Day 1 - Making Reso (Walk to and Back from the Pink Telephone to make a Taxi Boat Reservation with Ross Lake Resort)
Day 3 - Hike from Boat Drop Off to Trail Head
Taxi Boat Ride
Day 1 Camp - The Walk to Water (Look out for some of the really good upstream ponds)
Day 2 Camp - The Walk to Water (Look past the skimpy streams for the really good run off)
Day 3 - Hike to Devil's Junction (Down to the Dock to wait for the Taxi Boat)
Day 2 - Hike Devil's Dome Loop (Devil's Park to Devil's Dome Summit)
Day 1 - Trailhead to Devil's Park Campground
Path to get water
Devils Dome - Day 2 Camp (On top of the Summit c/w 360 degree view)
Water Source Closest to Devils Dome
Day 1 Camp - Water Source
Canyon Creek Trail Head
Devils Junction - Taxi Boat Pick Up or Camp
Devils Park - Day 1 Camp (Just off the path near some trees on the flat earth)
Pink Telephone to Call Ross Lake Resort for Taxi Boat Reso
Parking Lot for Ross Lake Resort & Access to Telephone
East Bank Trailhead
Taxi Boat Drop Off - Closest to East Bank Trail Head (Note - its a semi-long feeling walk back to the parking lot)
True Start of Jackita Ridge No. 738/ Devil's Dome Loop (Access from Canyon Creek Trail Head)
Lake by Devil's Pass
Water Source (Close to Devils Pass)