Cuba to Chama
Grants to Cuba NM
Pie Town To Grants
06-190M (Mileage)
06-185M (Mileage)
06-180M (Mileage)
06-175M (Mileage)
06-168XL (left)
06-167GT (wire gate)
06-165M (Mileage)
06-159GT (wire gate)
06-158XL (left)
06-155M (Mileage)
06-149RX (Cross Red Rock Rd)
06-141XR (stay right)
06-136RX (Cross Road)
06-130M (Mileage)
06-121GT (swinging gate)
06-005M (Mileage)
06-010M (Mileage)
06-015M (Mileage)
06-020M (Mileage)
06-025M (Mileage)
06-030M (Mileage)
06-036RR (R on Road)
06-040XL (L on Trail)
06-045M (Mileage)
06-048GT (Gate)
06-055M (Mileage)
06-060XL (L at Int.)
05-209GT (Gate)
05-215XR (R at Int.)
05-221OP (Cow Camp)
05-226XX (X Power Line)
05-230M (Mileage)
05-235M (Mileage)
05-240M (Mileage)
05-243GT (Gate)
05-247RL (L on Road)
05-248RX (X Hwy 90)
05-251RX (X Power Line)
06-120RX (Cross Road)
06-112RX (Cross Road)
06-105WT (maverick intermittent)
06-103RX (Cross Road)
06-099GT (swinging gate)
06-095WT (iron gulch (intermittent))
06-082RX (Cross Rd 4-2)
06-077WT (Seasonal Creek)
06-071XX (X Road)
06-068GT (Gate)
06-064WT (Water Tank)
06-063XL (L at Int CONFUSING!!!!)
05-155WS (Nasty in 2014)
05-156RR (R at Int AZ080)
05-158RL (L at Int)
05-160M (Mileage)
05-165GT (Gate)
05-166WT (OK in 2014)
05-326TH (End Seg 5 at Burro Peak TH)
05-320WT (Pools in creek Good 2014)
05-314XL (L on Trail)
05-313RR (R at Int.)
05-312RR (R on Road)
05-305GT (Gate)
05-300M (Mileage)
05-293XX (X Road)
05-292WT (Windmill Good in 2014)
05-290M (Mileage)
05-283GT (Gate)
05-280M (Mileage)
05-275GT (Gate)
05-271XX (X Road)
05-265M (Mileage)
05-260M (Mileage)
05-255M (Mileage)
05-252XL (Leave Road L)
05-206XX (Begin Trail)
05-200M (Mileage)
05-198WT (OK in 2014)
05-197RR (R at Int.)
05-195M (Mileage)
05-190M (Mileage)
05-188RL (L at Int.)
05-183GT (Gate)
05-180M (Mileage)
05-175RR (R at Int.)
05-170M (Mileage)
05-167RL (L at int.)
05-150M (Mileage)
05-148WS (Tank Dry 2014)
05-145M (Mileage)
05-143RL (Left on Road)
05-141GT (Stile)
05-135M (Mileage)
05-130M (Mileage)
05-125M (Mileage)
05-120M (Mileage)
05-116XX (X Road)
05-110M (Mileage)
05-105XX (X Road)
05-101GT (Gate)
05-095M (Mileage)
05-088GT (Stile)
05-082XX (Power Line)
05-079XX (X Road)
05-076XX (Power Line)
05-070M (Mileage)
05-065M (Mileage)
05-060M (Mileage)
05-056GT (Gate)
05-050M (Mileage)
05-045XR (R on Trail)
05-042RR (R on Hwy 90)
05-040M (Mileage)
05-035M (Mileage)
05-030M (Mileage)
05-025M (Mileage)
05-021RR (R on Hwy 70)
05-014RX (X IH10)
05-020RL (L on Motel)
05-010M (Mileage)
05-005M (Mileage)
04-250XX (X Road)
04-251XX (X Road)
04-253AP (End Seg 4 at NM 494 (Shakespeare AP))
04-247XX (X Road)
04-243XX (X Road)
04-240M (Mileage)
04-235XX (X Road)
04-231XX (X Road)
04-229XX (X Road)
04-228XX (X Road)
04-223XX (X Road)
04-222WT (Cow Trough good 2014)
04-219XR (Lv Road R)
04-218RX (Follow Road N)
04-214XX (X Road)
04-208GT (Stile)
04-200XX (X Road)
04-205M (Mileage)
04-198WT (Water Cache Box)
04-195M (Mileage)
04-187WT (Windmill good 2014)
04-186XR (Leave Road R)
04-180M (Mileage)
04-175GT (Gate)
04-174WT (Solar Windmill good 2014)
04-165M (Mileage)
04-170M (Mileage)
04-161WT (Water Tank Full 2014)
04-154WS (Dry 2014)
04-150M (Mileage)
04-147RL (Left on rd AZ 300)
04-140RR (Follow Road R)
04-135GT (Gate)
04-129WT (Water Tank 2014)
04-125M (Mileage)
04-120XX (X Road)
04-115M (Mileage)
04-110M (Mileage)
04-107GT (Gate)
04-106XX (X Road)
04-105WT (Water Trough 2014)
04-100M (Mileage)
04-095WS (Nasty water 2014)
04-090M (Mileage)
04-085M (Mileage)
04-075M (Mileage)
04-080M (Mileage)
04-072GT (Gate)
04-065M (Mileage)
04-058GT (Gate)
04-054XX (X Road)
04-049WS (Dry 2014)
04-045M (Mileage)
04-038XX (X Road)
04-035M (Mileage)
04-032WT (Lower Camp Tank)
04-029GT (Gate)
04-025M (Mileage)
04-020M (Mileage)
04-014XX (X Road)
04-010M (Mileage)
04-005M (Mileage)
03-128AP (End Seg 3 at NM113 AP)
03-127WT (Water Box)
03-010M (Mileage)
03-015WT (Tire Tank Good H2O)
03-022RX (Follow Road)
03-026XL (Lv Road)
03-029WT (Tire Tank Good H2O)
03-035M (Mileage)
03-038RL (Follow Road L)
03-045M (Mileage)
03-050WT (Water Tank)
03-055M (Mileage)
03-060M (Mileage)
03-065M (Mileage)
03-070XX (Road Ends)
03-075M (Mileage)
03-080M (Mileage)
03-084HP (Saddle)
03-090M (Mileage)
03-095M (Mileage)
03-100XX (X Gas Line Road)
03-105M (Mileage)
03-110M (Mileage)
03-113GT (Gate)
03-114XX (X Road)
03-120M (Mileage)
03-122XX (X Road)
03-005M (Mileage)
02-196AP (End Seg 2 at Hwy 9)
02-194WT (Water Cache Box 200' W)
02-192GT (Stile)
02-190M (Mileage)
02-185M (Mileage)
02-177XX (X Pwr Ln Road)
02-180XX (X Road)
02-170M (Mileage)
02-160M (Mileage)
02-165M (Mileage)
02-155M (Mileage)
02-148XX (X Road)
02-145M (Mileage)
02-140M (Mileage)
02-135M (Mileage)
02-133WT (Water tank 500' E)
02-132XX (X Road)
02-130M (Mileage)
02-124XR (LV Rd R AZ019)
02-120M (Mileage)
02-115M (Mileage)
02-110M (Mileage)
02-103RX (Follow Road Ahead)
02-101XX (Ahead at int)
02-095M (Mileage)
02-090M (Mileage)
02-085M (Mileage)
02-080M (Mileage)
02-075M (Mileage)
02-070M (Mileage)
02-065M (Mileage)
02-060M (Mileage)
02-056GT (Gate)
02-050M (Mileage)
02-045M (Mileage)
02-040M (Mileage)
02-033XX (X Road)
02-035M (Mileage)
02-023WS (Nasty Water in pond)
02-029GT (Gate)
02-020M (Mileage)
02-015M (Mileage)
02-010M (Mileage)
02-005M (Mileage)
01-256AP (End Seg 1 at NM81 AP)
01-255WT (Water Box)
01-250M (Mileage)
01-245M (Mileage)
01-240M (Mileage)
01-238XX (X Road)
01-235M (Mileage)
01-230M (Mileage)
01-225M (Mileage)
01-219WT (Windmill .5 mile NE)
01-219MC (Follow Cairns)
01-217GT (Stile)
01-212MC (Follow Cairns)
01-206XX (X Road)
01-200M (Mileage)
01-195M (Mileage)
01-190GT (Stile)
01-185M (Mileage)
01-180M (Mileage)
01-175M (Mileage)
01-173MC (Follow Cairns)
01-168XX (X Road)
01-165M (Mileage)
01-160M (Mileage)
01-155M (Mileage)
01-150M (Mileage)
01-145M (Mileage)
01-025M (Mileage)
01-139MC (Follow Cairns)
01-137XL (L at Gate)
01-137WT (Water Cache Box)
01-130M (Mileage)
01-125M (Mileage)
01-120M (Mileage)
01-115M (Mileage)
01-113XX (Follow wash)
01-110M (Mileage)
01-105M (Mileage)
01-100RR (R on Jeep tr.)
