Terminus Ridge to Gain Glacier
Baileys Traverse
Baileys Traverse Cutoff
Soleduck Trail
Mt. Carrie Sidetrip
Cat Peak Sidetrip
Ridgeline Carrie to Stephen (not standard)
Stephen Peak Sidetrip (not recommended)
Mt. Ferry Sidetrip
More Likely Option
Mt. Olympus Summit
Mt. Olympus Descent
Hoh Approach to Olympus
Snow Peak to Glacier Meadows
Shortcut Through Glacier Pass
Snow Dome Descent (Arthur)
Traversing High
Crystal Pass
Day 7
Day 8
Sol Duc TH
Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center
Whiskey Bend TH (End)
Mt Fairchild
Mt Carrie
Cat Peak
Stephen Peak
Mt Ferry
Mt Barnes
Bogachiel Peak
Mt Scott
Dodger Point
Mt. Queets
Mt. Meany
Mt. Noyes
Mt. Seattle
Cream Lake
End of Trail. Start of "Catwalk"
6283 (Pulitzer Peak)
Bear Pass
Blizzard Pass
Hoh TH
Snow Peak
Glacier Meadow
Summit Mt Olympus
Olympus Guard Station
Boston Charlie's Camp
Mt. Ferry Campsite
Queet's Basin
Day 1 Camp
Day 2 Camp
Day 3 Camp
Day 4 Camp
Camp Pan
Day 5
Day 6
Spur Ridge of 5978
Lone Tree Pass
Leave Trail (Cairn)
Camp Pan
Hidden Basin