East Bowl
South gully
N. Face
South gully
East Bowl plan B
Loooong way in...
Santiago Bowl
North Bowl
NE Face
South Face
SW facing chutes (Schlockey's Overlook (climbers L-->R))
Loveland > Sniktau
Loveloand > Cupid
Grizzly Couloir? (The Grizzly Couloir goes head to head with any chute in competition for the title of ?The Best Couloir? on the Front Range)
N Face (North Slope Hourglass )
Arapaho > 12396
Good skiing
Stevens Gulch (winter) > Kelso
N. Couloir (http://www.frontrangeskimo.com/kelso/)
waaay too big. eh?
Vasquez approach
i70 > Bard - Shakespeare (Solitude should be the name of this route. Enjoy a quiet experience in a valley that is not visited by many people. It will be just you, the bristlecone pines, and the elk. The broad and sweeping south slope of Bard Peak is best in June when you can find the approach trail once the snow is gone. From the parking at Bakersville, cross over the Interstate on the bridge. Walk nearly one half mile along westbound I-70 to the big rig chain up area. About fifteen to twenty yards past the ?Chain Law Enforced When Flashing? sign look for an obscure trail heading north and uphill. [39.6927, -105.8141] In the forest look for some orange flagging and several rock cairns marking a fading trail that heads east paralleling the highway and then northeast. Follow this sporadic trail northeast towards the creek that you saw by the Bakersville exit. The trail will be both well defined and nonexistent at points. Keep the creek to your right. After the steep push through the forest the terrain flattens out and then opens into the bristlecone and limber pines near tree line. Climb up Shakespeare to the summit, or up the valley to the west to the Bard-Parnassus saddle.)
East Slopes
Waltorous Bowl

Mont Reservoir ski
Mount Sniktau (Mount Sniktau is the massive peak that catches skiers' eyes when they are driving west on Interstate 70 at mile marker 224 near the town of Silver Plume. The mountain is viewed by many, climbed by many, but skied from the summit to I-70 by few. Sniktau is a highly accessible mountain as it is connected directly to the popular Loveland Pass. The climb from Loveland Pass to the summit of Mount Sniktau is a good beginner mountaineering climb. The challenge of skiing on Sniktau is not the ascent, the challenge is the descent. Sniktau is frequently climbed from Loveland Pass and skiers need to re-climb the mountain or bushwhack through dense forest to a car shuttle. Mount Sniktau hosts the Loveland Valley ski area on its west flanks, and just above this was the location of the unfortunate avalanche accident in Sheep Creek that claimed the lives of five backcountry skiers and snowboarders in 2013. )
Holy shit i-70 is gnarly
Pt 12,915
Grizzly Peak
Pt 12,396
Stevens Gulch TH
Mt Edwards (looks too remote until roads open?)
Mt Evans
Jones Pass Winter TH
Leave I-70
Herman Gulch TH
Woods Mtn
Mt Spalding
Vasquez Peak