01-095M (Mileage)
01-088GT (Gate)
01-085M (Mileage)
01-080M (Mileage)
01-075M (Mileage)
01-069XL (L at int)
01-065M (Mileage)
01-060M (Mileage)
01-055M (Mileage)
01-049GT (Gate)
01-044GT (Gate)
01-040M (Mileage)
01-035M (Mileage)
01-030M (Mileage)
01-022XX (X Road)
01-015M (Mileage)
01-010M (Mileage)
01-005M (Mileage)
01-000AP (Begin Seg 1 at Mexican Border AP)
06-193WT (creek (intermittent))
06-195XL (Left FS 118)
06-197RX (follow FS 4243N)
06-200GT (wire gate)
06-206XR (right on trail)
06-212GT (swinging gate)
06-220M (Mileage)
06-223RX (Cross Road)
06-230M (Mileage)
06-237XX (ahead)
06-242M (Mileage)
06-250M (Mileage)
06-255M (Mileage)
06-260RR (Right on road)
06-265GT (swinging gate)
06-271WT (saddle rock riparian area)
06-272GT (swinging gate)
06-275WT (Spring and tank)
06-280M (Mileage)
06-285M (Mileage)
06-292RR (Right (ahead))
06-297M (Mileage)
06-302WT (water tank 250 se)
06-306RL (left on fs118)
06-310M (Mileage)
06-315M (Mileage)
06-323RR (Follow 180 Right)
06-330M (Mileage)
06-336M (Mileage)
06-340M (Mileage)
06-347M (Mileage)
06-353M (Mileage)
06-358M (Mileage)
06-365M (Mileage)
06-368M (Mileage)
06-373M (Mileage)
06-379M (Mileage)
06-385M (Mileage)
06-390M (Mileage)
06-395M (Mileage)
06-401M (Mileage)
06-405M (Mileage)
06-412M (Mileage)
06-420M (Mileage)
06-423M (Mileage)
06-430M (Mileage)
06-434M (Mileage)
06-440M (Mileage)
06-445M (Mileage)
06-449M (Mileage)
06-454AP (End Seg 6 at Silver City AP)
06-454RL (Left - N. Alabama)
07-005M (Mileage)
07-010M (Mileage)
07-015M (Mileage)
07-020M (Mileage)
07-025M (Mileage)
07-030M (Mileage)
07-035M (Mileage)
07-040M (Mileage)
07-045M (Mileage)
07-050M (Mileage)
07-055M (Mileage)
07-058XR (Leave Road R)
07-060M (Mileage)
07-067GT (Gate)
07-070XX (X Road)
07-072WT (Windmill 1 mile N on Rd)
07-072XX (X Road)
07-077RX (Follow Road Ahead)
07-079XL (Leave Road L)
07-083XX (X Road)
07-084XX (X Road)
07-088GT (Gate)
07-094OP (X Fence)
07-095XR (R at int)
07-101XR (R AZ065)
07-107XL (L AZ045)
07-110M (Mileage)
07-114XX (X Road)
07-120M (Mileage)
07-125M (Mileage)
07-129GT (Gate)
07-135M (Mileage)
07-140M (Mileage)
07-144WT (Pools in Creek to South)
07-145M (Mileage)
07-147XR (R at int)
07-149XL (L at int)
07-155M (Mileage)
07-160M (Mileage)
07-165M (Mileage)
07-169XL (L AZ020)
07-175M (Mileage)
07-180RX (Follow Road AZ210)
07-181RL (L on Road)
07-185RL (L at int AZ078)
07-189RR (R on Road)
07-192XL (Leave Road AZ093)
07-195XX (X Road)
07-201TH (End Seg 7 at Hwy NM15)
08-004RL (Follow Road L)
08-006XL (Lv Road L AZ350)
08-007XL (L AZ320)
08-015M (Mileage)
08-020M (Mileage)
08-025M (Mileage)
08-027RR (R AZ120)
08-031XL (Leave RD L AZ090)
08-035M (Mileage)
08-040M (Mileage)
08-045M (Mileage)
08-050M (Mileage)
08-055M (Mileage)
08-057XX (Ahead AZ035)
08-058XX (X Road)
08-065M (Mileage)
08-070M (Mileage)
08-075OP (Overlook)
08-080M (Mileage)
08-083XX (Touch Road)
08-090M (Mileage)
08-095M (Mileage)
08-100M (Mileage)
08-105GT (Gate)
08-109RX (X Road and follow road)
08-115GT (Gate)
08-117OP (Overlook)
08-118XX (Begin Trail)
08-120M (Mileage)
08-125M (Mileage)
08-130M (Mileage)
08-135M (Mileage)
08-142XX (X Road)
08-144XX (X Road)
08-150M (Mileage)
08-155M (Mileage)
08-160M (Mileage)
08-165M (Mileage)
08-170M (Mileage)
08-175M (Mileage)
08-180M (Mileage)
08-185M (Mileage)
08-190M (Mileage)
08-196RX (Follow Road AZ090)
08-200M (Mileage)
08-206RX (Follow ATC tr AZ330)
08-207RX (Follow Road AZ350)
08-209RR (R on Road)
08-215M (Mileage)
08-218AP (End Seg 8 at Hwy NM35 AP)
09-002GT (R through Gate)
09-003WS (Pond dry in 2014)
09-005M (Mileage)
09-007GT (Gate)
09-010M (Mileage)
09-015M (Mileage)
09-020M (Mileage)
09-025WT (Water - Sapillo Cr)
09-026WT (Water in creek)
09-030M (Mileage)
09-035M (Mileage)
09-040M (Mileage)
09-045GT (Gate)
09-050M (Mileage)
09-055M (Mileage)
09-058WT (Flowing Stream)
09-060M (Mileage)
09-065M (Mileage)
09-070M (Mileage)
09-074GT (Gate)
09-080M (Mileage)
09-081GT (Gate)
09-083XX (Ahead at int)
09-085M (Mileage)
09-090M (Mileage)
09-095M (Mileage)
09-102XL (L on Reeds Peak Tr)
09-105M (Mileage)
09-110M (Mileage)
09-115M (Mileage)
09-120M (Mileage)
09-123GT (Gate)
09-130AP (End Seg 9 at Rocky Point AP on FR150)
10-005M (Mileage)
10-010M (Mileage)
10-015M (Mileage)
10-020M (Mileage)
10-025M (Mileage)
10-030M (Mileage)
10-035M (Mileage)
10-040M (Mileage)
10-045M (Mileage)
10-048XX (Ahead at int AZ028)
