No Parking - Driveway Turn
Parking, 2 or 3 cars
Parking, 2 or 3 cars
Mud Gulch avalanche path
Mud Gulch avalanche path
Marble Peak
Private Land
Private Land
Anthracite Pass Trailhead
Windy Corner
Yule Marble Quarry - Closed to Public
Rotary Station
Noname Avalanche Path
Treasure Mtn. Bible Camp (No telephone and no one here in winter.)
Private Land
Little Meadow
Anthracite Glades
Shale Bluffs
Mud Peak
Raspberry Peak
Raspberry Creek
Raspberry Creek
Raspberry Bowl
Anthracite Creek - more than 12 miles south to telephone ( recommends not skiing into Anthracite Creek unless you're carrying an emergency alert device such as a SPOT or satphone.)
Mount Justice
Yule Creek
Skyline Saddle
North Trees
Ally Avalanche Paths
Mill Avalanche Paths
Marble Quarry Office and Loadout - AKA Avalanche Ranch
Quarry Road
Slow Grooovin BBQ (open May thru October)
Marble Junkyard No 1
Marble Junkyard No 2
Anthracite Pass
Kiss Your Sister
Marble Bowl
Study Plot
Public Restroom
Public Restroom
Ant Peak
Blob Peak
Anthracite Peak
Juicy Fruit
Carbonate Avalanche Path