Loop 2 - Part 4
Loop 2 - Part 1
Loop 2 - Part 7 - Finish
Loop 2 - Part 2 (This section follows mostly single track with a few sections of double track and one off trail section climbing up the north side of Squaw Peak. It descends on a single track trail. Both the ascent and descent may still have snow on them during the race. )
Loop 2 - Part 3 (This part of the course traverses on single track over to the northwest side of KT-22 then ascends the northwest slope off trail and descends KT-22 on a single track trail. There may still be snow in this section of the course. )
Loop 2 - Part 6 (This section is the steepest and most technical section of the course. It is 3rd class and there will be some fixed lines to help runners ascend the Tram Face. The ascent is off trail scrambling and most people will need to use their hands. From the top the course follows a soft double track along the ridge and back down the southeast face. )
Loop 2 - Part 5 (This part of the course uses single track and double track to get to the base of the Tram Face.)
Aid Station
Aid Staion