10-050M (Mileage)
10-055M (Mileage)
10-060M (Mileage)
10-065M (Mileage)
10-070M (Mileage)
10-075M (Mileage)
10-080M (Mileage)
10-085M (Mileage)
10-090M (Mileage)
10-095M (Mileage)
10-100M (Mileage)
10-105M (Mileage)
10-110M (Mileage)
10-115M (Mileage)
10-120M (Mileage)
10-125M (Mileage)
10-130M (Mileage)
10-135M (Mileage)
10-140M (Mileage)
10-144XL (L at int AZ010)
10-147WS (Spring - marginal in 2014)
10-150M (Mileage)
10-155M (Mileage)
10-160WS (Spring - Marginal in 2014)
10-165M (Mileage)
10-170M (Mileage)
10-175M (Mileage)
10-179WT (Spring)
10-182WT (Water in creek)
10-183XR (R at int)
10-185M (Mileage)
10-190M (Mileage)
10-194WT (Spring)
10-200M (Mileage)
10-205M (Mileage)
10-210M (Mileage)
10-215M (Mileage)
10-219XX (Ahead at Intersection)
10-225M (Mileage)
10-230M (Mileage)
10-233HP (Pass)
10-236WS (Marginal in 2014)
10-237XR (R at int)
10-238XX (Ahead at int)
10-240M (Mileage)
10-245M (Mileage)
10-250M (Mileage)
10-255M (Mileage)
10-260M (Mileage)
10-265M (Mileage)
10-270M (Mileage)
10-273XX (Ahead at int)
10-275M (Mileage)
10-280M (Mileage)
10-285M (Mileage)
10-290M (Mileage)
10-294XL (L at int AZ359)
10-300M (Mileage)
10-305M (Mileage)
10-308GT (Gate)
10-310M (Mileage)
10-313XR (R at int AZ010)
10-315M (Mileage)
10-320M (Mileage)
10-325M (Mileage)
10-327WT (Water in stream)
10-330WT (Water in stream)
10-335M (Mileage)
10-340M (Mileage)
10-345WT (Stream)
10-346AP (End Seg 10 at FR226 AP)
11-001RL (L on road)
11-005M (Mileage)
11-010M (Mileage)
11-015M (Mileage)
11-018XR (Leave Road R Az300)
11-019WT (Turkey Spring)
11-020M (Mileage)
11-025M (Mileage)
11-028XX (Follow Closed Road)
11-030M (Mileage)
11-036RX (X Road)
11-037WT (Trick Tank Left of Trail Good 2014)
11-038MC (Cairn)
11-040M (Mileage)
11-045GT (Gate)
11-048GT (Gate)
11-052XL (Follow switchback L)
11-055M (Mileage)
11-060M (Mileage)
11-067GT (Gate)
11-070M (Mileage)
11-075GT (Gate)
11-080M (Mileage)
11-085M (Mileage)
11-090M (Mileage)
11-095M (Mileage)
11-098WT (Spring .3mi E of trail)
11-101GT (Gate)
11-105M (Mileage)
11-110M (Mileage)
11-115M (Mileage)
11-120M (Mileage)
11-122GT (Stile)
11-127XX (X Road)
11-130M (Mileage)
11-135M (Mileage)
11-140M (Mileage)
11-143XX (X Road)
11-145M (Mileage)
11-150M (Mileage)
11-151TH (End Seg 11 at US59 TH)
12-005M (Mileage)
12-008RX (Follow Road)
12-010M (Mileage)
12-015M (Mileage)
12-020RX (Follow ATC trail)
12-025XX (Begin Trail)
12-028GT (Gate)
12-030M (Mileage)
12-034GT (Gate)
12-039GT (Gate)
12-041GT (Gate)
12-045M (Mileage)
12-050M (Mileage)
12-053GT (Gate)
12-060M (Mileage)
12-065M (Mileage)
12-067RR (Follow road R)
12-070M (Mileage)
12-075M (Mileage)
12-080M (Mileage)
12-085M (Mileage)
12-091XX (Begin Trail)
12-096GT (Gate)
12-100M (Mileage)
12-105M (Mileage)
12-110M (Mileage)
12-115M (Mileage)
12-117WT (Adobe Spring - OK in 2014)
12-119RR (Follow Road)
12-125M (Mileage)
12-130M (Mileage)
12-135M (Mileage)
12-138XX (Begin Trail)
12-140M (Mileage)
12-145M (Mileage)
12-150XX (X Trail)
12-154GT (Gate)
12-157GT (Gate)
12-160M (Mileage)
12-165M (Mileage)
12-170M (Mileage)
12-173GT (Gate)
12-175M (Mileage)
12-180M (Mileage)
12-185M (Mileage)
12-187GT (Gate)
12-190M (Mileage)
12-195WT (2014 - H2O found 1 mile East in streambed)
12-200M (Mileage)
12-205M (Mileage)
12-210RR (Follow Road R)
12-216XL (Leave road L)
12-220M (Mileage)
12-225M (Mileage)
12-230M (Mileage)
12-235M (Mileage)
12-240M (Mileage)
12-245M (Mileage)
12-249RR (Follow road R)
12-254RL (Follow Road L)
12-255AP (End Seg 12 at NM163 AP)
13-005M (Mileage)
13-011GT (Gate)
13-015M (Mileage)
13-020M (Mileage)
13-025M (Mileage)
13-030M (Mileage)
13-033XX (X Road)
13-038XL (Left to road at fence)
13-039RR (Follow Road R)
13-045M (Mileage)
13-050XR (Leave Road R)
13-054MC (Cairn)
13-059MC (Cairn)
13-063MC (Cairn)
13-064WT (N. Garcia Windmill Excellent)
13-065XX (X Road)
13-070M (Mileage)
13-074MC (Cairn)
13-076RX (Follow Road)
13-080M (Mileage)
13-085M (Mileage)
13-088XL (Leave Road L)
13-090M (Mileage)
13-095M (Mileage)
13-100M (Mileage)
13-105GT (Gate)
13-106MC (Cairn)
13-110MC (Cairn)
13-112GT (Gate)
13-116RR (Follow Road R)
13-120M (Mileage)
13-125M (Mileage)
13-130M (Mileage)
13-135XX (Leave Road)
13-140M (Mileage)
13-142XX (X Road to gate)
13-147GT (Gate)
13-150M (Mileage)
13-155M (Mileage)
13-160M (Mileage)
13-163GT (Gate)
13-166GT (Gate)
13-169XL (Follow Cairns L !!!!)
