14 Mile Tree Campsite
3037 Lock (Road)
45 Airport Runway (Airport Runway)
45 Ranch (4360 ft)
Ace Spring (Ace Spring)
AF Camp-Roland Rd.
AF Installation - Roland Rd.
AF Installation-Hwy51
Afterthought M (Afterthought Mine)
Airport Runway (Airport Runway)
Al Sadie Ranch (Al Sadie Ranch)
Albert Taylor Place (Albert Taylor Place)
Alder Creek Cir (Alder Creek Cir)
Alder Creek Mine, 4000 (4000 ft height)
Alvarea Ranch (Alvarea Ranch)
Ambush Pass (6360 ft)
American River (American River)
Amie #2 Mine 3837
Amie Number One (Amie Number One)
Amie Number Two (Amie Number Two)
Ancil Miller Ranch (Ancil Miller Ranch)
Anderson Crossing
Animal Medical Center, Ps (2588 Waterwheel Rd )
Anns Lake (Anns Lake)
Antelope Spring (Antelope Spring)
Arock Diversion Dam (Arock Diversion Dam)
Artesian Well (6760 ft)
Arvel Johnstons Camp #25 (Johnstons Camp)
Austin Trail (Road)
Bald Mountain (Bald Mountain, 6280 ft)
Bald Mountain Spring (Bald Mountain Spring)
Banks (Banks)
Banks Rafting (Idaho Northern and Pacific Rr)
Banks Spring (Banks Spring)
Banner Summi 1 (Banner Summit Rest Area)
Banner Summit (Banner Summit)
Barnes Cabin (Barnes Cabin)
Barranca Raton (07-MAY-10 11:46:31AM)
Barrick and Shannon Ranch (Barrick and Shannon Ranch)
Barton Place
Batch Lake (Batch Lake)
Bates Creek-End of Road
Batt Trail (Batt Trail)
Battle Creek Camp (6375 ft height)
Battle Creek Ranch (Battle Creek Ranch)
Battle Crk Corrals (Gamble Gulch)
Bear Lake
Bear Lake Trail Head
Bear Pete Trai (Idaho County)
Beartrap Saddl (7800 ft)
Beaver Ponds (Birch Creek)
Bench Creek Re (Bench Creek Rest Area)
Bengoechea Cabin (Bengoechea Cabin)
Bengoechea Place (Bengoechea Place)
Big Bend Campground (Big Bend Campground)
Big Bend of Sheep Creek
Big Blue Creek Reservoir (Big Blue Creek Reservoir)
Big Creek Airport (Big Creek Airport)
Big Creek Rd (Big Creek Rd)
Big Creek Summit (Big Creek Summit)
Big Creek Work (Big Creek Work Center)
Big Draw Overlook
Big Foot Bar (Big Foot Bar)
Big Horse Basi (Big Horse Basin Gap)
Big Jack Cache (last coordinates)
Big Springs Ranch (Big Springs Ranch)
Bill Riddle Lo (Road)
Billings-Rizzi #19
Billy Goat Ike (Nat For Dev Rd 643c and Road)
Birch Creek Ford
Birch Creek Ranch
Bitter Creek - (5000 ft)
Black Lee Camp (Black Lee Campground)
Black Mountain (Black Mountain, 6611)
Black Mt. Park (4440 ft)
Black Rock Crossing # 6 (Black Rock Crossing)
Blackstone Reservoir
BLM Signboard (2640 ft)
Blue Creek Crossing (Blue Creek Crossing)
Blue Point Rid (Blue Point Ridge Trail)
Bluebird Mine (Bluebird Mine)
Bluejacket Min (Bluejacket Mine)
Bogus Ranch
Bonus Spring (National Park)
Boundary-Little Jacks Wilderness
Bowden Ranch (Bowden Ranch)
Box Canyon Spring (Intermittent Stream)
Box Lake (Box Creek)
Brace Ranch (Brace Ranch)
Brand Spring (Intermittent Stream)
Brian Courtney (14122 Sage Trl )
Broken Wagon Cabin
Broken Wagon Draw (Broken Wagon Draw)
Brooks Cabin (Brooks Cabin)
Brown's Cabin
Brown's Creek Narrows (3375 ft height)
Brown's Creek Overlook #1
Browns Crk Ruins
Bruneau Mine
Bruneau Ranch
Bruneau River Overlook (Road)
Bruneau Sheep Co. Dip Trough
Buck Creek Road (Road)
Buck Mountain Campground
Buckaroo Spring (Road)
Buckhorn (Buckhorn)
Buckhorn Campground (Buckhorn Campground)
Buckhorn Corrals (Buckhorn Corrals)
Buckhorn Place
Buckhorn Reservoir (Buckhorn Reservoir)
Buckroo Spring & Camp
Buckroo Spring Cow Camp & Corrals
Budge Rizzi Ranch (Budge Rizzi Ranch)
Bull Basin Camp (Bull Basin Camp)
Bull Camp (4560 ft)
Bull Camp Rese (Bull Camp Reservoir)
Bull Creek Bridge Ruins (Road)
Bull Creek Crossing
Bull Creek Crossing(Bridge Ruins)
Bull Pens #5
Bull Trout Lak (Lake)
Buncel Place (Road)
Burgdorf 1 (Burgdorf)
Burgdorf Campg (Road)
Burgdorf Hot S (Burgdorf)
Burnt Knob LO Road (Road and Magruder Corridor 468 Rd and Magruder Co)
Buzz's Petrogl (5800 ft height)
Bybee Reservoir (Bybee Reservoir)
C Ranch (C Ranch)
Cabin and Corral
Cafe Casita (08-MAY-10 3:19:02PM)
California Lak (California Lake)
Callahan Place ( Field Crk)
CAMP (14-MAY-13 9:06:46PM)
Camp Lyons (Historical) (Camp Lyons (Historical))
Camp Site Wickahoney (07-MAY-10 4:40:59PM)
Camp Three Forks (Historical) (Camp Three Forks (Historical))
Camp-Air Force- Rowland Road (Road)
Camp-Air Force-Wickahoney (Unpaved Road)
Camp-NV-California Creek
Camp-NV-Dip Creek
Campground Reservoir
Carey Creek Tr (Natl Forest Develop Road 318 R)
Carey Lookout (Road)
Carlson's Corr (Payette National Forest)
Carothers Place (Historical)
Castle Creek & Doyle Roads (Castle Creek Rd)
Castle Creek Overlook #1, 3375 (3375 ft height)
Castle Creek Overlook #2 3413
Castle Creek Overlook #3 3345
Castle Creek Overlook #4 3375 (3375 ft height)
Castle Creek Overlook #5 3464
Castle Creek Overlook #6 3622 (Road)
Castle Rock (Castle Rock)
Castro 2 (Or33 32s 45e)
Castro Ranch (Castro Ranch)
Cat Creek Corrals
Cat Creek Crossing (Cat Creek Crossing)
Cat Creek Ranch (Road)
Cat Creek Well
Cathcart Place OR (Cathcart Place)
Cattle Guard-Camp Wickahoney
Cave Draw (3875 ft height)
CCC Dam (Intermittent Stream)
Celebration Pa (Celebration County Park)
Center Ridge (7560 ft)
Center Ridge T (Trail)
Charley Hewitt ?? Something GE #22
Cherrystem in Little Jacks
Chimney Rock R (Road)
Chimney Spring (Chimney Spring)
China Ditch Tr (Intermittent Stream)
Chinook Campgr (National Forest Road 080 and R)
Chokecherry Spring (Chokecherry Spring)
Christine (Jas
Cinnabar Mount (Cinnabar Mountain, 8248 ft)
Circle Bar Ranch (Circle Bar Ranch)
Cloochman Sadd (Cloochman Saddle)
Clover Creek
Clover Creek Overlook (Road)
Clover Flat Ranch (Clover Flat Ranch)
Coal Bank
Coal Spring (Coal Spring)
Coffeepot Crat (Coffeepot Crater)
Coffeepot Crater Rd
Collier Place (Collier Place)
