Reed Lakes Loop
Mint Hut (Day Hike)
Crow Pass Route
Williwaw Lakes Backpack

Mint Hut Out-and-Back
Prospect Heights TH
Sustina River Junction Campsite
Raven Creek Campsite 1
Gold Mint Trailhead
Crow Pass TH
Eagle River Nature Center
Byers Lake
Mint Hut
Reed Lakes Campsite
Eagle River Campsite 1
Eagle River Campsite 2
Glen Alps TH
Talkeetna Loop
Little Coal Creek TH
B N1 (6.6 mile hike to N1)
A N1 (4 mile hike)
A N2 (5 mile hike)
A N3 (9.3 mile hike to N3 /// 8.7 mile hike to end of trail)
B N2 (9.5 mile hike to N2)
B N3 (5.7 mile hike to N3 /// 5.2 mile hike to trailhead)