13-170MC (Cairn)
13-174MC (Cairn)
13-176MC (Cairn)
13-179MC (Cairn)
13-181MC (Cairn)
13-184MC (Cairn)
13-189MC (Cairn)
13-192MC (Cairn)
13-196MC (Cairn)
13-201GT (Gate)
13-204MC (Cairn)
13-208MC (Cairn)
13-211MC (Cairn)
13-214OP (X Fence)
13-215OP (Fence)
13-218RR (Follow Road R)
13-219WT (Pond E of road. Good 2014)
13-225M (Mileage)
13-230M (Mileage)
13-235M (Mileage)
13-240M (Mileage)
13-245M (Mileage)
13-250M (Mileage)
13-252WT (Good 2014)
13-255M (Mileage)
13-258GT (Gate)
13-260M (Mileage)
13-262WT (Pond. Good 2014)
13-265M (Mileage)
13-270M (Mileage)
13-275XL (Leave Road L)
13-276WT (W of 275XL .9 mile)
13-277XX (X Road)
13-278MC (Cairn)
13-283MC (Cairn)
13-286OP (Fence)
13-289MC (Cairn)
13-290MC (Cairn)
13-292MC (Cairn)
13-294GT (Gate)
13-294OP (Fence)
13-295GT (Gate)
13-300M (Mileage)
13-302MC (Cairn)
13-303GT (Gate)
13-310M (Mileage)
13-313MC (Cairn)
13-315MC (Cairn)
13-318MC (Cairn)
13-319MC (Cairn)
13-321MC (Cairn)
13-323MC (Cairn)
13-324AP (End Seg 13 at FR28 AP)
14-005MC (Cairn)
14-010MC (Cairn)
14-014MC (Cairn)
14-017MC (Cairn)
14-022MC (Cairn)
14-024MC (Cairn)
14-027MC (Cairn)
14-031MC (Cairn)
14-034MC (Cairn)
14-040M (Mileage)
14-045WT (Tank S of Trail)
14-050M (Mileage)
14-053HP (Pass)
14-055M (Mileage)
14-060M (Mileage)
14-065M (Mileage)
14-070M (Mileage)
14-074GT (Gate)
14-075XL (Unmarked Turn L !!!)
14-076GT (Gate - follow road)
14-078RR (Follow Road R)
14-083XR (Leave Road R)
14-086MC (Cairn)
14-090M (Mileage)
14-095MC (Cairn)
14-096OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-099OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-106XX (X Road)
14-111RX (Follow Road)
14-114GT (Gate)
14-115XL (Bear L at Unmarked Intersection!!!!!)
14-120M (Mileage)
14-125M (Mileage)
14-128XX (X Road)
14-130M (Mileage)
14-136OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-138XX (X Road)
14-140M (Mileage)
14-145M (Mileage)
14-149OP (Gps Ref Pt)
14-153XX (X Road)
14-154MC (Cairn)
14-156XX (X Road)
14-157XX (X Road)
14-165OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-172MC (Cairn)
14-175MC (Cairn)
14-179MC (Cairn)
14-182MC (Cairn)
14-188MC (Cairn)
14-192XX (X Road)
14-197MC (Cairn)
14-203XX (Road)
14-207XX (Ahead)
14-210M (Mileage)
14-214XX (X Road)
14-220M (Mileage)
14-224OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-229OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-233OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-240M (Mileage)
14-245OP (Ref Pt for gps)
14-248GT (Gate)
14-253RX (Follow Road)
14-255M (Mileage)
14-262XX (Leave Road)
14-263XX (X Road)
14-270M (Mileage)
14-274AP (End Seg 14 at FR3070 AP)
15-004XX (Leave Road)
15-010GT (Gate)
15-015M (Mileage)
15-020M (Mileage)
15-025M (Mileage)
15-030M (Mileage)
15-035M (Mileage)
15-040M (Mileage)
15-045M (Mileage)
15-050M (Mileage)
15-054XX (Cross Road)
15-057WT (Farm Tank 250')
15-060M (Mileage)
15-065M (Mileage)
15-070M (Mileage)
15-071XX (Cross Road)
15-075M (Mileage)
15-077GT (Gate)
15-085M (Mileage)
15-090M (Mileage)
15-095M (Mileage)
15-101HP (Overlook)
15-106GT (Gate)
15-110GT (Gate)
15-113GT (Gate)
15-115M (Mileage)
15-121OP (Kiosk)
15-126OP (Overlook)
15-130M (Mileage)
15-135M (Mileage)
15-140M (Mileage)
15-145M (Mileage)
15-150M (Mileage)
15-155M (Mileage)
15-160M (Mileage)
15-165M (Mileage)
15-169RR (Follow Road R)
15-175RX (Ahead at int)
15-177XR (Right on trail)
15-183OP (Cross Fence)
15-190M (Mileage)
15-195M (Mileage)
15-201OP (Cross Fence)
15-205M (Mileage)
15-211GT (Gate)
15-212RR (Right on Road)
15-215M (Mileage)
15-221RL (L on Road)
15-222WT (Aragon Well - Good 2014)
15-225M (Mileage)
15-231RL (L on Road)
15-232TH (End Seg 15 at NM 12)
16-001GT (Gate)
16-001RR (Right)
16-005OP (Powerline)
16-007XX (Cross Road)
16-010M (Mileage)
16-012XX (Cross Road)
16-015M (Mileage)
16-020M (Mileage)
16-025M (Mileage)
16-029WT (atrasevado tank OK in 2014)
16-035M (Mileage)
16-040M (Mileage)
16-045M (Mileage)
16-050M (Mileage)
16-055M (Mileage)
16-060M (Mileage)
16-061WT (Willow Trick Tank)
16-065M (Mileage)
16-070M (Mileage)
16-075M (Mileage)
16-080M (Mileage)
16-086WT (Water 400'W)
16-089XX (Cross Road)
16-096XX (Cross Road)
16-100RR (Follow Right)
16-105XL (Left on Trail)
16-109WT (Pond)
16-111XX (Left on Jeep Tr)
16-115M (Mileage)
16-120M (Mileage)
16-124XX (Cross road)
16-129RL (Follow Left)
16-135WT (Spring 750' E - OK in 2014)
16-140M (Mileage)
16-146XX (Cross Road)
16-150M (Mileage)
16-155M (Mileage)
16-160M (Mileage)
16-165M (Mileage)
16-166XR (Right)
16-170M (Mileage)
16-173GT (Gate)
16-175M (Mileage)
16-178WT (Water Tank)
16-179XX (Cross Road)
16-180M (Mileage)
16-186WS (Water Tank - Dry in 2014)
16-190M (Mileage)
16-194WT (Rincon Well - OK in 2014)
16-200M (Mileage)
16-205M (Mileage)
16-211WT (Erman Well - OK in 2014)
16-216RL (Left on Road)
16-220XL (Left on Trail)
16-225M (Mileage)
16-230M (Mileage)
16-235M (Mileage)
16-240XX (Cross Road)
16-245M (Mileage)
16-250M (Mileage)
16-255M (Mileage)
16-260M (Mileage)
16-265XX (Cross Road)
16-270GT (Gate)
16-273WS (Baca Trick Tank - Dry in 2014)
16-273XX (Cross Road)
16-280M (Mileage)
16-285M (Mileage)
16-290GT (Gate)
16-295M (Mileage)
16-300M (Mileage)
16-305M (Mileage)
16-309XR (Bend Right)
16-315M (Mileage)
16-320M (Mileage)
16-325M (Mileage)
16-330M (Mileage)
16-335M (Mileage)
16-340M (Mileage)
16-345M (Mileage)
16-350M (Mileage)
16-355M (Mileage)
16-360M (Mileage)
16-364TH (End Seg 16)
17-005M (Mileage)
17-010M (Mileage)
17-015M (Mileage)
17-020M (Mileage)
17-025M (Mileage)
17-030M (Mileage)
17-035M (Mileage)
17-040M (Mileage)
17-045M (Mileage)
17-050M (Mileage)
17-055M (Mileage)
17-060M (Mileage)
17-065M (Mileage)
17-070M (Mileage)
17-075M (Mileage)
17-080M (Mileage)
17-085M (Mileage)
17-090M (Mileage)
17-097WT (Store)
17-100M (Mileage)
17-105M (Mileage)
17-110M (Mileage)
17-115M (Mileage)
17-120M (Mileage)
17-127RL (Left)
17-130M (Mileage)
17-135M (Mileage)
17-140M (Mileage)
17-145M (Mileage)
17-150M (Mileage)
17-155M (Mileage)
17-158RL (Left at int.)