Con Shea Basin (Con Shea Basin)
Concrete Slab? 001 (Road)
Corral-Poison Creek
Costco Boise (2051 S Cole Rd )
Costco Nampa (16700 N Marketplace Blvd )
Cottontail Point (Cottontail Point, 7661)
Cottonwood (04-JUN-11 1:21:53PM)
Cougar Creek T (Trail)
Cougar Mine
Cove Crk (6000 ft height)
Cow Camp
Cow Camp 001 (Road)
Cow Camp 002 (North Fork Boulder Creek)
Cow Camp 003 (Flint Rd and Road)
Cow Camp 004 (5625 ft height)
Cow Camp 005 (5750 ft height)
Cow Camp 006 (Snow Creek Spring)
Cow Camp 007 (Road)
Cow Camp 008 (Road)
Cow Camp 009 (Road)
Cow Camp 010
Cow Camp 011 (Rock Creek)
Cow Camp 012 (Road)
Cow Camp 013 (Road)
Cow Camp 014 (Chris Black Pole Creek Ranch)
Cow Camp 015 (Road)
Cow Camp 016 (Unpaved Road)
cow camp 017 (Road)
Cow Camp 018 (Road)
Cow Camp 019 (Flint Rd)
Cow Camp 020 (Road)
Cow Camp 021 (Road)
Cow Camp 022 (Road)
Cow Camp 023 (Road)
Cow Camp 024 (5760 ft height)
Cow Camp 025 (Road)
Cow Camp 026 (Unpaved Road)
Cow Camp Spring
Cow Creek Unloading Area
Cowan Homestead (Cowan Homestead)
Cowan Reservoir
Coyote Hole (Intermittent Stream)
Coyote Spring (Coyote Spring)
Crater Lake (Crater Lake)
Crestline Trai (Trail)
Crill Cemetery (Crill Cemetary)
Crill Place
Crouch (Crouch)
Crutcher Cross (National Park)
Crystal Mill
Cupp Corral Cu (Trail)
Dam South Fork (South Fork Owyhee River)
Dan's Place
Deacon Crossing
Dead Horse Spring
Deadwood Summit (Deadwood Summit, 6883 ft)
Deep Creek Cam
Devils Gate (Devils Gate)
Dew Drop Place (Dew Drop Place)
Dewey Mine
Diamond Basin (Road)
Dick Harvey Homestead(No Ruins GE) #8
Dick Purcell Homestead(No Ruins GE) #11
Dickens Place (Dickens Place)
Dickshooter (Dickshooter)
Ditch Creek Campground
Don Carter (2415 W Ditch Creek Dr )
Doyle Place (Doyle Place)
Driscol Spring (Driscol Spring)
Dry Buck Camp (4400 ft)
Dry Buck Summi (Dry Buck Summit)
Dry Saddle
Dryden Peak, 5 (Dryden Peak, 5610)
Duck Valley St (Duck Valley Indian Reservation)
Dukes V Spring (Dukes V Spring)
Dusty (10-AUG-11 15:11:30)
Eagle's Nest (3040 ft)
Eddy Place
Edmunsen Cabin (French Creek Rd)
Edwardsburg (Edwardsburg)
Elk City (Elk City)
Elk Creek Ceme (Cemetery)
Elk Meadows La (Elk Meadows Landing Fld)
Elk Summit (Elk Summit)
End of Pavemen (Unknown)
Enos Lake (Enos Creek)
Eureka Silver (6200 ft)
Fales Flat Gro
Fern Mine
Fish Crk (Intermittent Stream)
Fish Fossils
Five Bar
Flying H Ranch (Flying H Ranch)
Fossil Butte O
Fossil Butte T (Fossil Creek)
Fossil Creek Ruins & Corral
Four Corners C (National Park)
Frank Triguero Homestead #4 (Frank Triguero Homestead)
Fred Hall Homestead #9 (Fred Hall Homestead)
Fred Roberson Place #17
Freight Landin (Payette National Forest)
French Creek Bridge (French Creek)
French Creek T (Trail)
Frost Place (Frost Place)
Frying Pan Ranch(Working Ranch)
Garat Crossing (Owyhee River)
Garden Valley (Garden Valley High School)
Gas Plant (National Park)
Gbraach (2022 N Hampton Rd Boise, ID 83704)
GE 1
GE 10 Beber Ranch
GE 11 Air Tower
GE 12 Echave Well
GE 13
GE 14 Smith Well
GE 15 Gilbert Ranch
GE 16 Comm Towers
GE 17 Loveloand Horse Camp
GE 18 Castro (Or33 32s 45e)
GE 2
GE 3
GE 4 Potomac Ranch
GE 5 Battle Creek Ranch
GE 6
GE 7
GE 8
GE 9 Antelope Corral
GE Kent Homestead
George Arendt Homestead #7 (Arendt Homestead)
Getaway Mounta (Getaway Mountain, 5656)
Ghost Ranch (Ghost Ranch)
Gilmore Ranch (Gilmore Ranch)
Givens Hot Spr (Givens Hot Springs)
Glasgow Mine (Glasgow Mine)
Golden Anchor Mine
Golden Crown Mine (Golden Crown Mine)
Golden Cup Mine
Golden Gate Campground
Gordy Ranch (Gordy Ranch)
Grand View (Grand View)
Grandjean (Grandjean)
Grandjean Hors (Grandjean Horse Trailhead)
Grangeville (Grangeville)
Granite Spring
Grasmere (Grasmere)
Grasmere HWY 51 Rest Stop
Grasshopper Rd to Twin Springs Ranch
Grasshopper Trl and Juniper Mountain Rd (Grasshopper Trl and Juniper Mountain Rd)
Grave (07-OCT-12 14:39:02)
Grave Marker??? (N42 19.350' W115 56.131')
Gravel Pit
Gravel Pit Camp-Mud Flat Rd. (Dry Creek)
Gravel Pit, Ow (National Park)
Gravel Pit, PN (Road and Alley)
Griffith Ranch
Grizzly Sports (4320 Cleveland Blvd )
Grouse Creek R (Natl Forest Develop Road 325 R)
Guffey Butte (Guffey Butte, 3123 ft)
Guffey Railroa (Guffey Railroad Bridge)
Half Moon Pass (Half Moon Pass)
Halfway Station (Halfway Station)
Hall Ranch (Hall Ranch)
Halvorsen Lake (Stream)
Hanley Cabin (Hanley Cabin)
Happy Home Place (Happy Home Place)
Hardtrigger Ca (2600 ft)
Hardtrigger Mi (Road)
Hardtrigger Wa (Hardtrigger Creek)
Harris Homestead(No Ruins GE) #20
Hart Creek Campl
Harvey Place (Harvey Place)
Harvey's Base Camp Rd. (Juniper Mountain Rd)
HATTIE HARRELL (07-NOV-09 2:07:10PM)
Hawks Nest Spring (Hawks Nest Spring)
Hayden Peak (Hayden Peak, 8386 ft)
Haystack Rock (Haystack Rock, 2799 ft)
Hells Half Acr
Hells Half Acre LO Road (Magruder Corridor Rd and Road)
Hemingway Butt (National Park)
Herrick Lake C (4920 ft)
Hettinger Trail Head (7840 ft height)
Hodge Station (Historical) (Hodge Station (Historical))
Hogpen Gulch (Hogpen Gulch)
Hole In Rock (Hole In Rock)
Hole in the Ground
Hole in the Ground Petroglyphs
Hole in the Ground Ranch (Morcom Ranch)
Holey Rocks (Intermittent Stream)
Holman Cabin (4500 ft height)
Home (581 E Palmetto Dr )
Homedale (Homedale)
Homer Bedal Homestead (Homer Bedal Homestead)
Homer Bedall #10
Homestead Reservoir
Homestead Ruins (Visible when reservoir level is below 2595 feet)
Horse Heaven C
Horse Heaven Cabin Road (Magruder Corridor 468 Rd and Horse Heaven)
Horse Point, 5 (Horse Point, 5722)
Horse Race Rid (Horse Race Ridge)
Horse Ridge (Horse Ridge)
Horseshoe Reservoir (Horseshoe Reservoir)
Hot Creek Trail Head (2760 ft height)
Hot Springs (5520 ft)
Hulet - Sinker (Sinker Creek)
Humboldt Mine (Humboldt Mine)
Hunting Camp???
