Nesmith Point to Tanner Creek
Bell Creek to Nesmith Point
Tanner Creek to Dublin Lake
Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain
Larch Mountain to Bell Creek
Dublin Lake to Tanner Butte
Tanner Butte to Eagle Creek
Eagle Creek to Indian Springs Camp
Indian Springs to Wahtum Lake
Wahtum Lake to Herman Creek
Herman Creek to North Lake
North Lake to Mt. Defiance
Mt. Defiance to Starvation Creek
Bridal Veil Road to Angel's Rest
Angel's Rest to Multnomah Basin
Larch Mountain Summit
Multnomah Falls TH
Bell Creek
Nesmith Point
Tanner Creek
Dublin Lake
Tanner Butte
Eagle Creek
Indian Springs Camp
Wahtum Lake
Herman Creek
North Lake
Mt. Defiance
Starvation Creek Trailhead
Angel's Rest
Angel's Rest Trailhead
Multnomah Basin
Munra Point