Bowdie 3
Bowdie 1
Road to Fable
Fable 2
Road to Bowdie
Fable 1
Bowdie 2
Pour Off (11-MAY-08 1:19:49PM)
Newspaper Rock (6250 ft)
Jct (11-MAY-08 5:17:47PM)
Fortress (10-MAY-08 2:24:50PM)
Fable TH (09-MAY-08 5:01:19PM)
Corralb (10-MAY-08 10:09:53AM)
Big Pour Off (Intermittent Stream)
Arch (11-MAY-08 1:42:11PM)
4x4 past here to Bowdie (Bowdie Canyon East (Quad))
Bowdie TH (Sweet Alice Rd)
Corral (10-MAY-08 9:52:54AM)
Spr (10-MAY-08 4:05:09PM)
Water (12-MAY-08 10:31:49AM)
Water 2 (12-MAY-08 10:49:20AM)
Road End (09-MAY-08 7:13:00PM)
Shortcut to Lower Canyon (T33S R16E)
PourOff (11-MAY-08 12:59:49PM)