3 mi
Maple Camp
Big Flat Creek Camp (The BLM does not restrict camping to any specific area. They do encourage backpackers to stay in obvious existing campsites to lessen human impact. Most of the major campsites on the Lost Coast Trail are tucked back from the beach in the narrow valleys carved where streams empty into the sea. Camping off the beach offers some shelter from the wind. The main camps are at Cooskie Creek, Randall Creek, Spanish Creek, Kinsey Creek, Big Creek, Big Flat, Shipman Creek, Buck Creek, Gitchell Creek, and Horse Mountain Creek. Smaller campsites dot the rest of the route. https://www.wonderlandguides.com/hikes/king-range/lost-coast-trail)
Buck Creek Camp
Shipman Creek Camp
Big Creek Camp
Cooksie Creek Camp?
Randall Creek Camp
Spanish Flat Camp
Kinsey Ridge TH
Spanish Ridge TH
North Slide Peak TH
Bear Hollow Camp
Saddle Mountain TH
Kinsey Creek Camp