If you're willing to hike in about a mile from the road Chickadee Ridge offers some great backcountry skiing options. There are some steep, wooded sections experts might enjoy. But there is also plenty of wide-open, mellow terrain that's great for people who are just getting started in the backcountry.
CHICKDEE30 12:18:26
Ski terrain (There is abundant wide open, mellow downhill terrain here. Great for backcountry beginners to practice and the openness allows more advanced skiers to open it up a bit.)
Ski terrain (This area is a little steeper than the southwest side and has many more trees to navigate.)
RIDGE (Top of the ridge, transitioned from skinning to skiing here.)
Return hike starts (We transitioned back to skins here for the return hike to the car.)
Park along State Route 431 (We parked along Mt. Rose Highway near an intersection with the Tahoe Rim Trail.)
Transition to skiing (Removed skins and started skiing here.)