Hut in the Gully (Poison Creek)
Ice Hole Campground
Ida Belle Mine
Independence Mine (Independence Mine)
Indian Batt Cabin #2 (Indian Batt Cabin)
Indian Creek C
Indian Hot Springs #1 (Unpaved Road)
Indian Picnic Area (Indian Picnic Area)
Intersection # 3
Intersection # 4
Intersection #1
Intersection #2
Iron-Lola Cree (Iron-Lola Creek Trail)
J-P Point (J-P Point)
Jack Scott Ranch (Jack Scott Ranch)
Jacks Creek Crossing (Jacks Creek Crossing)
Jacks Creek Pa (Road)
Jacks Creek Road WP (Road)
James Place #12 (James Place)
Jarbidge (Jarbidge)
Jarbridge Raft Launch (Road)
Jeanette Creek Campground (Jeanette Creek)
Jenkins Crossi (Jenkins Crossing)
Jerry's Spring (Intermittent Stream)
Jimmy Cappel Spring (Jimmy Cappel Spring)
Jobe (Stream)
Joe White Homestead-Sheep Creek #14 (White Homestead)
John Cowan Place #15
Johnson Creek Airport
Johnston Cabin
Jones Ranch (Jones Ranch)
Jordan Crater Petroglyphs
Jordan Craters (4520 ft)
Jordan Valley (Jordan Valley Post Office)
Josephine Ranch
Jump Creek
Jump Creek Falls
Jump Creek Trail Head
Jump Crk Crossing
Juniper Basin (Juniper Basin Reservoir)
Juniper Basin Ranch (Juniper Basin Ranch)
Juniper Basin Reservoir (Juniper Basin Reservoir)
Juniper Mountain BLM Signboard (N42 31.033 W116 53.627)
Juniper Ranch (Juniper Ranch)
Juniper Station (Juniper Station)
Justins Camp (Payette National Forest)
Kane Spring (Kane Spring)
Kane Springs Picnic Area, Moab, UT (Kane Springs Picnic Area)
Katies Desert Place (Katies Desert Place)
Kettle Falls (Intermittent Stream)
Kimberly Mine
Kirkham Ridge (Road)
Klines Grave (Klines Grave)
Knight Ranch
Knox (Knox)
Krassel-US Forest Service Airport (Krassel-US Forest Service Airport)
Krutschmer Field (no Ruins) #24
Kunz Place
Lake Creek Cam (Road)
Lake Owyhee (Lake Owyhee)
Lake Rock Lake (Stream)
Lamplight Spri (Intermittent Stream)
Landmark Creek Camp
Larios Camp
Lava Tube (5880 ft height)
Lava Well (Lava Well)
Lead Mountain (Lead Mountain, 6499 ft)
Leadville Mine (Leadville Mine)
Leaf Fossils
Lek- Rowland (Road)
Lek-Crab 1 (16-APR-13 8:49:54AM JB Current Lek)
Lek-Crab 2 (26-MAR-13 8:29:52AM per JB lek has moved)
Lek-Oreana 1 (13-APR-13 6:42:13AM first view of grouse)
Lek-Oreana2 (13-APR-13 7:30:57AM viewed more grouse here)
Lek-Rowland Rd (5600 ft height)
Lek-Tokenbamy (JB: 30+ high sage, hard to see, east side)
Lemonade Sprin (Lemonade Spring)
Leslie Gulch (Unpaved Road)
Leslie Gulch (King Family) Cabin (Intermittent Stream)
Leslie Gulch-Slocum Campground (Leslie Gulch)
Limber Luke Ca (Unknown)
Lineham Spring
Little Blue Creek Reservoir (Little Blue Creek Reservoir)
Little Blue Petroglyphs (National Park)
Little Cabin (National Park)
Little Gulch P (Little Gulch Creek)
Little Jacks - (5000 ft)
Little Jacks Creek Wilderness
Little Jacks Vista (Unpaved Road)
Little Jacks Vista 2 (5640 ft height)
Little Jacks Vista1 (Unpaved Road)
Little Jacks-Rattlesnake Creeks Overlook (4880 ft height)
Little Kane Sp (Little Kane Spring)
Little Pony Meadows
Little Sugar L (Little Sugar Loaf)
Little West Fo
Locked Gate
Locked Gate 1
Lodgepole Cree (Road)
Lone Tree Spring (Lone Tree Spring)
Lookout Spring (7400 ft)
Loon Lake (Loon Lake)
Lost Spring (3360 ft)
Lost Valley (Lost Valley)
Louis S.Eastman Place #13
Louisa Creek Ruins (Louisa Creek)
Louisa Crk Dam (Louisa Creek)
Louse Creek Buckaroo Camp (Louse Creek Buckaroo Camp)
Louse Creek Ruins ??? (Louse Creek Ruins ???)
