Sierra Approach
Sierra Approach 2
Sierra Canyon
Sierra Exit
Parker Exit
Parker Canyon
Wilbur Approach
Wilbur Approach 2
Wilbur Exit
Wilbur Exit2
Sundance Approach
Sundance technical section
Sundance Hike out
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Sierra Trailhead ((Data by
Sierra Approach (This route takes you up a small gulley which goes to the ridge with no major problems. Stay high to the left, hugging the cliffs on the left. (Data by
Sierra Ridge (Nice place to take a break and gather your bearings. The overland route on this can be slightly confusing. Head northwest, skirting small buttes and ridges. The first major canyon you will hit will be Sierra. (Data by
Sierra Confluence (With Fish Creek. Head back to your car, easy creek walking. You will be getting your feet wet. (Data by
Sierra Confluence (With Sierra Canyon. Head downstream. Swimming is encountered very quickly. (Data by
Parker Trailhead (Park somewhere around here and simply drop in. (Data by
Parker Exit (Immediately after the final overhanging 80 footer, there will be a break on the canyon wall on the right. Pretty obvious, just scramble up this loose and steep gulley. (Data by
Wilbur Confluence (With West Clear Creek. (Data by
Wilbur Exit (Steep trail climb up on canyon left. (Data by
Wilbur Parking ((Data by
Sundance Trailhead (This acts as exit back up the established trail. To drop into the canyon, retrace the road a few hundred yards then drop down the steep slope. (Data by
Sundance beginning (of technical section. First rappel comes up in a bit. (Data by
Sundance End (of technical section. Confluence with West Clear Creek. Enjoy the temple. (Data by
Sundance Exit (Steep, established trail climbs up the side of WCC. This can be easy to miss, so pay close attention. It has typically been right next to a massive logjam. (Data by
Crack Addict Canyon ((Data by
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