to wood camp
to j d cabin
to apache ck
to apache ck
apache ck
fr 4 jd cabin
road deadends
out to 89a
to limestone cyn (2 line does not go thru. )
penkinville az (rr ghosttown)

backroad (dirt road to J D cabin)

to I 17 south
fr 95 (alto route apache creek )
camp spot (off main road)
true road ???

fr 4 (to j d cabin)
drake rd
173 go to cr 73
jd cabin
trun to jd cabin (cr 73 to fr 110)
cr 71
wiiliamson rd (to apache creek)
fr 68 (to camp wood apache creek)
fr 95 (fr 95 camp wood to apache ck)
fr 95b (to apache ck)
fr 95b to 95a (apache ck ?)
fr 38 (to fr 4)
unctio jd cabin (fr 108)
junction (fr 108 to fr 73 jd cabin)

antelope wash
camp ground
cyn overlook (sycamore cyn)
penkinsville az (old rr ghosttown 7.6 around trip 15 mls)
camp site ??? (walnut creek)
camp spot ??
camp spot (round valley spring)