(This is the route I took from Chantry Flat to JPL)
Day 1 camp (I stopped here in the middle of a bushwhacky section between Devore and West Fork because the sun was setting and I didn't want to night hike on unmaintained trail.)
Bushwhacking fun starts here (The first mile or so after Switzer is nice, if a bit eroded. After you descend into the canyon though, the trail is completely gone. The next ~2.5 miles took me 5 hours to hike.)
Bear Canyon junction (Bear Canyon is the last opportunity to avoid the highly eroded trail between Switzer and the Ken Burton junction.)
Start (I decided to hike east to west to avoid having to drive down from Chantry Flat at night. I'm glad I did that!)
Finish (In hindsight, I definitely should've parked closer to the actual trailhead!)