17-160M (Mileage)
17-165M (Mileage)
17-170M (Mileage)
17-175M (Mileage)
17-180M (Mileage)
17-185M (Mileage)
17-190M (Mileage)
17-195M (Mileage)
17-200M (Mileage)
17-205M (Mileage)
17-210M (Mileage)
17-215M (Mileage)
17-220M (Mileage)
17-225M (Mileage)
17-230M (Mileage)
17-235M (Mileage)
17-240M (Mileage)
17-245M (Mileage)
17-250M (Mileage)
17-255M (Mileage)
17-260M (Mileage)
17-265M (Mileage)
17-270M (Mileage)
17-275M (Mileage)
17-280M (Mileage)
17-285M (Mileage)
17-290M (Mileage)
17-295M (Mileage)
17-300M (Mileage)
17-305M (Mileage)
17-310M (Mileage)
17-315M (Mileage)
17-320M (Mileage)
17-325M (Mileage)
17-330M (Mileage)
17-335M (Mileage)
17-340M (Mileage)
17-345M (Mileage)
17-350M (Mileage)
17-355RR (Right on Hwy 36)
17-360M (Mileage)
17-365M (Mileage)
17-370M (Mileage)
17-375M (Mileage)
17-380M (Mileage)
17-385M (Mileage)
17-390M (Mileage)
17-395M (Mileage)
17-400M (Mileage)
17-405M (Mileage)
17-410M (Mileage)
17-415M (Mileage)
17-422AP (End Seg 17)
18-005M (Mileage)
18-010M (Mileage)
18-015M (Mileage)
18-020M (Mileage)
18-025M (Mileage)
18-030M (Mileage)
18-035M (Mileage)
18-040M (Mileage)
18-045M (Mileage)
18-050M (Mileage)
18-055M (Mileage)
18-060M (Mileage)
18-065M (Mileage)
18-070M (Mileage)
18-075M (Mileage)
18-080M (Mileage)
18-085M (Mileage)
18-090M (Mileage)
18-095M (Mileage)
18-100M (Mileage)
18-105M (Mileage)
18-110M (Mileage)
18-115M (Mileage)
18-120M (Mileage)
18-125M (Mileage)
18-130M (Mileage)
18-135M (Mileage)
18-140M (Mileage)
18-145M (Mileage)
18-150M (Mileage)
18-155M (Mileage)
18-160M (Mileage)
18-165M (Mileage)
18-170M (Mileage)
18-175M (Mileage)
18-180M (Mileage)
18-185M (Mileage)
18-190M (Mileage)
18-195M (Mileage)
18-200M (Mileage)
18-205M (Mileage)
18-210M (Mileage)
18-215M (Mileage)
18-220M (Mileage)
18-227AP (End Seg 18 at NM 117 AP)
19-000XR (R on trail at Backcountry Byways sign)
19-004MC (Cairn)
19-006GT (Gate)
19-007MC (Cairn)
19-011GT (Gate)
19-014MC (Cairn)
19-016MC (Cairn)
19-017MC (Cairn)
19-019MC (Cairn)
19-021MC (Cairn)
19-023MC (Cairn)
19-025MC (Cairn)
19-032XX (X Road)
19-035M (Mileage)
19-040M (Mileage)
19-043MC (Cairn)
19-046MC (Cairn)
19-049MC (Cairn)
19-050WT (Windmill)
19-053MC (Cairn)
19-055MC (Cairn)
19-057MC (Cairn)
19-060M (Mileage)
19-066MC (Cairn)
19-069MC (Cairn)
19-073MC (Cairn)
19-076MC (Cairn)
19-080MC (Cairn)
19-085MC (Cairn)
19-090M (Mileage)
19-095MC (Cairn)
19-096GT (Gate)
19-100M (Mileage)
19-105M (Mileage)
19-109XX (X Road)
19-111MS (Sign)
19-116MS (Sign)
19-120MS (Sign)
19-123MS (Sign)
19-127MC (Cairn)
19-131MC (Cairn)
19-133WT (Water Tank 500' W)
19-133XX (X Road)
19-135MC (Cairn)
19-138MC (Cairn)
19-140GT (Gate)
19-142MC (Cairn)
19-143XX (X Road)
19-145MC (Cairn)
19-149MC (Cairn)
19-150GT (Gate)
19-152MC (Cairn)
19-155MC (Cairn)
19-158MC (Cairn)
19-160MC (Cairn)
19-164MC (Cairn)
19-166MC (Cairn)
19-169MC (Cairn)
19-173XX (X Road)
19-175MS (Sign)
19-178MC (Cairn)
19-180XX (X Road)
19-183MC (Cairn)
19-186MC (Cairn)
19-188XX (X Road)
19-191MC (Cairn)
19-193MC (Cairn)
19-196MC (Cairn)
19-199MC (Cairn)
19-201MC (Cairn)
19-204MC (Cairn)
19-205XX (X Road)
19-206MC (Cairn)
19-208MC (Cairn)
19-209XX (X Road)
19-211MC (Cairn)
19-213XX (X Road)
19-216MS (Sign)
19-219MC (Cairn)
19-223MC (Cairn)
19-225MC (Cairn)
19-226XX (X Road)
19-229MC (Cairn)
19-230XR (R Az023)
19-233MC (Cairn)
19-236MC (Cairn)
19-238MC (Cairn)
19-240MC (Cairn)
19-242XL (L Az039)
19-245RX (X Road)
19-246MC (Cairn)
19-247WT (Water tank)
19-248MC (Cairn)
19-253MC (Cairn)
19-257MC (Cairn)
19-259GT (Gate)
19-261GT (Gate)
19-261MC (Cairn)
19-264MC (Cairn)
19-266MC (Cairn)
19-272XX (X Road)
19-275XX (X Road)
19-276MC (Cairn)
19-279MC (Cairn)
19-281MC (Cairn)
19-284XX (X Road)
19-286MC (Cairn)
19-290M (Mileage)
19-293MC (Cairn)
19-294XX (X Road)
19-298MC (Cairn)
19-300MC (Cairn)
19-303MC (Cairn)
19-305RL (Left on Road)
19-305WT (Pond - OK in 2014)
19-310M (Mileage)
19-315M (Mileage)
19-320M (Mileage)
19-325M (Mileage)
19-330WT (Shallow Pond - OK in 2014)
19-335M (Mileage)
19-340M (Mileage)
19-345M (Mileage)
19-350M (Mileage)
19-355M (Mileage)
19-361RR (R. on Hwy 53)
19-365M (Mileage)
19-370M (Mileage)
19-375M (Mileage)
19-380M (Mileage)
19-385M (Mileage)
19-390M (Mileage)
19-395M (Mileage)
19-399WT (Faucet at Visitor Center)
19-399XX (Begin Trail at Visitor Center)
19-400XL (Left at int)
19-403MC (Cairn)
19-405MC (Cairn)
19-408MC (Cairn)
19-410MC (Cairn)
