This gentle 6.2-mile hike opens up with an orchestra of bird song, then leads to a marshy coastline perfect for viewing sunsets. Bring bug repellent. ? See more at:
Boy Scout Rd.
Side Trail
BRS 002 (Short trail to boardwalk on R; continue straight)
BRS004 (Good views; birds flutter between the pine savannah and wetlands )
BRS005 (Scenic view of center marshlands)
BRS001 (Trailhead. Hike follows flat roadway open to hikers and bikers)
BRS006 (Observation Tower. Offshore grass beds span out into Lake Pontchartrain; continue NW)
BRS007 (Veer R, heading to kidney-shaped pond)
BRS008 (Braided veins of Lacombe Bayou; backtrack to waypoint 7, turn R )
BRS003 (Swampy bog; look for eagles, ospreys perched in dead pines)
BRS009 (Path ends @ promising fishing spot; return to parking lot)