09 Fiddler Cove (Top of Cattle Trail)
07 Red Benches (to Fiddler Cove Canyon)
06 Red Benches (to Fiddler Cove Canyon)
05 Red Benches (to Fiddler Cove Canyon)
08 Red Benches (to Fiddler Cove Canyon)
04 Head of WF Rock Canyon
3 Mining track (to head of WF Rock Canyon)
2 TH Corral
1-turn-off (US-95 to TH)
37 Rock canyon main fork (alternative descent into Rock canyon to road)
36 Block descent canyon
35 Block dome (help locate descent from south end of block)
34 Block second constriction (go over top)
33 Block landbridge (on N Block keep near north rim, pass constriction on left, sheeptrail)
32 Block base
31 N Hatch S Hatch pass
30 N Hatch go left (go left upcanyon to pass)
29 N Hatch potholes
28 Big Ridge track (track to North Hatch Canyon, alternative camp)
26 Big Ridge camp (dry camp, see The Hat)
27 Big Ridge road (left, S on road)
23a FF top of cattle trail (emergency exit, continue north to road)
23 FF to Hans Flat (side canyon, find cattle trail on right to get to ranger station in case of emergengy, else stay right)
25 Happy Canyon exit (exit via side canyon to Big Ridge. Spring 100 y up main canyon.)
25 FF camp4 (camp by pinnacle and large spring)
24 FF side canyon w spring (large spring 20 min up side canyon)
22 Happy Canyon French Spring (go check spring in SF, then continue N, small spring 200 y upcanyon)
22 Happy Canyon Spring
21 Happy Canyon spring camp 3 (Spring may not run)
20 DD Happy Canyon Mouth (5 min up Happy locate 3 chute on right to bypass narrows if necessary)
19 DD 2Step Canyon (Mouth of Two-Step Canyon, Camp 2)
18 Hatch to DD top of drainage (follow dr to DD, avoid drops left rim)
17 Hatch to DD (leave track unless DD too high. Continue N on ridge.)
16 Hatch to DD Tee (Tee, turn right on faint track)
15 Hatch Canyon 4WD (intersect 4WD road)
14 Hatch Canyon exit (look for two cottonwoods at corner, canyon turns west to north, exit route starts 100 y from corner)
13 Hatch Canyon Spring (spring may not run)
12 Hatch Canyon Spring (alternative Camp 1, add 1 h, spring may not run)
11 Fiddler Cove Hatch Canyon (Spring, Camp 1)
10 Fiddler Cove Canyon (Bottom of Cattle Trail)