19-414MC (Cairn)
19-418MC (Cairn)
19-423MC (Cairn)
19-429XX (X Road to R)
19-431MC (Cairn)
19-435MC (Cairn)
19-438MC (Cairn)
19-440MC (Cairn)
19-442MC (Cairn)
19-443MC (Cairn)
19-445MC (Cairn)
19-448XX (X Road)
19-450MC (Cairn)
19-454MC (Cairn)
19-458MC (Cairn)
19-460MC (Cairn)
19-462MC (Cairn)
19-465MC (Cairn)
19-467MC (Cairn)
19-468MC (Cairn)
19-470MC (Cairn)
19-472GT (Gate)
19-474MC (Cairn)
19-476MC (Cairn)
19-478MC (Cairn)
19-480MC (Cairn)
19-481MC (Cairn)
19-483XR (R at int. Az120)
19-490M (Mileage)
19-495M (Mileage)
19-500M (Mileage)
19-505M (Mileage)
19-510M (Mileage)
19-513MC (Follow Cairns)
19-515M (Mileage)
19-520M (Mileage)
19-525MC (Follow Cairns)
19-530M (Mileage)
19-535M (Mileage)
19-540XX (Ahead - Int Escalante Trail)
19-545M (Mileage)
19-550M (Mileage)
19-552TH (End Seg 19 at Zuni - Acoma TH)
20-005M (Mileage)
20-010M (Mileage)
20-015M (Mileage)
20-020M (Mileage)
20-025M (Mileage)
20-030M (Mileage)
20-035M (Mileage)
20-040M (Mileage)
20-045M (Mileage)
20-050M (Mileage)
20-055M (Mileage)
20-060WT (Ranger Station - Faucet)
20-065M (Mileage)
20-070M (Mileage)
20-075M (Mileage)
20-080M (Mileage)
20-085M (Mileage)
20-090M (Mileage)
20-095M (Mileage)
20-100M (Mileage)
20-105M (Mileage)
20-110M (Mileage)
20-115M (Mileage)
20-120M (Mileage)
20-125M (Mileage)
20-130M (Mileage)
20-135M (Mileage)
20-140M (Mileage)
20-145M (Mileage)
20-150RX (X IH40)
20-155M (Mileage)
20-160M (Mileage)
20-165M (Mileage)
20-170M (Mileage)
20-175M (Mileage)
20-180M (Mileage)
20-185M (Mileage)
20-190M (Mileage)
20-195M (Mileage)
20-200M (Mileage)
20-205M (Mileage)
20-210M (Mileage)
20-217RR (R on 1st St)
20-220M (Mileage)
20-226RR (R on Roosevelt)
20-230RR (R on Lobo Canyon Rd)
20-235M (Mileage)
20-240M (Mileage)
20-245M (Mileage)
20-250M (Mileage)
20-255M (Mileage)
20-260M (Mileage)
20-272RR (R on Road to TH)
20-273TH (End Seg 20 at Mt. Taylor TH)
21-005M (Mileage)
21-010M (Mileage)
21-015M (Mileage)
21-020M (Mileage)
21-026XX (X Road)
21-030XX (X Road)
21-034XX (X Road)
21-040M (Mileage)
21-042XX (X Road)
21-045XX (X Road)
21-051XL (L at int)
21-055M (Mileage)
21-059RX (X Road)
21-065M (Mileage)
21-070M (Mileage)
21-075M (Mileage)
21-080M (Mileage)
21-083XL (L AZ030)
21-088XL (L at int)
21-089XR (R at int)
21-095M (Mileage)
21-100M (Mileage)
21-105XX (Ahead on DC Road)
21-107XL (L Az323)
21-110XR (R Az072)
21-115M (Mileage)
21-119WT (Spring)
21-123GT (Gate)
21-126XX (X Road)
21-127GT (Gate)
21-131XL (L at int. Az320)
21-135M (Mileage)
21-139XX (Ahead Az350)
21-140XX (Ahead at int Az010)
21-141XX (Ahead at int. Az040)
21-142XX (Ahead at int. Az020)
21-145WT (Stream)
21-146XX (Ahead at int. Az300)
21-150XX (Ahead and L at Int.)
21-152XX (Ahead on trail)
21-154WT (Stock Tank near trail)
21-156XX (X Road)
21-161WT (Spring)
21-166XX (Ahead at int. AZ360)
21-169XX (X Road)
21-171WT (Tank)
21-172XX (X Road)
21-175M (Mileage)
21-180WT (Spring)
21-185M (Mileage)
21-189GT (Gate)
21-195WT (Small Creek - OK 2014)
21-196GT (Gate - L on Road)
21-197XX (Leave road on trail)
21-200M (Mileage)
21-206XX (X Road)
21-212XR (R at int.)
21-215XL (L at int.)
21-220M (Mileage)
21-225M (Mileage)
21-228RX (Follow Road)
21-230XX (Leave road)
21-233XX (X Road)
21-238GT (Gate)
21-240XX (X Road)
21-244XX (X Road)
21-250M (Mileage)
21-255M (Mileage)
21-260RL (Follow Road L)
21-261XR (Leave Road R)
21-264AP (End Seg. 21 at FR 239 AP)
22-004RL (Bear L at Int.)
22-009OP (Cattleguard)
22-011RX (Ahead at Int.)
22-018GT (Gate)
22-025M (Mileage)
22-030M (Mileage)
22-035M (Mileage)
22-041OP (Cattleguard)
22-045M (Mileage)
22-050M (Mileage)
22-055M (Mileage)
22-060M (Mileage)
22-065M (Mileage)
22-067XX (Ahead at int.)
22-068WS (Tank - Dry in 2014)
22-070M (Mileage)
22-075M (Mileage)
22-080M (Mileage)
22-085M (Mileage)
22-090M (Mileage)
22-095M (Mileage)
22-100M (Mileage)
22-106RX (Ahead at int.)
22-107WT (Pool - OK in 2014)
22-110M (Mileage)
22-115M (Mileage)
22-120RX (Ahead at int.)
22-125M (Mileage)
22-130M (Mileage)
22-135M (Mileage)
22-137RX (Ahead at int.)
22-140M (Mileage)
22-145M (Mileage)
22-150M (Mileage)
22-155M (Mileage)
22-160M (Mileage)
22-165M (Mileage)
22-170M (Mileage)
22-172RL (Stay L at int.)
22-175M (Mileage)
22-179TH (End Seg. 22 at FR239A TH)
23-001WT (Spring - OK in 2014)
23-001XR (R on trail)
23-004GT (Stile)
23-010M (Mileage)
23-015M (Mileage)
23-020M (Mileage)
23-026XX (Ahead at int.)
