2 Lil Frazier to Cliff River
2 Moccasin Lake to Glacier Lake Jnct
1 Eagel Cap Summit Sidetrip
1 Hidden Lake to Moccasin Lake
1 Hidden Lake Trail
1 TH to Hidden Lake
2 Bushwack to Frazier
3 Cliff River To Crater Lake
3 Crater Lake to TH
crater Lake Camps (In the forests on the north shore)
Coon Cr Camps (comfortable camps)
Moccasin Lake Camps (Excellent Camps)
Steep Scramble (Stay to the south side on the right. You will have to climb over a few boulders n small cliffs. But is pretty cool)
Jackson Peak CG?? (Anywhere from here to 5 miles beyond.)
Hidden lake junction camps
GLACIER LAKE BEST LAKE (DOUGIE LO's favorite lake. Dont camp here, too cold)
East Eagle-Imnaha TH
Deer + More Climbing
Mirror Lake Camps (Probably camps here, but is popular.)
Little Frazier Camps (Marked but not mentioned)
Jackson Peak Camps???
Hidden Lake camps (Lots of good camps)
Frazier Lake Camps (Marked but not mentioned)
Cliff River Camps (nice camps)