Bathtub approach
Image Lake Approach
Mirror Lake (Hike up to - catch sunset on Hood?)

Night stars / wave lapse
Green Lake
Camano Island Mt Baker background (
Golden Gardens (Sunset with Olympics - clearish night... with high clouds?)
Gas Works ( easy to hit for sunset, especially as it's getting later - even weekday! ADD PICNIC!
Blanca Lake (drive van to TH. sleep there. I wake up at 3AM and hike to lake. Nicole follows (with or without other kayak). I take timelapse of me at sunrise, then some photos when Nicole arrives as well. Then hike back together. sunrise:
Pea Soup Lake (Would likely want to be late season - mid-late July. Perhaps ski trip to Daniel with kayak?? kayak belay onto ice?! )
Talapus Lake (Mellow half-day)
Middle Fork (Nice bends in the river where you can shoot a kayaker below fairly nicely. Need to evaluate how fast water is!)
Bathtub Lakes
Skyline Lake (Good place to try out underwater housing since short hike?)
Trillium Lake (sunrise and sunset works. could do night shot with stars / kayak / resort lights on volcano long exposures with headlamps climbing?? timelapse of paddling out at sunrise?
Image Lake (Long hike in, but great view, unique! Bivy under kayak at lake??)
Rattlesnake Lake (Demo underwater housing)
Mt Si background
Eunice Lake (
Banks Lake (Climb out of a kayak!!
Columbia River (Combine with Vantage wknd Paddle up river and get shots with boat and cliffs behind? )
Sammamish River (Where to put in. Reeds on both sides??)
Seward Park (Rainier view (or foggy day with Rainier sketch composite?))
Lake Quinault
Palouse Falls