Chicago Basin Approach
North Eolus
Needelton RX stop
Chicago Basin
Windom Peak (<a href="http://www.14ers.com/photos/peakmain.php?peak=Mt.+Eolus"><IMG src="http://www.14ers.com/images/pthumbs/ptwind.jpg"></a>)
Sunlight Peak (<a href="http://www.14ers.com/photos/peakmain.php?peak=Mt.+Eolus"><IMG src="http://www.14ers.com/images/pthumbs/ptsunl.jpg"></a>)
North Eolus (<a href="http://www.14ers.com/photos/peakmain.php?peak=Mt.+Eolus"><IMG src="http://www.14ers.com/images/pthumbs/ptneol.jpg"></a>)
Mt. Eolus (<a href="http://www.14ers.com/photos/peakmain.php?peak=Mt.+Eolus"><IMG src="http://www.14ers.com/images/pthumbs/pteolu.jpg"></a>)
East Windom (East Windom)
Noname Needle (Noname Needle)
Sunlight Spire (Sunlight Spire)
West Eolus (West Eolus)
Animas Mtn (Animas Mtn)
Aztec Mtn (Aztec Mtn)
Bullion Mtn (Bullion Mtn)
Echo Mtn (Echo Mtn)
Eighteen, Pk (Eighteen, Pk)
Eleven, Pk (Eleven, Pk)
Fifteen, Pk (Fifteen, Pk)
Five, Pk (Five, Pk)
Florida Mtn (Florida Mtn)
Four, Pk (Four, Pk)
Garfield A, Mt (Garfield A, Mt)
Glacier Point (Glacier Point)
Gray Needle (Gray Needle)
Graystone Pk (Graystone Pk)
Greylock Mtn (Greylock Mtn)
Grizzly Pk C (Grizzly Pk C)
Heisspitz, The (Heisspitz, The)
Hope Mtn (Hope Mtn)
Index, The (Index, The)
Jagged Mtn (Jagged Mtn)
Jupiter Mtn (Jupiter Mtn)
Kennedy, Mt (Kennedy, Mt)
Knife Point (Knife Point)
Leviathan Pk (Leviathan Pk)
Little Finger (Little Finger)
McCauley Pk (McCauley Pk)
Monitor Pk (Monitor Pk)
Needle Ridge (Needle Ridge)
North Twilight Pk (North Twilight Pk)
Pigeon Pk (Pigeon Pk)
Point Pun (Point Pun)
PT 13,121 (PT 13,121)
Silver Mesa (Silver Mesa)
Six, Pk (Six, Pk)
Sixteen, Pk (Sixteen, Pk)
South Twilight Pk (South Twilight Pk)
Ten, Pk (Ten, Pk)
Thirteen, Pk (Thirteen, Pk)
Thunder Mtn A (Thunder Mtn A)
Turret Pk A (Turret Pk A)
Twelve, Pk (Twelve, Pk)
Twilight Pk (Twilight Pk)
Twin Thumb, South (Twin Thumb, South)
Twin Thumbs, North (Twin Thumbs, North)
Vallecito Mtn (Vallecito Mtn)
Valois, Mt (Valois, Mt)
West Needle Mtn (West Needle Mtn)