100 Mile Wilderness
Gulf Hagas Trail (3.0 miles along the rim of the canyon. Strenuous hike)
Pleasant River Tote Road (Easier way to get back to the trailhead- 2.2 miles from the Head of the Gulf to the Appalachia Trail Turn-off/Screw Auger Falls.)
Hurd Brook Lean-to (Water)
Rainbow Stream Lean-to (AT reaches Rainbow Stream Lean-to; water from stream; excellent swimming holes--)
Potaywadjo Spring Lean-to (Water from nearby bubbling spring 15 ft in diameter--gm2)
East Branch Lean-to (AT reaches East Br Lean-to w/ side tr to former site of old logging dam on river)
Cooper Brook Falls Lean-to (Water from brook; beautiful cascades immediately upstream; good swimming--gm2)
Chairback Gap Lean-to (AT reaches Chairback Gap; spring on short side trail; Chairback Gap Lean-to is 1)
Logan Brook Lean-to (AT reaches shelter located in a ravine between two shoulders of White Cap Mounta)
Carl A. Newhall Lean-to (Water from Gulf Hagas Brook--gm2)
Leeman Brook Lean-to (Water from brook--gm3)
Wilson Valley Lean-to (AT reaches short side trail to Wilson Valley Lean-to; water from small spring--g)
Wadleigh Stream Lean-to (AT reaches Wadleigh Stream Lean-to; water from stream--gm1)
Long Pond Stream Lean-to (Water from small tributary of Long Pond Stream. Scenic Slugundy Gorge and Falls)
Cloud Pond Lean-to (Located 0.3 mi. from AT on a side trail. Water from pond or spring--GM3)
Shaw's Hiker Hostel
The Jaws (One of the finest sections)
Buttermilk Falls
Billings Falls
Head of the Gulf
Gulf Hagas Trail Junction
Gulf Hagas Parking Lot (Fills up early)
Screw Auger Falls
Hammond Street Pitch (Gorgeous and narrow part of the canyon)
Cole's Corner (One of the few opportunities to climb down to the river)