PR-24 (34.5) (East Lake outlet)
Big horse camp
Huge talus on N shore
PR-47 (74.0) (Lk 10565, SE shore)
Slabs on N side of gully
PR-12 (16.1) (Copper Mine Pass)
PR-00 (0.0) (SOUTH TERMINUS: Twin Lakes TH)
PR-68 (124.0) (Road's End)
Hot, dry trail - Plan AM ascent
Short side-tr to water
Possible small flow
PR-46 (73.1) (Observation Peak Pass)
PR-66 | Grouse Lk Pass (115.7) (Grouse Lk Pass)
Slabs + chutes
PR-63 (111.3) (Glacier Valley, N end)
PR-62 (109.4) (Tr jct - State Lakes Tr & Horseshoe Lks Tr)
Off-trail bypass
Big climb back into cooler elevations, no water - try AM start
PR-60 (102.8) (Tr jct - Middle Fork Tr & Simpson Mdw Tr)
PR-59 (101.6) (Confluence - Goddard Crk & Middle Fork)
Most difficult ford on entire route
Easy travel through scrub oak + grasses
Contour up on game tr to avoid gorge
Good game tr
Recent landslide
Brushy + unpleasant to M Fork, but decent game trails
Wide gravel braids, open travel
S of about here, be on W side of crk
PR-58 | Camping at confluence (98.3) (Confluence - Disappearing & Goddard Crks)
Contour on edges
Awesomely clear
PR-56 (92.5) (Chasm Lk outlet)
Gravel + small talus
PR-54 | Black Giant Pass (90.4) (Black Giant Pass)
Flat, level, exposed camps
PR-53 (89.3) (Hele Lake, S tip)
Tr goes on + on - watch altimeter
PR-52 (86.0) (Small bench with tarn at 10,400)
PR-50 (78.4) (Tr jct - JMT & Middle Fork Tr)
PR-49 (76.7) (Palisade Crk N of Adventurer Pass)
Brushy due to recent burn
Steep but steady on sand + scree
If ascending, do not miss this fork
Huge Talus
PR-55 (91.8) ("Tooth Lake" at 11,240)
Eroding face of alluvial fan
Follow E shore
PR-65 | Goat Crest (114.1) (Goat Crest Pass)
Solid use tr through valley
Wet camp
PR-51 (81.9) (Tr jct at LeConte Ranger Station)
Low gradient = slow water
PR-61 | Jct State Lks Tr (108.1) (Tr jct - Simpson Mdw Tr & State Lks Tr)
PR-67 (117.4) (Copper Crk Tr at 10280 ft)
Follow NW shore
PR-64 (112.6) (Lk 10429 outlet)
Game trails bounce between pine groves through scratchy shit
PR-48 | Adventurer Col (75.1) (Adventurer Pass)
White bluffs
Talus landslide
PR-57 (95.0) (Tarn at 9200 above bedrock gorge)
Talus + scree slopes better than creek travel
PR-01 | Tr jct (1.3) (Tr jct: to Wuksachi Village)
Mellow woods-walking through firs, cedars
PR-02 | Leave tr (2.2) (Silliman Creek)
PR-03 (3.1) (Silliman Meadow)
PR-04 | Bottom of slabs (4.0) (Base of slabs at meadow)
PR-05 (5.1) (unnamed tarn below Mt Silliman)
PR-06 (5.5) (Saddle SE of unnamed tarn)
PR-07 | Kings-Kaweah Divide (7.8) (Kings-Kaweah Divide NNE of Pt 11074T)
Superb views to north
Lake Azure
Good travel on ridge, great views
Top of grassy ramp
Easy contour on slabs + grass
PR-08 | Pterodactyl Pass (12.1) (Pterodactyl Pass)
SW edge of talus field
Enter pass from here
PR-09 | Horn Col (13.9) (Horn Col (Lonely Lake Pass))
PR-10 (14.5) (Jct with Elizabeth Pass Tr)
Contour below big slabs
PR-11 | jct old track (15.4) (Copper Mine Pass Trail at 11,480 ft)
Old mining camp
Switchbacks still very visible
PR-13 | Rock changes color (18.2) (Cloud Canyon, S end)
Faint old trail
Ford around here
PR-14 (20.5) (Colby Pass Tr in Cloud Canyon)
Foxtail pines through here
PR-15 (22.7) (Ford of Colby Lake outlet)
W edge of ridge cliff
Super pleasant creekside travel
Skirt above lake
PR-16 | Talus Pass (24.7) (Talus Pass)
PR-17 | Nice camp (25.2) (Lightly forested basin below Talus Pass)
Impractical contour
Gem Lakes
Talus bowl
PR-18 | Thunder Ridge Pass (26.4) (Thunder Ridge Pass)
PR-19 (26.9) (E shore of upper lake below pass)
Contour on ledge into talus gully
Willow gully
Rocky lateral moraine
Top of grassy ramp
Nie ledges, slabs, grassy ramps
PR-20 (28.9) (Cunningham Crk at 3500m)
Gravel plain
PR-21 (29.7) (Longley Pass)
Lingering snowfield below pass
Semi-constructed switchbacks
Willow-choked creek, better travel on N side
PR-22 (31.9) (Lake Reflection inlet)
Light use tr above lake
PR-23 (32.7) (Lake Reflection outlet)
Faint tr S of here
Slow, poorly maintained trail
PR-25 (36.5) (Junction Meadow Tr jct - East Fork Tr & Bubbs Crk Tr)
PR-26 (38.9) (Lower Vidette Meadow Tr jct - Bubbs Crk & John Muir Tr)
PR-27 (40.1) (Tr jct - JMT & Kearsarge Pass Tr)
PR-28 (40.4) (Tr jct - JMT & Charlotte Lk Tr)
PR-29 (41.5) (Charlotte Lake, NW shore)
PR-30 (45.4) (Gardiner Pass)
PR-31 (48.2) (Gardiner Creek)
PR-32 (50.2) (Gardiner Basin Trail at 3160m)
PR-33 | King Col (51.2) (King Col)
King Col (central)
King Col (west)
PR-34 (51.7) (Tarn N or King Col at 3260m)
PR-35 (54.3) (Woods Creek S of Castle Domes)
JMT is bridged over Woods Crk
Possible contour from here
PR-36 (56.1) (Pyramid Creek)
Avy chute goes, but ugly
Challenging contour
PR-37 (58.0) (Arrow Creek at 3000m)
Pleasant travel on broken slabs, tundra + some talus
most direct route
Final tree patch before pass
PR-38 | Arrow Pass (61.2) (Arrow Pass)
Not the pass
Standing water, not just marshy
PR-39 (62.1) (Shallow tarn, inlet meadows)
Slabs + lodgepole
Ancient lateral moraine
PR-40 | old Cartridge Pass Tr, look for cairns (64.8) (Base of Cartridge Pass Tr in South Fork)
Watch for contour
PR-41 (67.6) (Cartridge Pass)
PR-42 | old JMT (69.2) (Old JMT on 3300m bench)
Sandy gravel + tundra
PR-43 | Dumbbell Pass (70.7) (Dumbell Pass)
Follow grassy ledges around
PR-44 (71.3) (Dumbbell Lakes, S shor of Lk 11108)
PR-45 | Lk 10920 (72.3) (Lake outlet at 10920)
Chutes + ledges from tarn to lake
Scree at top, talus towards tarn