Always heard of the trail potential from Breckenridge Road, let us see if its possible.
3.&4.) - Branch Off Path to Campground.kml_3.&4.) - Branch Off Path to Campground (3.) - path to campground (watch for forks, theres a handful, especially towards the top) 4.) - return trail to branch off point/original path)
1.&6.) - Breckenridge Trail to exit branch off path.kml_1.&6.) - Breckenridge Trail to exit branch off path (There are a couple branching off points when coming back into town 1.) - Takes you from highway 178 (canyon entrance point) to the breckenridge camping branch off "2.)" 6.) - Takes you from camping branch off point to the exit portion of the original trail "1.)" and to the Branch off Exit Point "8.)")
8.) - Branching Off Exit Path.kml_8.) - Branching Off Exit Path (Best Looking Option to stay out of farm land Takes you back to Highway 178 (Rancheria Rd. area) (possible off-road completely, hike path for conditions))
1st choice off-road home (unknown landscape )
Alternative Off-Road Route (Caution River Crossing(s) Potential)
2.&5.) - Branch Off to Breckenridge Campground (2.) - Take this turn to get to campground trail (should be a right turn, SSE) 5.) - Turn west for exit path (should be a left turn))
7.) - Breckenridge Branch Off Exit Point (after branching off, Look for left turn into river/canyon type road (possible off-road completely, hike path for conditions))
Off-road to the summit
Alternative Off Road home route
1.) - Start Here! (very beginning of the trip, entry point)