DV reception and escort to start of Tour
Tour Part 4 after DVs dropped off at EHRI
Air Force Cross Row
Auditorium Seating/Shelter in Place Location (Mandatory Briefing Point)
DV Lounge

Fair Weather route
Tour Part 4 after DVs dropped off at EHRI
Tour Route with DVs (Starts at Kisling Statue and breaks at DV lounge)
Tour Route without DVs (While DVs are taking a break in DV Lounge and given time to look closer at the displays on the main floor entrance hall displays.)
DV route to Conference room (If meeting with AFSNCOA staff)
ADA ramp entrance
Water Jug storage
Water Faucet
Ice Machine
POW/MIA Flag (Never Take it down)
US Flag (Put up first (all personnel outside salute while flag is in motion))
State Flags
After Hours NCOD entrance (Only authorized ECP after normal duty hours)
Red Carpet instructor and ADA compliant entrance (Open during normal duty hours (activate automatic doors when unlocked, switch to "off" when locked))
Entrance to Enlisted Heritage Hall (Museum of enlisted heritage)
SNCOA Library entrance
Designated Tobacco Use area
DFAC entrance
Lodging Reception Office
EL-A-1 (Evacuation Location (Alpha Flight) (Option 1))
Bomb Threat Rendezvous Location
Gulf War display
First Sergeant and Chief Statue
MOH John Levitow Display
Henry "Red" Erwin SNCOA LIbrary ADA entrance
ADA entrance
Tornado Shelter Area (Delta Squad)
Vending Machines
Conference Room (2nd Floor); Miss B's (First Floor) (Mandatory Briefing Point (Conference Room))
Knowledge Ops
Student Admin (2nd Floor) (Mandatory Briefing Point)
Kisling Statue/Tour Start Point
Student Copier (Sub Floor) (Mandatory Briefing Point)
Charlie Squad (2nd floor), Bravo Squad (1st floor), Alpha Squad/with international student/instructor heritage displays (sub floor)
CMSAF Displays
Instructor Awards Display
AFNCOA souveneir display/store
MOH recipient displays
Tour end point (Where Students are put on break to use restroom or purchase AFNCOA souveneirs)
Tour rejoins with DVs (At South End of Hall to answer any questions from DVs about the displays before heading out on next portion of tour.)
Poor weather alternate for DVs (If there is poor weather, have DV drivers pickup from here and drive to EHRI.)
NCOD Desk (Mandatory Briefing Point)
GTNCOA Auditorium