Lower Battle Creek Crossing
Lower Cow Lake (Lower Cow Lake)
Lowman (Boise National Forest)
Lowrey Ranch (Lowrey Ranch)
Lucky Lad Mine
M.F. Elk Creek (5480 ft height)
Magpie Creek RS (Cro Creek)
Magpie Crk (Road)
Magruder Campg
Magruder Range
Mahogany Mtn 1 (6375 ft height)
Mahogany Mtn 2 (6375 ft height)
Mahogany Mtn 3 (Unpaved Road)
Mahogony Gap and Storm
Manuel Triguero ??? (No Ruins GE) #3
Marsing (Marsing)
Mary's Creek Signboard (Road)
McCrae Mine (McCrae Mine)
McDonalds Mine
McKenzie Ranch
Meadow Creek Lake (Meadow Creek Lake)
Meadow Creek Lookout (Meadow Creek Lookout)
Merritt Mountain
Middle Windmill (Middle Windmill)
Mike Stanford Ranch (Road and Unpaved Road)
Milk Spring (Milk Spring)
Mink Ranch (Mink Ranch)
Missing Canadians (5750 ft height)
Mission (Road)
Monasterio Ranch (Monasterio Ranch)
Monumental Pea (Road and Nat For Dev Rd 110)
Morcom Cow Camp
Morcom Ranch (06-NOV-09 2:34:47PM)
Morcom Ranch Ford
Morcom Ranch,O (Morcom Ranch)
Moscow Mine (Moscow Mine)
Mosquito Ridge Trail Head
Mountain City (Mountain City)
Mountain Meado
Mountain View (Mountain View Lake)
Mud Flat BLM Camp (5720 ft height)
Mud Flat Rd and Castle Creek Rd (Mud Flat Rd and Castle Creek Rd)
Mud Flat Road Summitt (Road and Mud Flat Rd)
Mud Lake (Mud Lake)
Murphy General (Murphy Grandview Rd)
Murphy Hot Springs (Murphy Hot Springs)
N. Fork Owyhee (Juniper Mountain Rd)
Nethker Creek (Trail)
Nettleton Dam
New York Saddl (Silver City Rd and Road)
Nez Perce Pass
Nit Creek Corrals (Nit Creek Corrals)
Nit Creek Ruins ??? Grave (Nit Creek Ruins ??? Grave)
Nit Creek Stock Pens (Nit Creek Stock Pens)
No Crossing Crossing (No Crossing Crossing)
North Fork Owyhee BLM Campsite (Juniper Mountain Rd)
North Star Mill (Historical) (North Star Mill (Historical))
Observation Pt
Old Corral
Old Maids Creek (Boise)
Old Scott Ranch
Opalene Spring (National Park)
Oreana (Oreana)
Oreana ATV Unloading 1 (Blm)
Oreana ATV Unloading 2 (Road)
Oro Fino Mine (Oro Fino Mine)
Outfitter's Ho (5360 ft)
Outhouse (6120 ft)
OWL (17-MAY-13 12:13:16PM)
Owyhee Dam Park (Owyhee Dam Park)
Owyhee Raft Takeout
Owyhee Sheriff (Hailey St)
OX Lake (5640 ft height)
OX Prong (Unpaved Road)
Page Place(Working Ranch)
Paradise Campg
Parker Place (Parker Place)
Parker Ranch (Parker Ranch)
Parker Trail (Parker Trail)
Parking Area 2834
Pavlak Mill (Historical) (Pavlak Mill (Historical))
Payne Cabin (Payne Cabin)
Peace Creek Tr (Nat For Dev Rd 034)
Pearl (Pearl)
Pen Basin Camp Ground
Pen Basin Line Camp
Pete Creek Cam (Payette National Forest)
Pete Creek Tra (Payette National Forest)
Petroglyphs Tu (Road and Nf 337 Rd and Unpaved)
Petroglyphs-Hettinger (10-AUG-11 15:36:29)
Petroglyphs-Lake owyhee (07-NOV-09 11:33:04AM)
Pickett Crk (South Fork Pickett Creek)
Pilot Lookout Spring (7560 ft height)
Pilot Peak Loo (Payette National Forest)
Pinehurst Chur (Pinehurst Church)
Pinnacle Ranch
Pioneer Cemetery (Pioneer Cemetery)
Pipeline & Lower Battle Creek Rd
Pistol Lake (Pistol Lake)
Piute Butte, 5 (Piute Butte, 5942)
Piute Creek Lake (Piute Creek)
Pleasant Valley (Pleasant Valley)
Poet Creek
Point of Rocks (Point of Rocks Spring)
Poison Creek Falls
Poison Creek Stage Station
Poison Crk Picnic (4500 ft height)
Pole Creek Well Windmill (14-SEP-14 12:30:05PM)
Pony Meadows
Portland Gulch Overlook (5280 ft height)
Portlock Ranch (Portlock Ranch)
Post Camp (Post Camp)
Post Office Crossing (Post Office Crossing)
Posted Gate (Road)
Poverty Flat Campground (Poverty Flat Campground)
Pueblo Summit
Rabbit Creek T (Road)
Radio Antenna, (5640 ft)
Radio Repeator (Payette National Forest)
Radio Tower (National Park)
Ranch 001 (In use, some one lives here)
Ranch 002 (5680 ft height)
Ranch 003 (Road and Unpaved Road)
Ranch 004 (Road)
Ranch 005 (Juniper Creek)
Ranch Ruins 018 (Intermittent Stream)
Ranch001 (In use, some one lives here)
Ratliff Place (Ratliff Place)
Rats Nest (Alder Creek Rd and Unpaved Road)
Rattlesnake Creek Petroglyphs (National Park)
Rattlesnake Spring (Rattlesnake Spring)
Raven Creek Ca
Rawhide Springs (Rawhide Springs)
Red Butte Canyon
Red Cabin (Red Cabin)
Red Canyon Crossing (Intermittent Stream)
Red Metals Mine (Red Metals Mine)
Red River
Red River Campground1
Red River Hot (Red River Hot Springs Recreati)
Red River Rang (Red River Ranger Station)
Reed Ranch Airport (Reed Ranch Airport)
Reservation Spring (Reservation Spring)
Reservoir Level (Water level - 2617 Able to ride upstream from)
Reynolds Cemet (3960 ft)
Rickard Crossing (Rickard Crossing)
Riddle (Riddle)
Rinehart Ranch
Riordan Lake (Riordan Lake)
River Crossing (Rome streamflow at 157 cfs)
River Crossing 2 (Rome streamflow at 157 cfs)
Rizzi Ranch
Road to Overlook
Roan Spring (Roan Spring)
Roberson Trail(East Side) (Road)
Roberson Traill (Roberson Trail)
Rock Corral
Rock Dam, Oreg (Rock Dam)
Rock House Reservoir (Rock House Reservoir)
Rock Spring
Rockville School (Rockville School)
Rome Post Offi (Rome Post Office (Historical))
Rose Briar Spring (Rose Briar Spring)
Rowland (Rowland)
Rs West Fork L
Ruby Dredge Po (Ruby Creek)
Ruby Meadows 1 (Payette National Forest)
Ruby Meadows T (Trail)
RUINS (06-NOV-09 3:40:47PM)
Ruins 001 (Nf 245 Trl and Nf 34 Trl)
Ruins 002
Ruins 003
Ruins 0031
Ruins 004 (Road)
Ruins 005 (Road)
Ruins 006 (Battle Creek Ruins by Gary & Margie (3/4.5))
Ruins 007 (Sheep Creek)
Ruins 008 (28-NOV-14 12:11:50PM)
Ruins 009 (Road and Unpaved Road)
Ruins 01
Ruins 011 (Road and Unpaved Road)
