Week-long backpacking trip from Roads End in Kings Canyon National Park, northbound up the Copper Creek Trail. Day1: Lower Tent Meadow. Day 2: Granite Basin. Day 3: Hiked to an unnamed lake. Day 4: Camped at Upper State Lake. Day 5: Day-hiked to the Horseshoe Lakes. Day 6: Returned to the unnamed lake. Day 7: Viewed Lake of the Fallen Moon, the Volcanic Lakes Basin, and camped at Granite Lake. Day 8: Hiked all the way back to Roads End.
Hike Day8
Hike Day7
Hike Day6
Hike Day5
Hike Day4
Hike Day2
Hike Day3
Hike Day1
Upper Tent Meadow
D8 Roads End
D7 Granite Lake
D6 Private Lake
D5 Horseshoe Lakes
D4 Upper State Lake
D1 Lower Tent Meadow
D2 Granite Basin
D3 Private Lake
Lake of the Fallen Moon View Point
Volcanic Lakes View Point