~44.86 miles. Utah. 5 days, 4 nights. 1.39 miles off trail when summiting Kings Peak on day 2. 0.76 mi off trail on day 2 from Yellowstone Creek to Camp Bravo, 0.5 mi off trail on day 3, 1.26 mi total.
Day 1 (~9.08 miles)
Day 2 (~12.49 miles)
Day 3 (~5.72 miles)
Day 4 (~14.52 miles)
Day 5 (~3.05 miles)
Camp Charlie (Camp somewhere around here on day 3 of travel in the backcountry. Upon coming to the first footbridge, go back to the saddle between the 2 hills. Go northeast from there and head downhill until you hit the lake. Camp there.)
Camp Bravo (Camp somewhere around here on day 2 of travel in the backcountry. Follow Yellowstone Creek upstream until hitting the lake, and camp there. If there is a good view from King's Peak, the lake should be able to be seen from the summit.)
Camp Alpha (Camp somewhere around Henry's fork lake on day 1 of travel in the backcountry)
Park (Park here at the Henry's Fork Trailhead. This will be the beginning and the end of our trek.)
Camp Delta (Camp somewhere around here at Alligator Lake on day 4 of travel in the backcountry.)
Off Trail Begins
Off Trail Ends
Off Trail Begins - 2
Off Trail Ends - 2