E0:00s - So of Idaho Falls
E0:00s - So of Arco
Camp - Bailey Rd #3
Shooting1 - So Las Vegas
Camp - Valley of Fire Hwy
Camp - Valley of Fire Hwy
Camp - Bailey Rd
Camp - Bailey Rd #2
Camp - Valley of Fire Hwy
E - Menan, ID
Pink Canyon
Fire Cave / Windstone Arch
White Domes TH, Valley of Fire State Park
Shooting1 - Fillmore Shooting Range
Camp - Vegas, Southern lightweight
Camp - Vegas, Southern Lightweight
ECtr - Mud Lake, LDS Church
ECtr - Little Lost River Hwy
ECtr - No of Mackay Resvr
ECtr - Thornton
ECtr - No of Menan
E2:00s - Idaho Falls
E2:00s - Moore, ID
E1:30s - Arco
ShootingBLM? - Scipio (Not great access)
ShootingBLM - So Cedar City (Not great backdrop)
ShootingBLM - So Cedar City (Shoot toward hill)
ShootingBLM? - So St George, Virgin River (But close to campground!)
Camp - Valley of Fire