lake Rd.)
16-Central-Spur 222 near Clear Lake on FS2630
17-Central-Near junction of Clear Lake Rd. and Clear Lake Campground Rd.
18-Central-Off FS2630 0.5 mile past FS2630/Clear Lake Campground Rd. junction
19-Central-FS2630 above Clear Lake
21-Central-North and west arms of Clear Lake
22-Central-Clear Creek at junction FS42/4290
23-Central-Clear Creek at junction FS42/4290
22-Clackamas Sites-FS46 13 miles from Rainbow Cg.
21-Clackamas Sites-FS 46 0.4 miles past FS 46/4660
13-Clackamas Sites-FS46 8.3 miles from Rainbow Cg.
14-Clackamas Sites-FS46 8.9 miles from Rainbow Cg.
15-Clackamas Sites-FS46 9.3 miles from Rainbow Cg.
16-Clackamas Sites-FS46 9.4 miles from Rainbow Cg.
17-Clackamas Sites-FS46 9.8 miles past Rainbow Cg.
18-Clackamas Sites-FS46 11.4 miles from MP50
19-Clackamas Sites-FS4650 just past bridge over the Clackamas
20-Clackamas Sites-FS46 12.5 miles from Rainbow Cg.
55-Clackamas Sites-On the Collawash River and FS63-0.3 mile from FS46
45-Clackamas Sites-FS 6370 near Cachebox Creek
46-Clackamas Sites-FS6370 1.3 miles south of spur 220
47-Clackamas Sites-FS6370 0.2 mile south of Round Lake Trailhead I
44-Clackamas Sites-FS4671 1.2 miles from FS6350
43-Clackamas Sites-Spur 330 0.3 mile west of southern junction with FS46
42-Clackamas Sites-FS4672 1.9 miles north of junction w/FS6350
41-Clackamas Sites-East side of FS46 0.7 mile past the north end of spur 330
40-Clackamas Sites-Spur 330 0.4 mile off FS46
39-Clackamas Sites-FS 46 20.3 miles from Rainbow Cg. and MP50
38-Clackamas Sites-FS46 20.7 miles past Rainbow Cg.
37-Clackamas Sites-FS46 0.1 mile beyond bridge over Clackamas at 20.6 miles from MP50
36-Clackamas Sites-FS46. 20.5 miles from Rainbow Cg.
35-Clackamas Sites-Where Fawn Creek crosses FS4671
34-Clackamas Sites-FS4671-160 (Spur 160 off FS4671) near Fawn Creek
33-Clackamas Sites-FS4672
32-Clackamas Sites-FS4671 2.2 miles from 4670 bridge over the Clackamas
31-Clackamas Sites-FS4670 0.3 mile from FS46
30-Clackamas Sites-FS4670 0.3 mile from FS46
29-Clackamas Sites-0.1 mile from the end of the FS4670 bridge across the Clackamas
28-Clackamas Sites-FS42 0.8 mile from FS46
27-Clackamas Sites-FS42 near confluence of Pinhead and Lost Creeks
26-Clackamas Sites-FS46 0.4 miles south of FS46/42 junction
24-Clackamas Sites-Junction FS46/42 14 miles from Rainbow Cg.
23-Clackamas Sites-FS46 13.6 miles from Rainbow Cg.
49-Clackamas Sites-Junction FS4671/4672 on Hunter Creek
50-Clackamas Sites-FS 6350 near Rhododendron Ridge
51-Clackamas Sites-FS4672 on Rhododendron Creek
52-Clackamas Sites-Jazz Creek along spur 160
53-Clackamas Sites-On Peat Creek Road
48-Clackamas Sites-Round Lake
56-Clackamas Sites-FS63 0.9 mile from FS46
57-Clackamas Sites-FS63 above the Collawash 0.9 mile from FS46
58-Clackamas Sites-Fan Creek Cg.
59-Clackamas Sites-A few hundred yards east of FS63 near Little Fan Cg.
60-Clackamas Sites-Little Fan Campground
61-62-Clackamas Sites-FS63 at Van Cleve Creek
63-Clackamas Sites-FS63 5.7 miles from FS46
64-Clackamas Sites-FS63 and Buckeye Creek 2.9 miles from FS6340
12-Clackamas Sites-FS46 6.9 miles from Rainbow Cg. and MP50
103-Clackamas Sites-Kelley Creek on FS5720 1.2 miles from FS57
102-Clackamas Sites-Where Pan Creek intersects FS4660
101-Clackamas Sites-On Cabin Creek at the intersection of FS4660/4661
100-Clackamas Sites-FS4690 3.8 miles from FS46 on the upper Clackamas
99-Clackamas Sites-FS4690 4 miles from FS46 on the upper Clackamas
98-Clackamas Sites-Last Creek on spur 370 off FS42 about 3 miles from FS46
97-Clackamas Sites-FS5740 1.6 miles south of FS57 and Timothy Lake
96-Clackamas Sites-FS5740 on Stone Creek 3.4 miles south of FS57 and Timothy Lake
95-Clackamas Sites-FS5730 0.1 mile from FS5740/5730 junction
94-Clackamas Sites-Off spur 350 on Last Creek
93-Clackamas Sites-Where Snive Creek crosses FS5730
92-Clackamas Sites-FS5730 0.1 mile north of Junction FS5730/5732
91-Clackamas Sites-Junction FS5730/5732
90-Clackamas Sites-FS5730 5.9 miles from FS57
89-Clackamas Sites-FS5730 4.5 miles from FS57
88-Clackamas Sites-FS5710 1.4 miles from FS5720
87-Clackamas Sites-FS4640 3.4 miles from FS46
86-Clackamas Sites-On Tag Creek off FS4640
85-Clackamas Sites-Where FS4620 crosses Big Creek
84-Clackamas Sites-FS4622 8.4 miles from OR 224
83-Clackamas Sites-FS 4622 8.9 miles from OR 224
82-Clackamas Sites-Sandstone Creek on FS4620
81-Clackamas Sites-Where FS45 crosses Memaloose Creek
80-Clackamas Sites-Off FS7040 1.9 miles from FS7040/7030 junction
79-Clackamas Sites-Where Hugh Creek crosses under FS70
78-Clackamas Sites-Junction FS7040/7030
77-Clackamas Sites-Dutch Creek on FS6320
76-Clackamas Sites-FS6330 4.4 miles from FS63
74-75-Clackamas Sites-Bagby Road 5.7 miles from FS63
73-Clackamas Sites-On Bagby Road 3.6 miles from FS63
71-Clackamas Sites-Bagby Road 3.1 miles from FS63
70-Clackamas Sites-Bagby Road 0.8 mile from FS63
69-Clackamas Sites-FS70 (Bagby Road) 0.3 mile from FS63/70 junction
68-Clackamas Sites-Pansy Lk. Trailhead FS6341 3.5 miles from FS6340/6341 junction
67-Clackamas Sites-FS6340 northeast flank of North Dickey Peak
66-Clackamas Sites-Farm Creek on FS 6340. 4.7 miles from FS63
54-Clackamas Sites-FS63 on the Clackamas River