P1 - Mendenhall Glacier - 28 miles
P2 - Matthes Glacier - 11 miles
P3 - Llewellyn Glacier - 20 miles
P4 - Meade Glacier - 25 miles
Blackberry - 20 miles
P5 - Denver Glacier - 23 miles
Juneau Airport
Elephant Promontory
4 mile wide crossing
Border Pk 99
Mt. Nesselrode
Mount London
Mount Bressler
Mount Ogilvie
Cracks - stay to the south
Could cut east here, glacier starts to look less cracked up
Potential cracks here
Stay west
Cracks here and east of the point to the north
Some open dudes in here, stay west
Stay in the middle and cut north when almost even with last drainage
Medial looks decent in here
Stay east to avoid nastiness
Cracked up going over pass
Mendenhall Towers
Taku Towers
Devil's Paw
Blizzard Peak
Mount Service


Stay on north side of ridge if we can't run directly
Watch for moat through here
Best to stay on east side of ridge if we can't follow direclty
Loop back here to avoid steep, fall-away section
Several gullies through here that are strewn with boulders that we can pick our way through
Try and stay around this elevation to stay out of trees unless avy is bad. Upslope doesn't look too loaded because of rocks/cliffs but don't get careless
Nice cut through here to get to Devils Punch Bowl. Be careful about loaded slope above.
Trail starts here!!
May also be able to cut low if we can't stay on trail above
Could cut down through here. Glacier looks decent here along moraine