Rd to Tuck trlhd
09-Bar 10 > Whitmore
10-Bar 10 > Mt Trumbull
11-Mt Trumbull > Toroweap
12-Toroweap > SB Point
13-SB Point > Kanab Pt
14-Kanab Pt > Hwy 389
Whitmore Tr to river
Turn South CC Toro
Turn South Pip Toro
Toro Camp
Toro Ranger
Intsx CC and Pipe
tuckup trlhd
turn east to tuck
Turn South to Tuck
south to tuck veer east
veer east

tuck trlhd

intersection CC and Pipe
pipe to toro
col cty to toro
toro campground
SB Point
Kanab Pt
road closed?