23-027GT (Stile)
23-030M (Mileage)
23-035M (Mileage)
23-040M (Mileage)
23-045M (Mileage)
23-050M (Mileage)
23-053GT (Gate)
23-055M (Mileage)
23-060M (Mileage)
23-065M (Mileage)
23-070M (Mileage)
23-075M (Mileage)
23-079GT (Stile)
23-085M (Mileage)
23-090M (Mileage)
23-095M (Mileage)
23-100M (Mileage)
23-105M (Mileage)
23-111GT (Stile)
23-117GT (Stile)
23-120RL (L on road)
23-121WT (Spring 1000' East - OK in 2014)
23-123XR (Leave road to R)
23-130M (Mileage)
23-135M (Mileage)
23-140M (Mileage)
23-145GT (Gate)
23-146GT (Gate)
23-150M (Mileage)
23-153GT (Stile)
23-159XX (X Road)
23-165M (Mileage)
23-170M (Mileage)
23-175M (Mileage)
23-178GT (Stile)
23-180M (Mileage)
23-185M (Mileage)
23-187XX (X Road)
23-190M (Mileage)
23-195GT (Stile)
23-200M (Mileage)
23-204XX (X Road)
23-205WS (Cattle trough 500' NW - marginal in 2014)
23-210M (Mileage)
23-215M (Mileage)
23-220M (Mileage)
23-225M (Mileage)
23-230M (Mileage)
23-235M (Mileage)
23-240M (Mileage)
23-246OP (Power Line)
23-252XX (X Road)
23-254XX (X Road)
23-255XX (X Road)
23-258XX (X paved road)
23-264GT (Stile)
23-270M (Mileage)
23-272WT (Water Tank - OK in 2014)
23-275M (Mileage)
23-280M (Mileage)
23-282RX (Follow Road)
23-286GT (Gate)
23-290M (Mileage)
23-296XR (Lv road R)
23-298AP (End Seg 23 at Cerro Colorado AP)
24-002XR (Leave Road R)
24-010M (Mileage)
24-015M (Mileage)
24-018GT (Gate)
24-025GT (Stile)
24-026XX (X Roads)
24-030M (Mileage)
24-035M (Mileage)
24-040M (Mileage)
24-045GT (Stile)
24-045RX (Follow Road)
24-046RX (X Road - Ahead)
24-048XX (Follow trail)
24-050M (Mileage)
24-055M (Mileage)
24-060M (Mileage)
24-065M (Mileage)
24-070M (Mileage)
24-075M (Mileage)
24-078GT (Stile)
24-080M (Mileage)
24-085M (Mileage)
24-090M (Mileage)
24-095M (Mileage)
24-100M (Mileage)
24-105M (Mileage)
24-110M (Mileage)
24-115M (Mileage)
24-118WT (Spring 300' E - OK in 2014)
24-120GT (Gate)
24-125GT (Stile)
24-130M (Mileage)
24-133XX (X Road)
24-134XX (X Road)
24-138OP (Power Line)
24-142XX (X Road)
24-144GT (Gate)
24-150M (Mileage)
24-154XR (R at int.)
24-160M (Mileage)
24-165GT (Stile)
24-170M (Mileage)
24-173GT (Stile)
24-175M (Mileage)
24-180M (Mileage)
24-185M (Mileage)
24-190M (Mileage)
24-195M (Mileage)
24-200M (Mileage)
24-203GT (Gate)
24-205M (Mileage)
24-211RL (Follow Road L)
24-215M (Mileage)
24-220RX (Ahead at int.)
24-223RR (R on Hwy 197)
24-230M (Mileage)
24-235M (Mileage)
24-240M (Mileage)
24-245M (Mileage)
24-250M (Mileage)
24-255M (Mileage)
24-260M (Mileage)
24-265RL (Left on Hwy. 550)
24-270M (Mileage)
24-275OP (Cuba Center)
24-281RR (R on road)
24-285M (Mileage)
24-290M (Mileage)
24-295M (Mileage)
24-300M (Mileage)
24-305M (Mileage)
24-310M (Mileage)
24-313RL (Take L fork)
24-315WT (Water in creek - OK in 2014)
24-320RX (Ahead at int.)
24-325M (Mileage)
24-330M (Mileage)
24-335M (Mileage)
24-340M (Mileage)
24-345M (Mileage)
24-350M (Mileage)
24-355TH (End Seg. 24 at Los Pinos TH)
25-001WT (Water in creek - OK in 2014)
25-005M (Mileage)
25-010M (Mileage)
25-015M (Mileage)
25-020M (Mileage)
25-025M (Mileage)
25-030XL (Int. - stay L)
25-035WT (Water in creek - OK in 2014)
25-040M (Mileage)
25-045M (Mileage)
25-052XR (Bear R at int.)
25-053WT (X Creek)
25-055XR (Int. - bear R)
25-060M (Mileage)
25-063XL (Left)
25-065XR (R fork at int.)
25-068XL (L at int.)
25-070M (Mileage)
25-075M (Mileage)
25-080M (Mileage)
25-085XX (Ahead at int.)
25-090M (Mileage)
25-095M (Mileage)
25-100M (Mileage)
25-105M (Mileage)
25-110M (Mileage)
25-115XX (Ahead at int.)
25-120M (Mileage)
25-124GT (Stile)
25-130M (Mileage)
25-135WT (Spring - OK in 2014)
25-140XX (X Road)
25-144XX (X closed road)
25-145WT (Stream - OK in 2014)
25-149GT (Gate)
25-155M (Mileage)
25-158XX (Ahead l)
25-161XX (X Road)
25-165XX (X Road)
25-170M (Mileage)
25-176GT (Stile)
25-180XX (X Road)
25-181XL (X Road bear L az 072)
25-185XX (X Road)
25-189OP (Power Line)
25-196XX (X Road and Power Line)
25-197AP (End Seg 25 at NM 96 AP)
26-004XX (X Road)
26-006XX (X Road)
26-009XX (X Road)
26-015M (Mileage)
26-022GT (Stile)
26-025M (Mileage)
26-030M (Mileage)
26-036XX (X Road)
26-037XX (Ahead at Int.)
26-040M (Mileage)
26-045M (Mileage)
26-047XX (Int alternate horse route)
26-048XX (X Road)
26-055M (Mileage)
26-058RX (Follow Road)
26-065WS (Seasonal Creek - Dry 2014)
26-070M (Mileage)
26-074XX (Leave Road)
26-076XX (X Road)
26-080M (Mileage)
26-085M (Mileage)
26-090M (Mileage)
26-094WT (Stream - OK in 2014)
26-097XL (L at int. Az010)
26-101GT (Stile)
26-105WT (Stream)
26-110M (Mileage)
26-114XR (R at post az090)
26-116GT (Stile)
26-120M (Mileage)
26-125M (Mileage)
26-130M (Mileage)
26-135M (Mileage)
26-138GT (Stile)
26-141RX (Follow Road)
26-143TH (End Seg 26 at Skull Bridge TH)
27-001XL (Leave Road L)
27-005M (Mileage)
27-010M (Mileage)
27-015M (Mileage)
27-020M (Mileage)
27-025M (Mileage)
27-030M (Mileage)
27-035M (Mileage)
27-040M (Mileage)
27-045M (Mileage)
27-050M (Mileage)
27-058RL (Follow Road L)
27-065RR (Follow Road R at int.)
