Leg 4 (Fissile Pk - Russet Lake descent) (Descend WNW ridge back down towards Russet Lake. Approx. 2hrs )
Leg 2 (Russet Lake - Fissile Pk) (Approach from hut/lake to Fissile NW face climbs - approx. 30 mins)
Leg 3 (Overlord Glacier - Fissile Summit) (Climb NW face to summit, approx. 2hrs)
Leg 1 (Whistler - Russet Lake) (Approach from Whistler village, 14.75km + 1356m gain, approx. 5hrs steady hike to lake/Himmelsback Hut)

9th Hole (North Face descent)
Leg 5 (Hut to Gondola top station) (Descend magical bumps trail to Whistler village gondola top station)
Trorey Gl -> Mt Decker

Spearhead Gl from Blackcomb
Spearhead Gl N Headwall descent
Stairmaster Chute (Ascent route from Spearhead Gl -> Phalanx Mountain via short bootpack)
Phalanx Gl (Ski descent route of the N facing Phalanx Gl)
Phalanx Gl exit traverse
Poop Chutes

Lakeside Bowl
Disease Ridge

Decker SW Face
Decker W Chutes
Lower Decker-Trorey Col

Blowhole (Decker-Trorey Col )

Body Bag Bowl
Circle Lake -> Body Bag Col

DOA Couloir

Decker Gl

Leg 1

Car -> Taylor Camp

Upper Brandywine FSR
FSR -> Metal Dome Summit

S Rainbow chute

Summer Lakeside Trail

Cham Chute 1
Cham Chute 2
Cham Chute 3
Wind Curl

Rethel Mt
Mt Weart
Wedge Mt
Fissile Peak (2439m)
Whistler Roundhouse (Top Staion)
Russet Lake (Himmelsback Hut) (Sleeps 6 - No Charge, small & busy)
Brandywine Meadows Parking
Cloudburst Mountain

Showcase T-Bar top station
Corona Bowl
Corona Bowl
Blackcomb Pk (2420m)
Mt Pattison (2470m)
Mt Trorey (2461m)
Mt Decker (2420m)
Rainbow Mountain
Overlord Mountain
Tremor Mountain
Shudder Mounatin
Mt Fitzsimmons
Mt Lago
Mt Macbeth
Spire Pk (2279m)
Camel Toe Couloir
Super Couloir
Elfin Lakes Shelter
Diamond Head Parking
Home Run
Saucer Chute
Vista Bowl
Black Tusk Meadows
Taylor Meadows Campground

Metal Dome
Brandywine Mountain
End of FSR
SW Black tusk knob
Alexander Falls
Gin Peak Glades
Whirlwind Pk
Gin Peak
Rainbow S Summit
Mt Garibaldi
Chuting Gallery
East Col
Circle Lake
Cowboy Ridge