Ruins 012 (5800 ft height)
Ruins 013 (Road and Unpaved Road)
Ruins 014
Ruins 015 (4840 ft height)
Ruins 016
Ruins 017 (4360 ft height)
Ruins 018 (Battle Creek)
Ruins 019
Ruins 020
Ruins-Fossil Crk
Ruins-Vinson Wash
RUINS1 (06-NOV-09 3:40:47PM)
RUINS2 (06-NOV-09 3:40:47PM)
Rutherford Ranch (Rutherford Ranch)
RV Dump Bruneau (Road)
Salmon Butte, (Salmon Butte, 6063)
Salmon Corral (Road)
Salmon Creek R (Salmon Creek Rd)
Salmon Mountain TH
Salmon Mtn Bas
Salmon Mtn LO
Salmon River (Salmon River)
Salmon Viewing (South Fork Salmon River)
Sands Basin (Sands Basin)
Savage Crossing
Schaffer Cabin (Schaffer Cabin)
Schissler Cree (Trail)
Scott Ranch
Secesh Horse C (Road)
Secesh River T (Trail)
Secesh-Loon Pa (Secesh River)
Sego Place (Sego Place)
Selway Falls C (Unknown)
Sewell Reservoir (Sewell Reservoir)
Shares Basin (Shares Basin)
Shearing Corral Reservoir (Shearing Corral Reservoir)
Sheep Creek Crossing
Sheep Creek Overlook-Tokembamy
Sheep Creek-Bruneau River
Sheep Creek-Louse Creek
Sheep Dip-Bruneau Sheep Company
Sherman-Howe Mine
Shiefer Campgr (Unpaved Road)
Shoofly Ruins in Little Jacks (Shoofly Ruins in Little Jacks)
Shroud (15-JUN-11 3:30:41PM)
Sid Dunham ??? No Ruins GE #23
Silver City (Road)
Silver City Ca (Jordan Creek)
Silver City Rd ATV Trailhead
Silver Creek P (Silver Creek Plunge)
Silver Creek S (Silver Creek Summit Trail)
Silver Rock Mine (Silver Rock Mine)
Sinker Butte (Sinker Butte, 3406 ft)
Sinker Tunnel (Sinker Tunnel)
Sixteen-To-One (Sixteen-to-One Trail)
Smith Creek-Big Creek Trailhead (Smith Creek-Big Creek Trailhead)
Soldier Cap, 5 (Soldier Cap, 5354)
South Mountain LO
South Mountain LO Cache (N42 44.737 W116 54.756)
Spanish Charli (21-JUN-03 5:23:51PM)
Spiry Place (Spiry Place)
Split Creek Tr (Trail)
Spring bar Cam (Spring Bar Campground)
Spring Crk Ruins (Hon Gulch)
Spring Ranch (Spring Ranch)
Squaw Butte, 6 (Squaw Butte, 6729)
Squaw Gardens Overlook (5440 ft height)
Squaw Meadows (Payette National Forest)
Squaw-Portland Intersection (Road)
Stanford Summer Cabin (5560 ft height)
Star Ranch (Star Ranch)
Star Valley (Little Owyhee River)
Stateline Corrals
STEEL GATE (16-MAY-09 1:43:22PM)
Stewart Gulch (National Park)
Still Place? (Still Place)
Stolle Guard S (Stolle Guard Station)
Stone Corral (Browns Creek)
Stormy Hill (Stormy Hill, 7431 ft)
Stratton - Tho (Trail)
Strickland Ranch (Strickland Ranch)
Studebaker Sad (Payette National Forest)
Succor Creek (Road)
Succor Creek Campground (Trimbly Creek)
Succor Creek Mine (Info from MASMILS)
Succor Creek R (Succor Creek Rd and Road)
Sugar Loaf (Sugar Loaf, 6214 ft)
Summit Springs (Summit Springs)
Summitt Lake (Summit Creek)
Sunday Mine (Sunday Mine)
Sunnyside Mine
Swan Falls Dam (Trail)
Swisher Ranch (Swisher Ranch)
Table Meadows (Table Meadows Campground)
Tate Place (Tate Place)
Telephone Ridg (Telephone Ridge Trail)
The Arch (The Arch)
The Bunker (Road)
The Falls (The Falls)
The Hole In the Ground
The Homestead Cabin
The Pete (The Pete)
The Potholes (The Potholes)
The Tules, 501 (The Tules, 5013)
Thomas Lake (Thomas Lakes)
Three Fingers Gulch
Three Forks
Three Forks Homestead (Three Forks)
Three Forks(Sheep Creek) (Three Forks)
Thunder Mountain, 8570
Tiddie Creek C (4880 ft)
Tiddie Spring (Tiddie Spring)
Tigert Spring (Tigert Spring)
Tims Peak, 520 (Tims Peak, 5207)
Tindall Ranch (Tindall Ranch)
Tindall Trail Head (Road)
Titan Missile Base
Tokembamy Ranch (Tokembamy Ranch)
Toller Ditch (French Creek Rd)
Tom Hall Homestead #18
Trail Lake (Lake)
Trapper's Cabi (6000 ft)
Triangle (Triangle)
Triangle & Browns Creek Roads
Triangle Rd and Antelope Ridge Rd (Triangle Rd and Antelope Ridge Rd)
Triangle Rd and Road to Buckroo
Triangle Summer Homes (5280 ft height)
Triguero Trail Head (Road)
Trout Creek Campground
Trout Spring (Trout Spring)
Tudor Ranch (Tudor Ranch)
Turntable Moun (Turntable Mountain, 8097 ft)
Tuttle Mine (Tuttle Mine)
Twenty Mile La (North Fork Twentymile Creek)
Twenty Mile Tr (Alley)
Twenty-Two Bar Desert Place (Twenty-Two Bar Desert Place)
Twin Bridges (Twin Bridges)
Twin Bridges Campground
Twin Lakes Reservoir (Twin Lakes Reservoir)
Twin Springs (Twin Springs)
Twin Springs Ranch (Twin Springs Ranch)
Unamed Mine #1 3645
Unknamed Mine #2 3840
Unknown Ruins (4750 ft height)
Upper Cow Lake (Upper Cow Lake)
Upper Hogpen Spring (Upper Hogpen Spring)
Upper Payett 2 (Lake)
Upper Rats Nes (Upper Rats Nest Spring)
Upper Slope Reservoir
Venable Mine
Victor Creek T (5920 ft)
Victor Peak Tr (Trail)
Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp (Vinegar Creek Boat Ramp)
Virgil Hall Homestead ?? Ruins GE #21
Vista Buena (09-MAY-10 3:39:38PM)
Vulcan Springs (Boise National Forest)
W.F. Elk Creek (Trail)
Wagner Field
Wallis Cabin (Wallis Cabin)
Walters Ferry (2280 ft)
War Eagle Moun (War Eagle Mountain, 8041 ft)
War Eagle Mountain Lookout (War Eagle Mountain Lookout)
Ward Ranch
Warm Springs T (Warm Springs Trail)
Warren (Warren)
Water Cave (National Park)
Water Wheel (07-NOV-09 2:10:56PM)
Water Wheel Remnants (06-NOV-09 2:46:24PM)
Waterfalls? (Panoramio photo from Google Earth)
Watson Post Office (Historical)
Weather Station
Weis Bar (Road)
Werdenhoff Mine (Werdenhoff Mine)
West Fork Ranger Station
West Fork Shoofly Creek (West Fork Shoofly Creek)
West Horse Basin Reservoir (West Horse Basin Reservoir)
West Page Cabin Spring
West Rabbit Cr (Snake River Birds of Prey Nati)
Whangdoodle Tr (5560 ft)
What is it?
