GDT with other trails
Tonquin Valley / Athabasca Pass
White Goat Wilderness Lollipop
Glacier Trail with Brazeau Loop
Moraine Lake
Mt. Assiniboine
Lake Louise
Mt Louis
Mt Robson
Tunnel Mountain
Sulphur Mountain
Fairview Mountain
Mt St Piran
Cirque Peak
Mt Balfour
Mt Brazeau
North Twin Peak
Diadem Peak
Mt Sir Douglas
Mt Forbes
The Fortress
Bow Lake
Castle Mountain
Lake Minnewanka
Mt Athabasca
Hector Lake
Peyto Lake
Waputik Icefield
Wapta Icefield
Columbia Icefield
Nigel Creek TH
Nigel Pass
Maligne Pass
Replica Peak
Athabasca Pass
Mt Stewart
Lake Maligne
Mt Willis
Afternoon Peak
Poboktan Mountain
Job Lake
Mt Warren
Mt Henry MacLeod
Job Pass
Tonquin Valley
Maccarib Pass
Brazeau Lake
Sunset Pass TH