Trail Marker 1 (Cross O'Shaughnessy Dam; pass through Eleanor Tunnel)
Trail Marker 2 (L @ Y; hike through shaded switchbacks; views to E of Le Conte Point and Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River )
Trail Marker 3 (Stay R @ Y with Miguel Meadow Trail. Climb through pines; trail soon levels, winds through manzanita chaparral )
Trail Marker 4 (R @ T; pass through meadows of vibrant yellow monkeyflowers.)
Trail Marker 5 (4-way with Laurel Lake Trail (1.3-mi. sidetrip). Stay R toward Vernon Lake and pass through Beehive Meadow.)
Trail Marker 6 (R @ Y with Moraine Ridge Trail. Begin Moraine Ridge ascent.)
Trail Marker 7 (Navigate carefully; for next .5 mi., trail turns faint on rocky slope.)
Trail Marker 8 (L @ T toward N end of lake and campsite.)
Possible Camp Site (Superb lake campsite; rock slabs may make bearbagging difficult. Return to WPT #8, turn L to complete loop.)
Trail Marker 9 (Ascend more than 3 dozen grueling switchbacks into valley; head R off-trail about 75 ft. for wide-open views of Hetch Hetchy high country.)
Trail Marker 10 (R @ T near petal-shaped lake in Tilltill Valley.)
Trail Marker 11 (Trail heads S to base of steep bluffs. R @ T near Rancheria Falls campsite; spur trails lead to falls.)
Trail Marker 12 (Wapama Falls; relax on bridge and enjoy the cool, cascading mist.)
Trail Marker 13