Whickney Tree Reservoir (Whickney Tree Reservoir)
Whiskey Cabin
Whiskey Draw
White Bird (White Bird)
White Bird Gra (2960 ft)
White Horse Reservoir
Whites House (Historical) (Whites House (Historical))
Wickahoney Crossing
Wickahoney Point (Wickahoney Point)
Wickahoney Station (08-MAY-10 5:43:25PM)
Wild Horse But (Wild Horse Butte, 2759)
Wild Horse Spring Ruins (Wild Horse Spring Ruins)
Wiley Ranch (Wiley Ranch)
Wiley Trail (North sie of Owyhee River) (Trail)
Will Bieroth Place (No Ruins) #16
Willow Basket (Trail)
Willow Creek T (Trail)
Willow Spring
Willson Mine (Willson Mine)
Wilson Bluff (Wilson Bluff)
Wilson Creek T (2840 ft)
Wilson Creek W (2880 ft)
Wilson Peak, 5 (Wilson Peak, 5295)
Wind River Bri (Trail)
Windy Point Co
Winter Camp (Winter Camp)
Wiseman Crossing (Road)
Wooden Bridge
Wooden House
Yellow Jacket (Alley)
Yellow Pine Campground
Yellow Pine Mine
Zeno Canyon (Zeno Canyon)
Zeno Springs Road Signboard (Road)
Adams Mine
Adams Well (Adams Well)
Alamo Mine (Alamo Mine)
Alamo Spring (Alamo Spring)
Allison Mine (Allison Mine)
Alonah Mine (Alonah Mine)
American Eagle Mine
American Girl Mine
Amuy Mine (Amuy Mine)
Angel Point (Angel Point)
Annie Mine
Anvil Mountain (Anvil Mountain)
Anvil Mountain1 (Anvil Mountain)
Apache Chief Mine
Apache Mine
Arch in Whipple MTS.
Arch Rock
Arch Tank (Arch Tank)
Arizona Montana Mine (Arizona Montana Mine)
Arlington Mine
Arlington-Clanton Well
Arrowhead Springs
Arrowweed Spring
Atlanta Mine
Aztec Mines
Aztec Well
Baker Mine (Baker Mine)
Bandy Tank (Bandy Tank)
Barber Gene Mine (Barber Gene Mine)
Barnett Tank (Barnett Tank)
Battleship Peak (Battleship Peak)
Baumonk Mine
Bear Canyon Falls
Bear Canyon Tank
Bear Mine
Beehive Tank (Beehive Tank)
Belle of Arizona Mine (Belle of Arizona Mine)
Bernarde Mine (Bernarde Mine)
Big Eye Mine (Big Eye Mine)
Big Horn Mine (Big Horn Mine)
Big Horn Pass (Big Horn Pass)
Big Kimble Mine (Big Kimble Mine)
Big M Mine
Billy Mack Mine (Billy Mack Mine)
Black Beauty Mine (Black Beauty Mine)
Black Butte (Black Butte)
Black Butte1
Black Dahlia Mine (Black Dahlia Mine)
Black Diamond Mine (Black Diamond Mine)
Black Dome (Black Dome)
Black Eagle Area Eagle Mountain Mine
Black Eagle Mine
Black Hill
Black Jack Mine
Black Jack Tunnel
Black Mesa (Black Mesa)
Black Mountain (Black Mountain)
Black Peak (Black Peak)
Black Rock Mine (Black Rock Mine)
Black Silver Mine
Black Tank
Black Tank1 (Black Tank)
Blackbird Mine
Blackcat Mine (Blackcat Mine)
Blodgett Mine (Blodgett Mine)
Blue Mountain
Bluebell Mine (Bluebell Mine)
Bluebird Mine
Bluebird Mine1
Blythe Intaglios
Bob Crowder Memorial Dam (Bob Crowder Memorial Dam)
Bob Crowder Memorial Dam1
Bonanza Mine (Bonanza Mine)
Boondockers, Big River, CA
Boxcar (Boxcar)
Brintley Well (Brintley Well)
Brooklyn Mine
Brown Mine
Bucks Well (Bucks Well)
Buckskin Mountains (Buckskin Mountains)
Burnt Wagon Tank (Burnt Wagon Tank)
Burnt Well (Burnt Well)
C O D Mine (C O D Mine)
Cactus Mine
Calcite Mine (Calcite Mine)
Camp Bouse Peak (Camp Bouse Peak)
Camp Creek Mine
Cargo Mine
Carlos Junior Mine
Carlysle Mine
Carnation Mine (Carnation Mine)
Carrizo Spring
Castle Dome Mine (Castle Dome Mine)
Castle Dome Mountains
Castle Mine
Castle Rock Tank (Castle Rock Tank)
Cementosa Tanks (Cementosa Tanks)
Central Deposit Eagle Mountain Mine
Cereus Tank (Cereus Tank)
Chain Tank (Chain Tank)
Chalk Tank
Charco Tank
Charlie Died Tank (Charlie Died Tank)
Cholla Tank (Cholla Tank)
Chrystal Springs Rest Stop(ET Hwy)
Chuckwalla Peak
Chuckwalla Spring
Chuckwalla Well
Cinnabar Mine
Clanton Hill (Clanton Hill)
Clanton Hills (Clanton Hills)
Clapp Spring
Clara Peak (Clara Peak)
Clarks Well (Clarks Well)
Climax Mine (Climax Mine)
Clip Mine (Clip Mine)
Collins Mine
Colorado Mine (Colorado Mine)
Colrio Mine
Columbus Peak (Columbus Peak)
Contact Mine
Continental Mine (Continental Mine)
Coon Hollow BLM LTVA
Copper Bottom Mine (Copper Bottom Mine)
Copper Chief Mine (Copper Chief Mine)
Copper Giant Mine (Copper Giant Mine)
Copper Peak (Copper Peak)
Corn Springs
Corn Springs Petroglyphs
Cortez Peak (Cortez Peak)
Courthouse Mountain (Courthouse Mountain)
Courthouse Rock (Courthouse Rock)
Coxcomb Tunnel
Coyote Mine
Coyote Mine1
Coyote Peak
Coyote Well (Coyote Well)
Cravey Well (Cravey Well)
Cripple Tank (Cripple Tank)
Critic Mine (Critic Mine)
Crowder Dam (Crowder Dam)
Crystal Hill (Crystal Hill)
Cunningham Mountain (Cunningham Mountain)
Cuprite Mine (Cuprite Mine)
D and W Mine
Dalton Mine
Dam-Keys Ranch
Darling Mine (Darling Mine)
Date Creek Well (Date Creek Well)
De la Ossa Well (De la Ossa Well)
Deadman Tank
Deep Well (Deep Well)
Desert Mine (Desert Mine)
Desert Queen Mine (Desert Queen Mine)
Desert Queen Mine1 (Desert Queen Mine)
Dives Mine (Dives Mine)
Dixon Spring (Dixon Spring)
Doc Carter Spring (Doc Carter Spring)
Doland Mine (Doland Mine)
Dome Basin Mine (Dome Basin Mine)
Dos Picachos
Double Eagle Mine
Dripping Spring(P) (Dripping Spring)
Dry Well (Dry Well)
Duplex Mine
Eagle Eye Mine
Eagle Mine
Eagle Mountain
Eagle Mountain Mine
Eagle Nest Mines
Eagle Tank
Eagles Nest Mine (Eagles Nest Mine)
East Tank (East Tank)
East Well (East Well)
Engesser Mine (Engesser Mine)
Eureka Mine (Eureka Mine)
Evans Well (Evans Well)
Evening Star Mine (Evening Star Mine)
Ferra Peak (Ferra Peak)
