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D4 brewster lake to pass
D5 pass to TH
D3 Shoal Lake to Brewster Lake
D1 TH to Shoal Lake
Campsite by Shoal Creek.JPG (Nice campsite near Shoal Creek)
brewster lake leg (brewster lake leg )
Near the top of Deer Ridge .JPG (Looking into the sun from a meadow near Deer Ridge)
Open Meadows (Begin to pass through open intermittent meadows with views of the high Gros Ventre peaks)
Palmer Peak in Shoal Creek valley.JPG (Palmer Peak)
Campsite by Shoal Creek (User trail to the left leads to a nice campsite near Shoal Creek)
Deer Ridge (Crest of Deer Ridge)
Gros Ventre high country.JPG (View from the road leading to the trailhead)
Pass (Pass connecting the Shoal Creek and Gros Ventre drainages)
Pass 2 (Crest of pass between Swift Creek and Crystal Creek drainages)
Ramparts of Black Peak.JPG (West slopes of Black Peak)
Regain Trail (Hit a discernible trail again, and go left)
Shoal Creek (Cross Shoal Creek)
Shoal Creek1 (Cross Shoal Creek above the falls)
Shoal Creek2 (Another crossing of Shoal Creek)
Shoal Creek3 (Yet another crossing of Shoal Creek)
Shoal Falls (Shoal Falls )
Shoal Falls.JPG (Shoal Falls)
Shoal Lake (Outlet of Shoal Lake)
Small stream (Cross a small stream)
Swift Creek (Crossing of Swift Creek)
Trail Junction1 (A broken sign marks a trail junction. Take a left, following the arrow for "Shoal Lake Trl Jct")
Trail Junction2 (Unsigned intersection; stay to the left)
Trail Junction3 (Signed intersection; stay to the left, following the arrow for "Shoal Lake")
Trail Junction4 (At the signed intersection, follow the arrow for Crystal Creek)
Trail Junction5 (Take the left fork at the signed intersection, towards the Swift Creek drainage)
Trail Junction6 (A sign pointing to the left says "Shoal Falls"; take the right fork, which leads back to the trailhead)
Trail Junction7 (Take the trail that forks to the right, following the arrow on the sign saying "Shoal Falls")
Trailhead1 (Swift Creek Trailhead, beginning of the hike)
West Shoal Creek (Cross West Shoal Creek)
Wilderness Boundary (An old, leaning Gros Ventre Wilderness boundary sign marks your entrance into the wilderness)