Thunder River-Deer Creek Loop
THN001 (Depart from the Bill Hall trailhead in the cooler late afternoon and climb to 7,166-foot Monument Point for a 20-mile view of redrock cliffs, temples, and buttes.)
THN002 (Leave the rim with two gallons of water per person and stash two liters each to drink on your climb out. Tip: Waypoint caches with your GPS. Next, turn left at the T-junction, heading southeast.)
THN003 (Inner Passage: Your ticket to the lower canyon is this fortuitous break in the 400-foot-tall Redwall.)
THN004 (Bear left at the Y-junction, heading south.)
THN005 (False oasis: Surprise Valley can be oven-hot and a navigation challenge. Don't be lured into upper Bonita Creek (it's impassable). Be sure to bear east to Thunder River.)
THN006 (Thunder River Spring: This ribbon of water shoots out of the Muav limestone, creating a desert oasis of shady cottonwoods and pools.)
THN007 (Begin off-trail section here. The 3 miles between Tapeats and Deer Creeks is lightly traveled and will take several hours. Tip: This route mostly traverses cliffbands above the Colorado. No water; top off bottles before you start day three.)
THN008 (From 135 Mile Beach, take the user trail that goes high (shown here) to avoid crossing a sketchy three-foot-wide ledge perched 100 feet above the Colorado.)
THN009 (Turn left at T-junction for an out-and-back to Deer Creek Falls. After returning to this point, continue straight at the junction, heading north.)
THN010 (Deer Creek Falls drops 180 feet into a giant swimming pool.)
THN011 (Act like a king and sit in one of the giant man-made stone chairs just before Deer Spring, your last reliable water source until the North Rim. Next, hike east and reconnect with Waypoint 4. Turn left at this junction to return to the trailhead.)
THN012 (Locate your water cache left on day one before starting the climb back to the rim. )