Buckskin Trail (4.5 miles from Buckskin TH to confluence with Wire Pass Trail)
Wire Pass Trail (1.7 miles from Wire Pass Trailhead to Buckskin Gulch confluence)
Confluence Trail (11.8 miles from Wire Pass Trail/Buckskin TH confluence to Confluence with Paria River)
White House Trail (7.3 miles from White House Trailhead to Confluence)
Lee's Ferry Trail (28 miles from Confluence to Lee's Ferry)
Wire Pass TH (37.020083, -112.022352)
Buckskin TH (37.068949, -112.001349)
Buckskin/Paria Confluence (37.001389, -111.865833)
White House TH (37.078035, -111.890017)
Lee's Ferry TH (36.862635, -111.597814)
Middle Trail Escape Route (37.031167, -111.921746)