Figueroa Tank (Figueroa Tank)
Fisherman Intaglio
Flat Top Butte (Flat Top Butte)
Flat Tops
Four Peaks (Four Peaks)
Fourth of July Butte (Fourth of July Butte)
Frenchman Mine
Frenchman Tank (Frenchman Tank)
Gas Pumping Station
Geode Beds
Gibraltar Mountain (Gibraltar Mountain)
Giers Mountain (Giers Mountain)
Glory Hole Mine (Glory Hole Mine)
Goat Basin Mine
Goat Spring (Goat Spring)
Gold Crown Mine
Gold Nugget Mine (Gold Nugget Mine)
Gold Rose Mine
Gold Standard Mine
Golden Eagle Mine
Golden Egg Mine
Golden Harp Mine
Golden Treasure Mine (Golden Treasure Mine)
Goldenrod Mine
Goodman Mine (Goodman Mine)
Goodman Tank (Goodman Tank)
Granite Mine
Granite Mountain
Gray Eagle Mine (Gray Eagle Mine)
Gray Tanks (Gray Tanks)
Gray Tanks1
Great Western Mine
Guadalupe Mine
Guadalupe Mountain (Guadalupe Mountain)
Gulliday Well
Gurry Well (Gurry Well)
Gypsy Mine
Hanging Tank (Hanging Tank)
Hanley Tank
Hart Mine (Hart Mine)
Headquarter Tank
Hedges Cemetery
Hess Mine
Hidden Tank
Hidden Valley Tanks (Hidden Valley Tanks)
High Henry Mine (High Henry Mine)
High Tank (High Tank)
High Tank Nine (High Tank Nine)
High Tank Number Two Spring (High Tank Number Two Spring)
High Tank1 (High Tank)
Hodge Mine
Hog Ranch Well (Hog Ranch Well)
Holder Tank (Holder Tank)
Hollow Rock Tank (Hollow Rock Tank)
Holly Seep (Holly Seep)
Hoodoo Well (Hoodoo Well)
Horse Tanks (Horse Tanks)
Hovatter Grave
Hull Mine (Hull Mine)
I X L Mine (I X L Mine)
Ibex Peak (Ibex Peak)
Imperial Mine
Indian Well
Indian Well1 (Indian Well)
Iron Age Mine
Iron Chief Mine
Israel Mine (Israel Mine)
Ivanhoe Mine
Jasper Spring (Jasper Spring)
Jewel Mine (Jewel Mine)
Joel Mine
Johnson Spring
Julian Mine (Julian Mine)
Jupiter Mine (Jupiter Mine)
Kaiser Waterhole (Kaiser Waterhole)
Kay Tank (Kay Tank)
Kellogg Mine (Kellogg Mine)
Kennedy Tank
Ketcherside Dam (Ketcherside Dam)
Keystone Mine (Keystone Mine)
King of Arizona Mine (King of Arizona Mine)
King Well (King Well)
Klothos Temple (Klothos Temple)
Kofa Butte (Kofa Butte)
Kofa Cemetery (N33 15.909' W113 57.234')
Kofa Dam (Kofa Dam)
Kofa Deep Well (Kofa Deep Well)
Kofa Manganese Mine (Kofa Manganese Mine)
Kofa Queen Mine (Kofa Queen Mine)
La Cholla Mountain (La Cholla Mountain)
La Colorado Mine
La Paz Mountain (La Paz Mountain)
La Posa LTVA (N33 37.590' W114 13.043')
Ladder Tank (Ladder Tank)
Lazarus Tanks (Lazarus Tanks)
Les & Loretta Campsite
Lion Head Mountain
Lion Hill (Lion Hill)
Little Butte (Little Butte)
Little Golden Prospect
Little White Tanks(P) (Little White Tanks)
Livingston Mine (Livingston Mine)
Livingston Well (Livingston Well)
Lonesome Peak (Lonesome Peak)
Long Tank
Longort Spring (Longort Spring)
Lorman Mine
Los Angeles Mine
Lost Pony Mine
Lower Pahranagat Lake - US-93 Rest Area (US-93 Rest Area Alamo, NV, 89001, USA)
Lucky Day Mine
Mammon Mine
Mammoth Mine
Manganese Mine
Marbolite Mine
Maria Mine
Marquitta Mine
Martinez Well(Structure) (Martinez Well)
Mary Lode Mine
McCormacks Well (McCormacks Well)
McCoy Peak
McGuffie Mine (McGuffie Mine)
McPherson Tank (McPherson Tank)
Mecca Pass Tunnels
Meek Mine
Mercury Mine
Mesquite Mine
Mesquite Spring
Microwave Tower
Mid Well (Mid Well)
Midas Mine (Midas Mine)
Middle Camp Mountain (Middle Camp Mountain)
Midway Well
Miller Well (Miller Well)
Mine Cabin (Latitude: 33.8347318210 Longitude : -114.6103674173)
Mineral Hill (Mineral Hill)
Mineral Hill Mines (Mineral Hill Mines)
Mineral Hill1
Mission Mine
Mission Sweet Mine
Model Mine
Mohave Tanks (Mohave Tanks)
Monkeys Head (Monkeys Head)
Moon Mountain (Moon Mountain)
Moonshine Tank (Moonshine Tank)
Moose Mine
Mount Barrow
Mudersbach Mine (Mudersbach Mine)
Muggins Peak (Muggins Peak)
Muggins Placers Mine
Myers Tank (Myers Tank)
Natural Arch (Natural Arch)
Nellie-Meda Mine (Nellie-Meda Mine)
Nelson Tank (Nelson Tank)
New Standard Mine
New Water Mountains (New Water Mountains)
New Water Well (New Water Well)
North Hoodoo Well (North Hoodoo Well)
North Star Mine
North Star Mine1 (North Star Mine)
North Tank (North Tank)
North Tank1 (North Tank)
North Trigo Peaks (North Trigo Peaks)
Nottbusch Mine (Nottbusch Mine)
Oakland Mine (Oakland Mine)
Occidental Mine
Ocotillo Mine Group (Ocotillo Mine Group)
Ok Mine
Old Alamo Mine Camp (Old Alamo Mine Camp)
Old Channel Mine Shaft
Old Smokey Mountain (Old Smokey Mountain)
Old Swede Mine
Oldman Mountain (Oldman Mountain)
Opal Hill Mine
Owl Head Dam
Padre Madre Mine
Palo Verde Mesa
Palo Verde Peak
Papago Mine (Papago Mine)
Parker Oil Products(non ethanol gas) (Parker Oil Products 508 S California Ave Parker, AZ, 85344, USA 928-669-2617)
Pasadena Mine
Patton's Cabin
Paymaster Mine
Pegleg Mine
Peter Kane Mountain
Peter Kane Water Hole
Picacho Hills (Picacho Hills)
Pilot Mountain
Pinto Mine
Pinto Wells
Pioneer Mine
Planet Mine (Planet Mine)
Planet Peak (Planet Peak)
Polaris Mountain (Polaris Mountain)
Poorman Mine
Possum Tank (Possum Tank)
Powerline Well (Powerline Well)
Pride Mine
Princess Mine (Princess Mine)
Quartz Peak
R Place , Ash Springs, NV
Rainbow End Mine
Rainbow Mine
Rainey Well
Ramsey Mine
Raven Tank (Raven Tank)
Red Bird Mine
Red Cloud Mine
Red Cloud Mine1 (Red Cloud Mine)
Red Hill Tank
Red Mountain (Red Mountain)
Red Rock Reservoir (Red Rock Reservoir)
Red Tank (Red Tank)
Renegade Mine
Republic Mine
Retort Oven
Rio Vista Mine (Rio Vista Mine)
