To Citadel
To Fallen Roof
To Yellowhouse
To Jailhouse - 4.5 miles
To House on Fire
Point Lookout Rd, Utah, USA
Base Camp
Seven Kiva Ruin
Citadel TH
The Citadel
Fallen Roof Ruin
Fallen Roof Ruin
Moonhouse NEED PERMIT (Permit is reserved...permits must be picked up at the Kane Gulch Ranger Station the morning of the<br>hike 8am - 11am)
Sheiks Canyon TH
Yellowhouse Ruin - 0.5 miles
Ruin on Boulder?
Perfect Kiva
Bullet Canyon TH
Jailhouse Ruins
Target Ruin - Quick stop on the way home?
Quick Stop?
Ballroom Ruin
House on Fire TH
House on Fire Ruin
UT-95, Utah, USA
Muley Point
Dino Tracks
Go Find Remnant Ruin