th to waterslide (A dirt fire road (Route 22S90) leads uphill to the left. Park where it is permitted and hike up the fire road up for half a mile. As the road rounds a bend, the creek will be visible pouring over a large rock. Break off the trail here and get ready for the most fun you can have in Giant Sequoia National Monument.)
View camp (road that dead ends to overlook, looks interesting on GE, obvious road visible though not on map, looks like a great view down the canyon)
Waterslide falls
meadow camp (lots of potential meadowside camps along this road, don't go further north)
Boole tree (6th largest tree in the world!)
Horse Meadow camp (looks like lots of potential spots, good sized meadow, maybe creek)
Meadowside camp (looks like a firering)
Bone Meadow camp (bigger meadow, multiple possible sites)
Mule Peak camp (looks like an established site, near trail to mule peak lookout)
Peyrone camp 7/4/17 (Camp down by the gate, alongside a stream, nice setting, kind of rocky and uneven, road is rough but short, road turns into hiking trail past the gate)
Meadow camp (could have nice view)
end of rd camp
Freeman Creek poss camp 3
peppermint falls
upper falls camping
bridge over long meadow creek
Freeman creek poss camp
Freeman Creek Poss Camp 2
Developed primitive camp (toilets)
Fire ring (obvious fire ring in ge)
Nice meadow camp spot (multiple spots in this area)
spur road camp (looks like a possibly already developed spot )
nice meadowside spot at end of road
Upper Parker Meadow camp (spur road ends, turnaround, looks like a firering maybe, above the meadow so might be less buggy)
parker meadow camp (lots of options in this area, nice looking meadows)
Moses Gulch cg (small, secluded, river runs right through it, sequoias)
Balch park cg (developed, ponds and giant sequoia trees, see website)
Hidden Falls CG (along tule river, waterfalls, developed but remote and generally not crowded)
Hedrick Pond CG (sequoias)