27-070M (Mileage)
27-075M (Mileage)
27-080M (Mileage)
27-085RL (Follow Road L az010)
27-090M (Mileage)
27-095XR (Leave Road R)
27-100M (Mileage)
27-105M (Mileage)
27-110M (Mileage)
27-112RR (Follow Road R)
27-114XX (Begin Trail)
27-120M (Mileage)
27-125M (Mileage)
27-128GT (Gate)
27-135M (Mileage)
27-140M (Mileage)
27-144AP (End Seg 27 at AP near US84)
28-002RL (Follow US84 L)
28-005XR (Follow trail R)
28-010M (Mileage)
28-015M (Mileage)
28-020M (Mileage)
28-025M (Mileage)
28-030M (Mileage)
28-033WT (Intermittent Creek)
28-035WT (Intermittent Creek)
28-040M (Mileage)
28-045M (Mileage)
28-047WT (Intermittent Creek)
28-050M (Mileage)
28-055M (Mileage)
28-060M (Mileage)
28-065M (Mileage)
28-068WT (Intermittent Creek)
28-072WT (Stream)
28-075M (Mileage)
28-080M (Mileage)
28-085M (Mileage)
28-091RX (Ahead at int.)
28-093RR (R on FS137)
28-098XL (Leave Road L)
28-105M (Mileage)
28-110M (Mileage)
28-115M (Mileage)
28-120M (Mileage)
28-125M (Mileage)
28-128XR (R at Int. Az090)
28-135M (Mileage)
28-138WT (Boggy area with standing water)
28-141GT (Gate)
28-145M (Mileage)
28-150M (Mileage)
28-156OP (Cattleguard)
28-162XX (Ahead AZ360)
28-165XR (R at int. AZ025)
28-166XL (L at int. Az335)
28-170M (Mileage)
28-175M (Mileage)
28-180M (Mileage)
28-185M (Mileage)
28-189XR (Stay R at int.)
28-198XR (R at int.)
28-200M (Mileage)
28-203GT (Gate)
28-205XX (Ahead at two int.)
28-208XL (Follow 406A L)
28-210M (Mileage)
28-215M (Mileage)
28-220M (Mileage)
28-224GT (Gate)
28-228AP (End Seg 28 at FS559 AP)
28-228WT (Creek)
29-005RX (Ahead)
29-012XR (Right)
29-015M (Mileage)
29-020M (Mileage)
29-025M (Mileage)
29-030M (Mileage)
29-035M (Mileage)
29-042WT (Small Stream)
29-044WT (Stream)
29-045RR (Right on road)
29-046WT (Small Stream)
29-046XX (Begin Trail)
29-050M (Mileage)
29-052WT (Creek)
29-055M (Mileage)
29-058WT (Stream)
29-062WT (Stream)
29-066WT (Small stream)
29-070M (Mileage)
29-074XR (Right)
29-079RR (Right on Road)
29-082RL (Left on Jeep Road)
29-083WT (Small Creek)
29-084WT (Small Creek)
29-090M (Mileage)
29-095M (Mileage)
29-100M (Mileage)
29-105M (Mileage)
29-110M (Mileage)
29-114GT (Gate)
29-120M (Mileage)
29-126WT (Small Creek)
29-130M (Mileage)
29-137WT (Creek)
29-139OP (Cattleguard)
29-146RX (Ahead)
29-150M (Mileage)
29-153RL (L on Road az328)
29-159RX (Ahead az010)
29-165M (Mileage)
29-170M (Mileage)
29-175XX (Leave Road)
29-180M (Mileage)
29-186XX (X Road)
29-190M (Mileage)
29-194WT (X River on bridge)
29-196XX (Ahead at int.)
29-204GT (Gate)
29-210M (Mileage)
29-214XR (R at int. az030)
29-217XX (Follow old Jeep trail)
29-218RX (Ahead)
29-219WT (Stream)
29-220XX (Leave Road)
29-225WT (Stock Tank)
29-229XR (Trail leaves rd R)
29-235M (Mileage)
29-240M (Mileage)
29-245M (Mileage)
29-250M (Mileage)
29-257XX (Ahead)
29-260M (Mileage)
29-265M (Mileage)
29-270M (Mileage)
29-275M (Mileage)
29-280M (Mileage)
29-285XX (Follow road)
29-287XX (Cross Road)
29-290M (Mileage)
29-297RL (Left on CG Road)
29-298WT (Faucet in CG)
29-299XX (Resume Trail)
29-300RR (Right on road)
29-304RL (Left on road)
29-305RL (Follow hwy 64 L)
29-309AP (End Seg 29 at Hwy 64 AP)
30-005M (Mileage)
30-010M (Mileage)
30-014RL (Hit road bear L)
30-015RR (R on Road)
30-017XX (Ahead on closed road)
30-020M (Mileage)
30-025M (Mileage)
30-029XL (left at fork past gate)
30-036XL (Follow L fork at int.)
30-040M (Mileage)
30-045M (Mileage)
30-050M (Mileage)
30-054WT (Pond)
30-060M (Mileage)
30-062XR (R at int.)
30-065M (Mileage)
30-070M (Mileage)
30-075GT (Gate)
30-079WT (Stock Tank)
30-086WT (Intermittent creek)
30-088XX (X Road)
30-094GT (Gate)
30-100M (Mileage)
30-103WT (Intermittent Creek)
30-110M (Mileage)
30-115M (Mileage)
30-120M (Mileage)
30-125M (Mileage)
30-128WT (Creek)
30-129OP (Left to Gate on Creek. Confusing!!!)
30-130WT (X Rio San Antonio)
30-135M (Mileage)
30-140M (Mileage)
30-145M (Mileage)
30-150M (Mileage)
30-155M (Mileage)
30-160M (Mileage)
30-163WT (Creek)
30-165M (Mileage)
30-170M (Mileage)
30-174WT (Pond)
30-177AP (End Seg 30 at Lagunitas CG AP)
31-005M (Mileage)
31-008CG (Lower CG)
31-008XR (Right)
31-009WT (lagunitas)
31-012CG (Upper Lagunitas CG)
31-014GT (Gate)
31-020M (Mileage)
31-025M (Mileage)
31-030M (Mileage)
31-035M (Mileage)
31-038RX (Cross Road)
31-040M (Mileage)
31-045M (Mileage)
31-047OP (Fence Crossing)
31-050M (Mileage)
31-055M (Mileage)
31-060M (Mileage)
31-065M (Mileage)
31-068OP (Scenic Overlook)
31-069RX (Cross Road)
31-075M (Mileage)
31-080OP (Cross Fence)
31-086OP (GPS Reference)
31-090M (Mileage)
31-095M (Mileage)
31-100M (Mileage)
31-102XL (follow trail Left)
31-105M (Mileage)
31-107RX (Ahead)
31-108XL (Left on trail)
31-110M (Mileage)
31-115M (Mileage)
31-120M (Mileage)
31-125WT (Stream)
31-130M (Mileage)
31-136RX (Cross Road)
31-137WT (Stream)
31-140M (Mileage)
31-144XR (Right)
31-150M (Mileage)
31-155M (Mileage)
31-158XX (Ahead)
31-164RR (Follow road R)
31-168XX (Ahead (West))
31-175M (Mileage)
31-178RR (Stay R at int.)
31-180M (Mileage)
31-186RR (Stay R at int.)
31-187XX (Begin Trail)
31-190M (Mileage)
31-196WT (Stream)
31-200M (Mileage)
31-202WT (Stream)
31-205M (Mileage)
31-210OP (NM/CO State Line)
32-005M (Mileage)
32-010M (Mileage)
32-015M (Mileage)
32-020M (Mileage)
32-025M (Mileage)
32-027TH (Cumbres Pass TH)
Good Pie Cafe (Good Pie Cafe)
Pie-O-Neer Cafe (Pie-O-Neer Restaraunt)
Toaster House (Toaster House)