Sanford climb

Portage 1 (Two short portages provide access to an unnamed muddy, shallow lake. )
Portage 2???
1 mile portage
1st 5 miles
White Princess West Ridge
A Little Bit More ridge
Ann Creek to Augustana Creek
Chisto Glacier to Tok Glacier
Gerstle-McKinley Village Classic
Robertson bail-out
Canwell to Gakona
Tok River to Chistochina Glacier
Augustana-Black Rapids
Boulder Creek to Glacier
North Tributary
Slana-Chisto Copper River float
Journey to Oz route?
Double Exposure 9,300'
Old Snowy 9,700'
Mary's Rock
A Little Bit More 8,300'
Thayer Hut (approx.)
Delta Wayside MP 21.5
Mouth of Tangle River (Was too shallow to line canoes up for this guy
Incorrect--Portage, not a stream (Short easy portage with established trail )
Another portage somewhere around here?
1-mile portage to Dickey Lake
Option 1: Line up river
Option 2: Two short portages leading to 1-mile portage to Dickey Lake
First 5 miles are class II
Mile 6 Class III rapid
Unnamed muddy shallow lake (1) continue across the lake which then drains into Tangle River and loops back to the first lake; or 2) two more short portages and one-mile long portage to the south will take you to Dickey Lake (which flows into the Middle Fork of the Gulkana River); or 3) travel/line up the Tangle River out of the muddy lake and paddle to the one-mile portage above Dickey Lake. )
Chisto take out?
Thoreau 9,000'
Mount Sanford 16,237'
MacKeith Hut (approx.)
Raven's Roost 7,408'
Lagapus 6,500'
Yeti's Cap 8,600
The Thorn 9,200'
Thorkana 9,000'
25 miles
McCallum Peak 6,700'