Riverside Mountain
Riverview Mine
Road Tank
Rob Roy Mine (Rob Roy Mine)
Rob Roy Well (Rob Roy Well)
Robin Tank (Robin Tank)
Roosevelt Mine
Rose of Peru Mine
Round Tank Well (Round Tank Well)
Royal Arch (Royal Arch)
Rusty Gold Mine
Saguaro Tank (Saguaro Tank)
Saint Johns Mine
Salton Tanks (Salton Tanks)
Santa Maria Mine (Santa Maria Mine)
Sawtooth Mountain
Scaddan Mountain
Scott Well (Scott Well)
Sharp Peak
Shavers Well
Sheba Mine (Sheba Mine)
Sheep Mine (Sheep Mine)
Sheep Mine1
Sheep Tank (Sheep Tank)
Sheep Tank Mine (Sheep Tank Mine)
Sheep Tank Well (Historical) (Sheep Tank Well (Historical))
Shellbourne Rest Stop
Signal Peak (Signal Peak)
Silver Prince Mine (Silver Prince Mine)
Six Price Mine
Sixmile Well (Sixmile Well)
Sixteen Tank (Sixteen Tank)
Skelenger Mine
Smoke Tree Well
Snow Cloud Mine
Snyder Well (Snyder Well)
Soldiers Tank (Soldiers Tank)
Southern Cross Mine (Southern Cross Mine)
Spring Tank (Spring Tank)
Squaw Peak (Squaw Peak)
Squaw Tanks (Squaw Tanks)
Star Mine
Stone Cabin1
Sugar Loaf Peak Mine Adit
Sugarloaf Peak (Sugarloaf Peak)
Summit Peak (Summit Peak)
SunnySide Rest Area, NV
Sunset Mine
Supply Mine
Swadley Well (Swadley Well)
Swansea Mine
Tadpole Tank
Teague Well
Ten Ewe Mountain (Ten Ewe Mountain)
Tenmile Well (Tenmile Well)
The Eagles Eye (The Eagles Eye)
The Mesa (The Mesa)
Thompson Well (Thompson Well)
Three Graves(from Panoramio)
Thumb Butte Mine (Thumb Butte Mine)
Thumb Butte Tank (Thumb Butte Tank)
Thump Peak
Tinaja Sega (Tinaja Sega)
Tough Nut Shafts (Tough Nut Shafts)
Towhee Tank (Towhee Tank)
Tres Alamos Spring (Tres Alamos Spring)
truck stop
True Blue Mine (True Blue Mine)
Tule Springs (Tule Springs)
Tumco Mine
Tunnel Peak (Tunnel Peak)
Tunnel Spring (Tunnel Spring)
Tunnel Spring Mine (Tunnel Spring Mine)
Tweed Mine (Tweed Mine)
Twelvemile Well (Twelvemile Well)
Twin Peaks (Twin Peaks)
Twin Spires (Twin Spires)
Valenzuela Mine
Vampire Mine (Vampire Mine)
Victor Mine
Vidal Junction
Vidal Junction1
Virgin Peak (Virgin Peak)
Vista Mine
War Eagle Number One Mine
Webber Mine (Webber Mine)
Webber Well (Webber Well)
Whipple Well
White Dike Tank (White Dike Tank)
White Tank
White Tanks (White Tanks)
Wilbanks Cabin (Wilbanks Cabin)
Wilbanks Well (Wilbanks Well)
Wiley's Well BLM LTVA
Wilkinson Seep (Wilkinson Seep)
Yaqui Tanks (Yaqui Tanks)
Yellow Dog Mine (Yellow Dog Mine)
Yellow Medicine Butte (Yellow Medicine Butte)
Yellow Medicine Tank
Yum-Yum Mine (Yum-Yum Mine)
Yuma Mine (Yuma Mine)
Anticline Overlook (Anticline Overlook)
Beef Basin Trailhead
Beef Basin Wash Cliff Ruins
Beef Basin Wash, UT (Beef Basin Wash, UT)
Beef Basin, UT (Beef Basin, UT)
Beehive Ruin
Behind the Rocks Overlook (Behind the Rocks Overlook)
Behind the Rocks Wilderness View (Behind the Rocks Wilderness View)
Bobby's Hole
Bridger Jack Ruin (Latitude: 38.03094733 Longitude : -109.6295699)
Buckaroo Camp & Round Corrals
Buckaroo Ruins
Bull Valley
Butler Wash Overlook
Cabin (Cabin)
Cabin & Corrals (Cabin & Corrals)
Cabin2 (Cabin2)
Campground (Campground)
Canyonlands Overlook (Canyonlands Overlook)
Catacomb Caves (Catacomb Caves)
Circular Ruins
Circular Ruins??
Cliff Dwelling(Map)
Cliff Dwelling(Map1)
Cliff Dwelling(Map2)
Corrals (Corrals)
Corrals & Cabin (Corrals & Cabin)
Corrals1 (Corrals)
Cow Camp (Cow Camp)
Cowboy Line Shack
Creek Pasture Campground
Dave Minor Mesa1
Dave Minor Overlook (Dave Minor Overlook)
Double arch
Dry Fork (Latitude: 38.57664585 Longitude : -109.6770716)
Eight Mile Rock (Eight Mile Rock)
Farm House Ruins
Gooseberry Guard Station
Gypsum Canyon Overlook 1
Gypsum Canyon Overlook2
Gypsum Canyon/Fable Valley Trailhead
Hart's Point Overlook (View79)
Hatch Point CG (Hatch Point CG)
Hatch Point Rocks (Hatch Point Rocks)
Hatch Rock (Hatch Rock)
Hidden Arch
Hilltop Ruins - Two large rooms
Home Spring
Homewater Spring
Horsehead Rock (Horsehead Rock)
House (House)
Hwy 191 & Kane Creek TH
Impossible Hill (The Diode)
Jail Rock2 (Jail Rock)
Kane Springs Overlook (Kane Springs Overlook)
Large Circular Ruin
Large rectangular ruin?
Lockhart Overlook (Lockhart Overlook)
Looking Glass Arch (Looking Glass Arch)
MaComb Canyon Overlook (View66)
Mine1 (Mine1)
Mine2 (Mine2)
Mine?? (Mine??)
More Ruins??
Needles Overlook (Needles Overlook)
New Ruin (New Ruin)
North Cottonwood Guard Station(Historical) (North Cottonwood Guard Station)
Oil Field Tanks (Oil Field Tanks)
Old Cabin & Corral2
Old Corrals (Old Corrals)
Overlook ???
Overlook or Ruins??
Panoramio Co-or for Cliff Dwellings (N37 59.831' W109 56.985')
Park Gate
Parking for Cliff Ruins
Possible Ruins
Reservoir (Reservoir)
Reservoir1 (Reservoir)
Reservoir2 (Reservoir2)
Reservoir3 (Reservoir)
Rooster Arch
Rooster Rock
Rooster Rock Overlook
Rooster Window
Ruin Walls?
Ruins - 2 1/2 Rooms
Ruins - 2 Rooms?
Ruins - Circle?
Ruins - Five or Six Structures
Ruins - Large
Ruins - Probably Cliff
Ruins - Several
Ruins - Tower
Ruins -Several Rooms (With Windows)
Ruins on Rocks
Ruins or Overlook
Salt Creek Canyon Overlook
Small Circular Ruin
Small Dwelling
South Spring
Stanley Spring
Stevens Canyon Ruins
Tall square ruin
Trailer & Corral (Trailer & Corral)
UT State Land Camp Site?? (UT State Land Camp Site??)
Wilson Ranch
Wind Whistle Campground2 (Wind Whistle Campground)
Wine Glass Arch (Wine Glass Arch)