Black Tank Tour 2.0 (There is no established name for this Jeep trail. It is simply a series of roads that will give you a tour through the wide open country close to the Sierra De Las Uvas Mountains. There are a few black tanks along the route, hence the name.)
Lookout Peak 3.0 (This is a very enjoyable in-and-out Jeep trail to the top of Lookout Mountain on the north end of the Robledo Mountains.)
Kilbourne Hole GP - 2.5 (This Jeep trail will take you to the leading edge of an ancient lava flow, inside a volcanic crater that is above the level of the desert and to the bottom of two volcanic craters that are below the level of the desert. This area is vast and empty - you may not see another person all day. 85 miles from I-10 to I-10, but much of it is fairly fast travel.)
1A Skyline to Box Canyon 2.5 (This Jeep trail circles much of the area that once hosted The Chili Challenge. There are many, many, many trails in the area and this is but one way to look over the region.)
Apache Dam 2.5 - 3.5 (A fun trip that will take you from high country in the north to the lower part of Box Canyon in the south, with a visit to Apache Dam along the way. Much of the trail is in the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument.)