Hike at least 0.5 miles cross-country from the Riley Trail and reach the largest lake in the Mount Adams Wilderness.
Island Lake via Riley Camp Trail #64 (2016-07-13)
Lake Camp Trail 1.6 mi.

Shortcut Trail 0.9 mi (Faint, disappearing in more than 50% of its tread.)
Table Mtn Trail #18 1.1 mi (Approx. Loc.)
Riley Camp #64 5.0 mi (This is the TRUE route of Riley Camp Trail #64. Ignore the darker, dashed red line that closely follows it, since it is inaccurate.)
Mutton Creek Lava Bed

Riley South 64A (Loc. Approx.)
Trailhead on FR-90
Island Lake (5387')
Riley Shortcut Tr. 64A Jct.
Wilderness Boundary
Old Outhouse (not in use)
Seasonal Stream
"Luna Lake" (Lake 5164)
(Lake Access)
Alternate Parking
Enter/Exit Trail

FR-90 Trailhead
Lewis River
Riley Meadows
Sheep Lake
Riley Creek