1A Notom Road GP (The Notom Road leads from Highway 24, along the east side of Capitol Reef National Park to the junction of Burr Trail Road in the southern section of the Park.)
Temple Mountain 3.0 (This is a VERY nice Jeep trail close to town. There is a beautiful canyon, uranium mines, mining relics and even a bit of four wheeling. One of the people with us called it a "Must See" trail.)
Granite Creek 2.5
Old Notom Road 2.0
Henry Mountains Loop 2.0 (An easy, scenic Jeep trail from the Notom Road on the west, into and around the Henry Mountains, over Bull Creek Pass and down the east side of the mountains to Hanksville.)
Little Egypt - Farmers Knob 2.0 - 3.0 (Another interesting Jeep trail. Start at Little Egypt Geologic Formation, see a bunch of mining era relics and end up with an optional 3.0 loop around a small hill.)
Behind the Reef 3.0 (This is a fun Jeep trail with great scenery, one area with a challenging climb and a chance to see wild horses.)
Dollhouse 3.0 (A fairly difficult trail through remote Utah backcountry to to a rock formation called The Dollhouse in Canyonlands National Park. This trail passes through some scenic country and also several other named rock formations such as The Wall and Standing Rock.)
Cathedral Valley 2.0 (A great trail through majestic Cathedral Valley with hoodoos, buttes and other interesting geologic formations.)
Seger's Hole 2.5 (An enjoyable trail through a very remote part of Utah. Great vistas, a nice canyon and three overlooks of Muddy Creek. You may even see antelope.)
Tarantula Mesa partial 2.0
Capitol Reef South Draw 2.0 (This trail connects Highway 12 to the south end of the paved Capitol Reef Scenic Road. It is only a so so Jeep trail but it is something different, and you do not have to do the Scenic Road in both directions.)
Little Egypt formation
Little Egypt Fireplace
Little Egypt Farmer's Knob 3.0
Little Egypt Cabin
Henry Stevens Narrows
Henry Airplane Spring
Behind Squeeze
Behind Picto Panel
Behind Climb