1 - Lock to Simmesport
2 - Simmesport to Melville
3 - Melville to Perrys Campground
4 - Perrys to Butte LaRose
5 - Butte LaRose to Long Lake Jct
6 - Long Lake
7 - Wax Lake Outlet to Bayou Jct
8B - Hog bayou finish, required if windy, very scenic
8A - Final Leg in open water
AJ Forets Bayou Lafourche Route (A.j. Foret writes: Alternative route -- Take Bayou Lafourche, a tributary of the Mississippi River, at Donaldsonville, La. and it is a scenic bayou that will take you to the Gulf of Mexico at the Fourcheon. There are roads nearby here at the Gulf. There is one small portage in Thibodaux, La with a boat launch just prior to the weir that you will portage past. Great people of French decent along the bayou. The further down the bayou you go you will see lots of shrimp and oyster boats. Usually not much current. There is a marina at the Fourcheon very close to the gulf and once you reach the Gulf there is miles and miles of undeveloped beach there. You can easily paddle a short distance back up the bayou to the marina to be picked up.)
Alternate route that includes Stephen Miguez Yellow Camp
Portage option
Small Portage
Portage to enter Bayou
Sandbar campsite
Junction with Old River (Take the western brach, to the right, for a scenic view of the old Atchafalaya)
Sandbar campsite
Sandbar (Good camping spot at confluence with Atchafalaya River)
Choose Exit Routing (We had no wind and so continued south. If there had been any wind we would have taken the bayou route west. On a windy day I don't think it would be possible to paddle in the open water of the bay from the Wax Lake outlet to Burns Point.)
Simmesport Boatramp (Access to small town with grocery and restaurants, which are a mile or so from the ramp.)
Stephen Miguez Yellow Camp Boat Dock (Contact Stephen via facebook "Lower Mississippi River Paddlers" page. In the past many paddlers have visited his riverside cabin.)
Old River Lock (Lock through, or portage via the boat ramp on left side of lock.)
Perry's Campground (Super welcoming gentleman Perry. Hot showers, Laundry, picnic shelter.)
Small store open 0530-1730 daily (Store is at the top of the ramp. Public park across the street from the store, where the proprietor of the store said she didn't think anybody would mind if a paddler set up camp there.)
Houseboat alley and campsite (pit toilets and high ground, no drinking water)
excellent campsite on sandy point
Burns Point RV Park & Boat Ramp (There is a 7x24 campground host and a secure place to lock the boat. Hot showers. And enough traffic at the boat ramp that it should be easy to hitch a ride to Franklin or perhaps New Iberia.)
Usable campsite
Melville has a grocery/hardware/deli that has excellent lunch specials