Lodore Ranger station to Yellow Pine TH
Segment 1 (Alpine Uinta traverse (excludes the desert "tail of the tadpole" section of the range.) This part assumes start at Gates of Lodore in Brown's Park.)
Segment 4 (Chepeta Lake to the Smith's Fork Pass junction, where alternates are available. Although not shown, a ~1.5 mi round trip spur to summit King's Peak from Anderson Pass is assumed.)
Segment 8 (Highline TH/Hwy-150 to Yellow Pine Lakes)
Segment 6 (Porcupine Pass to Dead Horse Lake.)
King's Peak summit spur (Spur, mileage to be doubled because you retrace your steps.)
Segment 7 (Dead Horse Lake to Hayden Pass and the official western terminus of the Highline Trail. Potential food drop.)
Segment 5 (Red Castle scenic area.)
Segment 3 (McKee Draw/Hwy 191 to Chepeta Lake where there is to be a food drop.)
Segment 2 (Potential short-cut by driving on the dirt roads through Crouse Canyon to Allen Draw and starting there, instead of all the way back at Gates of Lodore. Segment ends at McKee Draw/Hwy-191 and the official eastern terminus of the Highline Trail.)
Alternate Segment 9 (Alpine Uinta traverse (excludes the desert "tail of the tadpole" section of the range.))
Segment 9 (Walk all the way into Kamas instead of to Yellow Pines TH.)
Alternate short-cut (Removes Red Castle exploration)
Alternate Northside Route (Instead of following the trail, sees scenic Ejod, Allsop, Norice, Priod and Amethyst Lake as well as Middle Basin on the way to the Highline TH.)
Packard Lake Spur (Camp at Packard Lake.)
Resupply point (If no one can meet me at Chepeta Lake, I could hang a bear bag with a food cache before starting.)
Alternate Western Terminus
Potential additional resupply point (At Hwy 191.)
Potential additional resupply point (At Hwy 150)
Eastern terminus (Spend the night before starting at Lodore Campground. Have my driver go around to the bridge and come back to the other side of the rive, to avoid having to swim across first thing the next morning.)
Alternate Eastern Terminus (Drive through Crouse Canyon to drop off here.)
Western Terminus